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Interior Remodeling Ideas For Ranch Style Homes

hi i’m tim gipson i’m going to talk to youabout remodeling a ranch style bathroom. now your ranch style bathrooms were typicallyof something you find in the, in the seventies or early eighties and, or even the late sixtieswhere a lot of your fixtures were the colored fixtures as far as your tubs and toilets andsinks they might have been the a blue color or a gold color. so, when you’re looking atyour older ranch type of bathrooms and you want to update that look a lot of times whatwe’ll do is we will replace a lot of those older fixtures and go with the white fixtures.or counter tops that are your marble type of counter tops your granite, or a lot offolks are using the quartz which is a nice look these days. but the big big differencefrom updating from the ranch style is either

going back to a more traditional style whichhas a lot of architectural look to it a lot of details or to a more contemporary wherethe contemporary look is really more clean lines. this particular bathroom that we’reredoing right now is more of that contemporary type of look where you have a lot of cleanlines, although we are bringing in some traditional features. now, with your lighting, from yourranch style and your mirrors in your ranch styles will have a lot times will have a medicinecabinets that are built in and, and so the look today is to really take that out. nowin this case we had something that’s more contemporary where we had a large mirror hereand then we had the what we call a hollywood fixture which gives you a lot of light sothis is this had been updated or was the newer

look, but now we’re bringing in some moreof those traditional elements. so even when you’re remodeling from that ranch style youcan still use some of your traditional such as a light fixture such as this which hassome of the rod iron elements and when this bathroom is redone it will have marble topswith your white commodes which are more of your clean neutral type of fixtures but itwill also bring in some rod iron elements into the fixtures and moving away from thebrass or the bright chrome that you would see in older type of or ranch style bathrooms.so i’m tim gipson and that’s some tips on updating from a ranch style bathroom.

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