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Luxury Home Accessories Online Shopping

hey guys, what’s going on? for complex news,i’m tamara dhia. many sneakerheads these days will be quick to bash resellers accusing themof "killing the game." they buy the sneakers out from underneath those of us who actuallycop to rock and then mark-up the inventory to ridiculous prices. while it’s easy to knock that hustle, andwe often do, often times we forget that we all play a role the business plan. how manyof you have sold a pair of kicks for a little profit or shelled out the extra dough to buya pair of grails you missed out on? or maybe it wasn’t a matter of you postingyour kicks online, but rather simply walking into a brick and mortar to engage in a buy/sell/tradedeal. we’re all a part of the equation, whether

we like it or not. so, rather than get got by some of the fakesneaker sites that keep popping up online, we’re rounding up the top legit sneaker resellersites so you don’t get played. fight club is arguably one of the most recognizablesneaker resellers in new york city, los angeles and online. the shop, which runs on consignment,is often featured in complex’s ‘sneaker shopping’ series and frequented by celebrities. their mark-ups are known to be on the higher-endof the spectrum but you can pretty much guarantee they will have whatever your little sneakerheadheart desires shrink-wrapped on their walls. stadium goods is the new kid on the blockbut it’s already becoming a go-to for sneaker

lovers looking to cop some kicks. just undera year old, their nyc location has already launched partnerships with ebay and the sneakerreselling app goat which all but guarantees its longevity in consignment shoe retailing. los angeles-based sneaker lovers are well-versedwith rif la which opened just one year after la’s flight club location back in 2006. theynow boast three california locations: two in la and one in san francisco. rif la notonly keeps their rolodex of celebrity clientele looking fresh with hard-to-find streetwearfrom supreme, bape and more but they also hook up the local homeless with footwear andapparel. sole supremacy co-founder derek lew was asneaker collector who was forced to sell off

pieces from his personal collection on craigslistand ebay after losing his job in 2007. what started as a quick way to make income, quicklyturned into a full fledged business when he and his friend opened up shop in 2010. solesupremacy is now a respected company in the sneaker world where customers can take advantageof their quick cash option which pays out money on the spot. sole supremacy has expandedso much in the past 6 years, in addition to the retail space, they now have sole steals,a subscription-based site that offers up to 40% off market value and sole restorer, asneaker restoration service. if you recall, back in november, we gave youan inside look at dre ljustihna’s, aka croatianstyle, $2 million dollar sneaker collection.

founded in 2012, project blitz was born fromljustihna’s extremely successful ebay store which boats over 18,000 positive comments.what sets project blitz apart from the others who sell products on consignment for others,is the massive inventory of sneakers and apparel already in stock and ready for shipment. if you live in portland, oregon and haven’theard of index then you need to up your sneaker game. index, which specializes in consignmentbut also buys and sells pre-owned kicks, even allows out-of-towners to consign their shoes.a quick look at their site features a ton of product from nike, jordan, adidas and manymore. like many resellers, the impetus behind 23penny began when a sneaker lover realized

he could pay for his personal sneakers byselling off a few extras. the sneaker that started it all for 23 penny’s founder, whosimply goes by z, the "cool grey" air jordan xi. now a successful reseller who runs a numberof other sites, z’s 23 penny is known for the reasonable prices that makes buyers feellike they are always getting a good deal. business is definitely booming for 16-year-oldbenjamin kickz whom many of you may recognize as dj khaled’s sneaker plug. benjamin, whoruns the sneaker don, has quickly become the go-to plug for celebrities and athletes withan online consignment shop that houses a huge inventory of rare sneakers, all deadstock.the young business mogul has quickly amassed

an estimated million dollar business all fromhis love of kicks. and with the help of a very motivational friend. la sneakerheads refer to the holy grail asa "sneaker temple" and with good reason. any grail you could ever image is likely justthe click of a button away. the holy grail will take any heat off your hands, whetherit’s one pair or an entire truck full, so you could feasibly cash out with enough fora down payment on your house. best of all, they ship world-wide so sneaker lovers allthe globe can properly stunt for the gram. did we miss any of your favorite go-to sites?let us know where you shop in the comment section below and for the rest of your sneakernews be sure to subscribe to complex on youtube.

for complex news, i’m tamara dhia.

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