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Interior Design Ideas New York Apartment

hi, im maxine shriber from simply decorateand today were going to do a room that we have designed for a couple in new york city,the issue was their bedroom. so simply decorate got all their information they wanted contemporaryairy & bright simple & chic. and she told us she lives in new york city and its veryimportant to have storage that she wanted to move her queens size bed to a king sizebed and kept on saying storage storage storage. she did need her ceiling fan and she let usknow it was a rental so everything that we do get for should be able to be moved fromapartment to apartment. so she put in all the information that we needed for the roomshe gave us the sizes the heights of everything and where curtain items are such as the lightingand the ceiling lighting she also downloaded

all the pictures of the room shes was smartenough to give us the view of each side of the room. so we knew exactly what we had towork with. she told us all the color that she loves which were beautiful greys withtouch of accents of shades of blue. she wanted it to be very light. she wanted it to be mutedand very sophisticated, so simply decorate e got to work. we picked fabulous fabrics,we gave her a great layout, we kept her armoire so she could put her storage but we reallywanted to get her into the new york chic look. we picked some fabulous things for her roomwe gave her a grey upholstered bed we gave her a lower chest so she looks like its notso stuffy in the room and so overbuilt we gave her beautiful linen shades a fabulouscenter light that has all kinds of movement

of the metal and for a little dash of patternand print the bench is just perfect. so we gave her a few 3d layouts so she knows whereeverything goes we wanted to be sure that the carpet which i think is very chic wouldbe put in the right direction. we gave her a ideas of where every accessory should goand this way she would know how to order the pieces and where exactly they go. since simplydecorate gives you the inspiration to finish your room we also give you your shopping list.it tells you where to buy how to buy and just say click on and buy now. we also make itvery easy for you to finish your room. this is what simply decorate does best. simplydecorate designs very chic new york apartment and we could do it for you too. so this issimply decorate saying have a wonderful day

and always be creative!

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