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Interior Design Ideas Victorian Terrace

hi i’m nick straughn from athfield architects,one of the design team members who are currently working on the preliminary phase of the johnsonvillelibrary project. today, we’re going to look in a little bitmore detail at some of the interior spaces and functions of the library building.this is the link space which serves to connect the eastern side of the site on memorial parkall the way through to the western edge of the site on moorefield road.the intention here is that this should act as an urban pedestrian street or laneway,and it really provides a civic scale connection between these two really important sides ofthe site. the intention is that this would be an activeand occupied space, and that could be made

successful by the cafe working out into thiszone, with elements such as seating. it would be constructed from external, durable materials,and there’d be a great level of natural daylight down into this zone. fundamentally, it existsto provide a good connection both to the library and to the pool.so on the western side of the proposed building, is the cafe and courtyard zone. so the intentionhere is that the cafe performs the function of a really important hinge-point right on the cornerof the library, between the courtyard and the linking space. it’s on a great, western,sunny side of the site, and there’s also the potential for a shaded and sheltered pedestrianaccess through into the library beyond. there’d be cafe-style seating that can workout into the link space or into the library

reading room and ultimately, this providesgreat flexibility of use for all manner of events in its typical mode, the cafe would be able to work out into the link space and out intothe courtyard beyond. in a library event mode, the cafe can serveas the catering point for a large-scale library event. in an external event/after-hours mode, the cafe again could serve a critical functionfor catering out to the external event space which can work out into the exterior courtyard.in the open-day/community event mode, the exterior doors can be slid back to providea good interior-exterior connection between the library and the courtyard beyond.we’re looking at the main library entry, from

the upper-ground level link. our concept herewas to think about this as a clearing, a space with high ceiling and clear storey windowsthat have dappled natural light and the use of large format timber trunk columns, andalong the edge of this, a reading space which served as a raised edge for looking out andover down into the lower level of the library. we’re looking at the children’s terraced areaat the southern end of the building. the intention here was that this would be a learninglandscape, a zone with a sense of play and discovery. there would be a lower acousticceiling over this area, and that would be complemented by these raised stages and terracesthat would enable looking and views out to the exterior, and this provides multiple gatheringand performance zones.

we’re now looking at the escarpment. thisserves as an in-between space; it really forms an intermediate terrace between the upperand lower levels of the library. it has a lowered acoustic ceiling, and is a great lookoutpoint for views around and through the rest of the library. it’s a loosely defined zone,and it could be used by young adults. this is the makerspace and meeting zone, whichwe have often referred to as ‘the cave’. we believe that here it’s about a sense of discoveryand enclosure. there’s great acoustic separation between here and the rest of the library,a space that will serve for both high tech and low tech creation, and wet and dry media.this is the lower terrace. the intention here is that it’s an extension of the concept ofa clearing in the forest, a space with high ceilings

and clear storey windows, and again, dapplednatural light coming in from above. there’s a continued use of the timber trunk columnsand it provides a sheltered, active edge structure primarily constructed in timber.so we hope this has helped to explain a little more about the interior function and spacesof the library building.

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