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Interior Design Ideas Women'S Boutique

hi! i’m terri turco with expert village. nowthis is wardrobe staple number three. are you keeping track? well, you’ve got your suit,you’ve got your skirt, what’s next? the pant, of course. now, pants are really a conundrumfor women. with men it’s so easy. they’re 32, 33, they got the waist, the inseam, boom,boom, boom. they go, they get it, it’s done. women, we’re not so lucky. you know, we’rebigger here, smaller there. it’s harder to find a good pant that fits. here’s my numberone tip about a good pant. get a tailor. tailors aren’t expensive and they can make anythingfit. but here are some tips that i really want you to look for. when you are lookingfor that basic pant, as you can see i have black again, and yes, i have more than black,but it’s just for the sake of simplicity.

it’s just is easier. first of all, when youbuy a pant, you want something once again that’s a season less fabric. you’re goingto hear a lot of that. but you always want to look crisp and clean. you don’t want tolook wrinkled. i never really recommend linen in the pant and you know why. you’ve seenthose women getting off the plane. but another thing is, if it’s a waistband pant, you wantto make sure that the waist does fit you and it doesn’t bunch. what’s real important withwomen is your crotch area. of course it’s important, but you got to make sure that itfits there. you don’t ever want to see a women pulling. when something?s too tight, it alwayspulls in this area and that is such a bad thing, because you just know that the womanis wearing pants that are too small, and you

think that she’s heavier than she is. butshe’s really not; she’s just in the wrong size pant. another thing about hems, don’ttape the pin, don’t pin the hem. have the hem put up and if you can’t do it, have itdone by a professional. when it comes to pants and hem, you always want it to hit right likethese jeans are. granted, they’re jeans, but it hits you right at the top and like breaksever so slightly right there. you don’t want high waters. you don’t want anything too longand you’re tripping over it. now a word about side pockets. when you have an angle pocketlike this, instead of inserted in the side, that’s a much more slimming look. when pocketsare at the side, what happens is they can gap and make your hips actually look bigger.and last, but not least, here’s one more tip

for you. if you have a little bigger, extraskin going there in the tummy area if over 30 you’ve had a baby or whatever, which isa wonderful thing, but if you really want this to look a little thinner, go for a biggerwaist band. the bigger waist band gives it the illusion that you’re actually smallerthere. hope you like that little tip and we’re coming right back with wardrobe staple numberfour.

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