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Living Home 5 Piece Professional Corkscrew

. the big news for 2017 porsche911s? they are all turbocharged. butthis… this is the turbo, the 911’s911. equally at home grabbing agallon of milk or slaying supercars on closed courses, all four wheels propel it from rest to 60 milesan hour in 2.8 seconds. stuttgartproduces

more aggressive cars, but noneas balanced. you can’t push a car like thison public roads. fortunately, i’m at atrack. and not just any track. thunder hill raceway outside of sacramento, california isnearly five miles of-off cambercorners, elevation changes, and blindwhoop de doos. hurley haywood,arguably

america’s most decoratedendurance driver, advises to trust thecar. if you make a mistake, itcorrects the mistake for you i’m driving the more potentturbo s model. the interior has all the creature comforts drivers could want including porsche’s much improved touchscreen userinterface.

like all 911s, the back seat isonly for small kids… or luggage. in lava orange it’s verystealthy… parked among 1,000 of these. the s’s 3.8-liter six cylinderlives under here. it’stwin-turbocharged at 580 horsepower there’s 40more than the standard turbo model there’s up to 553 pound-feet oftorque.

the turbo’s turbos aredifferent from the ones found in the standard911. for one thing, they’re larger. and remember, this is a flat 6 engine where the pistons firehorizontally not vertically like mostengines. the 7-speed dual-clutch pdkgearbox with it’s eye blink shifts isthe only transmission. cabrio drivers keep the top uptoday,

it’s 104 degrees, hardly idealfor hard romping (radio chatter) make sure theseat coolers are on and the ac is going hurley haywood himself says hehimself uses the pdk in automatic modeand he recommends that we do it. i amnot going to second guess him. watch carefully, the rear wingand active front end kick in foradded

downforce. at speeds over 100miles an hour, the turbo is as calm as an ordinary commute. i’m at 135 and braking. thank goodness for carbon ceramicbrakes standard on the s they are completely fade-free, even when hammered in blisteringheat. top speed is 205 miles an hour.

this car is so easy to drive even on a difficult track likethis. there’s never a moment when the turbo s doesn’t communicatecompletely in corners. it’s perfectlyplanted. whoa, car unweights, handles it very nicely ha, ha, ha, ha you can feel the electronicsfeathering in but they are not draconian.

very, very, very, nicely done. the turbo’s impellers havevariable vane geometry and the throttle valve always stays open just a bit to minimize turbo lag. towring out every ounce of oomph, pushthe sport response button for 20seconds of engine overboost andaggressive shift calibration.

my god, that speed is amazing hurley is definitely rightabout the transmission, always in theright gear no doubt about it i need tomake more money. drivers swap in and out of thecars all day. despite the heat andthe pounding, the only issue withthe 8 cars on hand is a chippedwindshield. impressive.

with no servicing, i drive theturbo s away from thunder hill down tomonterey for the pebble beach concourseweekend. after that, i pick up my son insan jose and spend a few daysmotoring up the coast where thetangerine turbo will end up in the seattlepress fleet. road noise is moderate. theadjustable suspension feels a skosh firmeroverall

than a standard 911 butcertainly civil enough for everyday use. now perhaps you’re thinking"i’m never going to buy a porsche 911turbo s, how does a car like this effectme". well, it does because greattechnology is often developed in highperformance c ars like this and the tricklesdown to ordinary everyday carsmaking

them safer, more fuel efficient and better handling. i saw 26 miles per gallon onthe highway, exceeding the epa’sestimate, and i was not lollygagging. price? a base 911 turbo coupewill set you back about 160 grand. this lightly optioned s model, 196.kids, a good reason to study hard andget

into a good college. the 911’s organic teardropdesign is as pure as anything on fourwheels. some buyers prefer the visualflamboyance of a lamborghini or ferrari.understood. but it’s hard to beat the 911turbo s’s balance of style, performance, and versatility. if you want to know more aboutthe 2017

porsche 911, check out myreview of the cabrio version on youtube. itshows more of the interior andfeatures, many are much the same on theturbo. i usually do a "directors cut"of the version i edit up for the newyork times. this one has a lot moreexplanation about my trip. for example, toget down to sacramento (and formore

experience in a 911), i drovedown in a press car that needed tobe returned to california. youmight recognize it, it’s that cabriothat i just mentioned. i have to say the other driver offering advice to theassembled writers was 24 hours of lemans winner david donahue, i just

don’t have any video of him.there was a lot of chatter amongstthe writers from car and driver, motortrend, drive, and wall street journalthat often drive hard on the track, much of it commenting on howwell the 911 turbo held up in theheat while other high performancecars might whither after hours ofhard

use. again, it was notable. if you ever get the chance toexperience pebble beach weekend it’s awild crazy time full of awesome carsand awesome people… i know ican’t pull this look off. many people don’t know about the quail,where there’s a rich mixture of carspast and present. i saw a number of

celebs there including jayleno. the food is free, but the ticket is $600bucks. eat your fill. at the porsche zentrum i wasable to spend some quality time withklaus zellmer, president and ceo of porschecars north america who showed off the newpanamera. yes, it looks much more sveltethan the outgoing car in back, itreally

does. that alone should boostsales. the interior has beensimplified as well, giving it a more gracefullook. and then of course there’s therear wing. kids will beg owners todeploy it. i know i asked. professionalcuriosity. also during the weekend i wasable to take a hot lap at lagunaseca in a mazda mx-5 fulfilling adream

to run the famous corkscrewthere. sucks to be me. there was alsothe porsche werks reunion withgenerations of cars represented.personally, i’m a sucker for the 944 and 928ssince i love the design of them.there were plenty of fine examples onhand. a shout out to those of you who stopped me to say hi.

there was the pebble beachconcourse itself. i attended dawn patrolwhere folks line up at sunrise towatch the cars being driven intoplace. the classic car insurancecompany hagerty provides coffee anddonuts, plus they give out 500 of these hats which become collector’spieces. i felt sorry for the peoplehanding

them out, they were swarmed by thousands of people. honestly, there must be more billionaires per square foot during thisweekend than any place on earth. but my favorite part of thetrip was returning to seattle with myson. you learn things rocketing upthe highway in a small highperformance

car and not just that our musictastes aren’t terribly different andthat orange sour patch kids are theworst flavor. i think people weresurprised to find this at the bad budgethotel we stayed at. we saw somebeautiful country heading up the coast,tried to stay away from fast food and discover restaurants withcharacter

and history. kids grow up fasteveryone, that’s a clich√£¬© that’s all tootrue. that is a trip i’m not going to forget anytime soon. spending a little bit of quality time with my son, especially these days, absolutely priceless. i highly recommend it. and yes, it isspecial in a car like this but youdon’t need

it, maybe rest a specialtyvehicle from hertz or avis. they dothat these days. and before i go a littlebit of porsche 911 turboadvertising. remember this? kills bugs fast? quite possibly the best car adever (and truth in advertising). that is what happens when you drive all the way up the coastas

fast as we did. i usually tryto keep these cars clean but these things happen. that’s driven, i’m tom voelk.

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