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transparent table of epoxy resin / 3d mg-epox-strongâ  transparent epoxy resin: for filling and producing an optically transparent to ultraviolet izdeliy.stoykaya !!! application:fake diamond,transparent tables and countertops,panels and linings,casting of figures and figurines,jewelry, promotional products,key chains, pendants, labels,filling defects and cracks in wood,filling cracks in natural stone,fill with a filler made of natural stone,binder for carbon,and much more, examples of work products from a transparent resin. the quote for the set resin + hardener in russia. dye for this resin: mg-epox-color-m dye for this smolystoit 125 rubles in russia polymer-based dye, staining for the two component materials.highly-concentrated, it allows you to get the most saturated colors.

dyes are compatible with each other because of this you can get yourself the maximum number of colors. you can get from pale shades to deep colors. flow: 0.01-5% by weight of the resin colors: black, red, yellow, blue, green, brown, orange, purple, white, gold for use inside and outside the premises, light-fast. in the following video we will talk about tinting resin miss! delmare table is hypnotic, is one of those pieces that mesmerizes people! i was starring a long time trying to understand it’s shape and form, because you don’t find a table with such a unique shape every day. i was drawn to look at it for hours, as i would gaze into the depth of the sea floor. from where the origin of the name “delmare” meaning “from the sea”. price table from 7000 euros to 15,000 euros every piece is hand-crafted from zero with primary materials white marble and acrylic glass. you may ask, why acrylic glass and not regular glass?

the most transparent material known to man, and compared to glass: it gives less distortion, 7 x more impact strength as glass and much higher bending strength, it weight less than 2 x as glass. the downside of this material is that it’s more expensive than regular glass. sign and skips the next video of the acrylic glass! alexander chapeln presents a new collection of tables la table. the basis for the design of the tables served as the island of st. martin in the french west indies important to note that the design of tables are made of a polymer resin. alexandre chapelin i refuse on making a manufactured product simply because each model is unique and i cannot produce two identical tables, so neither will 2 people own the same table of my creation. i’ve always respected the difference between people, their personalities and characters and i believe this should reflect in the interior design of their homes. i’ve created la table’s concept in order to make artistic, attractive & contemporary pieces unique in their realisation and effect.

the model lagoon 55 is a coffee table. it’s sculpted in a unique piece of marble. we carved levels reproducing the depth of the sea and bringing the ocean/lagoon effect to your living room from the comfort of your sitting area. we poured the especially created resins from our unique formula at each different level of depth. this really particular technique makes appear the fabulous ocean effect to our tables. the concept of la table is to create unique, artistic, attractive designs that fit to their future owners as much as possible. for that purpose they have to have a soul, a story and something to tell. designs have to be contemporary by its manufacturing technique and, of course, surprising. we always include something, for example resin, inside the material whether it is wood, marble, or metal. subscribe! ..pust will have many ..lyuboy the project of valued friends attention !! … let us be all together millions !! fun !!

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