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Interior Design Ideas+Kitchen+Living Room

if you’re tempted to step out of your comfortzone, we have some tips on adding some color to your ceiling and transforming your space. before we begin, please check the descriptionarea first, there are listed all the original projects that exist in this video. add color and drama to your home with these35 painted ceiling ideas, by neila deen. 1. navy ceiling. dark ceilings add a dramatic feel to any room. 2.

bright blue ceiling. colors such as turquoise create energy inan otherwise plain room. 3. black ceiling. black paint can make rooms feel smaller, soit works well on high ceilings. 4. charcoal gray ceiling. choose your furnishings wisely when paintingthe ceiling the same color as the walls. 5.

bright pink ceiling. a bright pink ceiling makes this bedroom ahappy place. 6. blue bathroom ceiling. a sophisticated shade of blue adds just theright accent in this understated bathroom. 7. gray ceiling. painting the walls and ceiling a muted graytones down vivid furnishings. 8.

orange ceiling. bright, glossy orange adds a fun touch toa nursery. 9. pastel blue ceiling. carry your ceiling color throughout the roomby adding furnishings and decor in the same shade. 10. pale blue ceiling. a pale blue ceiling paired with lots of whitecreates a calm, serene bedroom.

11. blue kitchen ceiling. pale aqua in a glossy finish adds color toa white kitchen and highlights the wood ceiling. 12. the blue paint beautifully complements thedark flooring and light wood in this bathroom. 13. silver dining room ceiling. a metallic ceiling adds instant glamour toany space. 14.

gold ceiling. burnished gold provides a romantic touch inan elegant bedroom. 15. gold living room ceiling. don’t be afraid to try gold paint on yourliving room ceiling. 16. metallic ceiling. metallic paint reflects light to brightenany space. 17.

matte gold ceiling. try a matte metallic finish on the ceilingto warm up a room with graphic walls. 18. black basement ceiling. matte black is ideal for minimizing elementssuch as pipes and ductwork. 19. black dining room ceiling. a black ceiling highlights this room’s crownmolding and modern chandelier. 20.

black kitchen ceiling. the black ceiling ties in with the islandbase and window trim in an otherwise all-white kitchen. 21. black bedroom ceiling. the black ceiling, dresser and bedding temperthe bold wallpaper in this bedroom. 22. rich blue ceiling. reflective blue paint is an elegant way tomake a room appear taller.

23. navy dining room ceiling. navy adds an unexpected freshness to a traditionaldining room. 24. eclectic spaces also can benefit from a classicnavy ceiling. 25. navy bedroom ceiling. dark blue works particularly well in nautical-themedrooms. 26.

a bright blue ceiling and wood floors warmup a white bathroom. 27. modern yellow ceiling. bold yellow is an unexpected design statementin a minimalist setting. 28. yellow entryway. yellow also works well in more traditionalhomes. 29. bold yellow ceiling.

mix complementary bold colors on the wallsand ceiling for a fun, happy bedroom. 30. yellow ceiling in black room. black walls come alive when paired with avivid ceiling. 31. pale yellow bedroom. painting the ceiling the same soothing coloras the walls allows your eye to dance around the room. 32.

black and white geometric ceiling. a geometric pattern creatively carries theblack-and-white theme onto the ceiling. 33. blue geometric ceiling. if you have a bold pattern on the ceiling,maintain a monochromatic color scheme in the rest of the room. 34. night sky ceiling. what child wouldn’t love to go to bed undera starry sky every night?

35. bold striped nursery. orange stripes add a playful feeling to achild’s room. before you leave, please leave a like, comment,and share if you like this video. and if you want to see improvement in thischannel, please subscribe if you never done this before. thanks for watching.

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