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Interior Organizing Ideas For A Work Van

hi friends and welcome back to my channel today i’m going to be using the common methods to organize my entire kitchen i have already minimize my house but to be honest my cabinet and my drawers are still filled with lots of stuff and lots of clutter and i’m really ready just to kind of the clutter and get rid of all of the stuff that i don’t

need so the very first thing to do is the flaw every single being out of my cabinets i know i’m dreading it but it’s gotta be done in assorted i’m gonna find out which items marked joy and which ones i’m like i really am not crazy about that for the longest time i always feel like i’m collecting kitchen gadgets there’s one that i use all the time my

writer guys and then otherwise i’m like i really truly do not need that they’ll come along let me show you what the kitchen looked like before the cabinet and then i’m going to go ahead and start sorting and we can see what it looks like after if you’re new to my channel and you’ll never seen one of my videos please subscribe i would love to have

you as a subscriber so that red button down there is red you are not a subscriber the sky upload new content every single week and if you like these organizational videos in your life girl you better do more give this video a thumbs up let’s get started organizing guys going to be a little scared are looking like

clutter house pure junk that’s one another junk i can’t shake every time showing you guys at the compound that’s like oh my god forgive me so bad all minor locks for the children but to jump my who this guy’s insane guys real-life situation ok could also describe i think collecting clearly and now i’ve got here

an take a peek although we’re working our advantage of junk my upper cabinets are not as bad in my lower cabinets there is it’s just everywhere that means to be sorted and decluttering so badly right now you can tell it is being as miss sorted and in the wrong please mrs. probably our worst cabinet of all right so i’m gonna be

sorting everything taking everything out of a comment like i mentioned before and i’ve already already like oh my god we doing a driver for this are all like like things together so i know how many i have each item going to get started [music] so i kind of just be cluttered and pulled out everything from the bottom

shelves and then this belief of how much stuff i have we always hold christmas at our house and holidays our house i feel like it kind of started to accumulate things and gadgets so it’s going to take a tour of what we’re looking at this is just the bottom cabinets we haven’t done the drawers for the upper cabinets get started you can hear my kids upstairs

but anyways this is just a bottom comments and look so gross there’s things that just like me to be scrubbed and despite the strawberry but computers realize you know a lot of things to go through i mean six black be honestly who that happening three trainer seriously to be treated with philly and so i’m going and then i got a spot here we

don’t think pop or liquor and we have tons of pop some pretties and our broad was like full of liquor that people left behind some parties and this is like what the floor situation looking right time tons of glassware pottery capitals and things like that from party i’m going to store all of the things that i don’t

want to put on this island and other things and i’m keeping i’m going to keep on this kind of show you the first rap like it can’t be stopped two drawers and we got upper cabinets to do but let’s do this around first and then with an exhale so let’s go ahead and start no

i have started all the things that i just don’t really need and i feel like i have extras up so i thought lunchbox containers a pallid trainer a spiralizer baby food makers class where some huge upset i mean i just got tons of collected i am cookie makers place three bulls and just everything so i kind of sorted what i’m keeping this

so mostly good time but it’s all stuff at me use for parties or pop band and user and the cross but we need to come 503 importance the mat put all this stuff away in light areas together and make sure it’s really organized now because without my pic calculate you after be cluttering these cabinets i couldn’t believe how much

space i had so i dedicated each cabinet you like one cabinet was dedicated just for like my nice place when i have people over another cabinet was for kitchen gadgets and couple war and then the next one was more like cotton pants so by decluttering i was able to just really sourcing in an easy quick fashion i also had a cabinet dedicated for

glassware which i think is really important to have that i know like ai really don’t make it was in this specific cabinets all right now is time for everything something i am going to go ahead and for all of this that i cannot believe how much junk is in the cabinet i’m display haha i can’t believe it

actually somewhat stuff it’s just gotten rid of i’m not gonna lie in the drawers were so bad before we did this be clutter and afterwards it was so amazing how nice everything look instead of having one your particular reasons we now have you and they also realize how much paper i actually have in my house i so now i’m

going to go ahead and work on ever happened it feels so good already have so much accomplished that already have accomplished but i have so many things but i’m going to be giving away i’m just like oh my goodness i have a kind of things to give away to other people so now let’s tackle the upper cabinets

i so this was the cabinet they got the cutters the absolute most we got rid of all of the protein powder and protein junk because my husband actually stopped using that but clear that out unless there is a space we got our clothes but we got our troubles got throwaway of all items and over here this was the cabinet that was the

hardest for me to actually be cluttered to be used so many a different ingredients well i just kind of be cut it and got rid of we ended up getting rid of about fifteen things from the time and i know it doesn’t look like it we get rid of some extra things and some expired things so all right for my next time to develop 3d splutters one of the

main things we got rid of with some poles and simply just kind of massage and had no value to me i use all of these and they all definitely spark joy this section we ended up getting rid of several several cups just for some reason and i just wasn’t crazy about them right in for my very last texts like my husband’s little area we got a

lot of coffee and here is where we keep all right knife with a kid and not get off of the phone and then he has all of his coffee really nicely organized and then before we end this video i’m going to show you the entire amount of stuff that we are getting rid of this is all this stuff that we will be giving to friends and family and just saying

goodbye alright guys that is it for this video if you liked it thumbs up if i get over a thousand thumbs up i will be doing another con mario be clutter i am now going to pack up all of these goodies and giving way to friends and family and thank you so much for watching

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