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Interior Design Ideas Kitchen Pictures

[kitchen style & design ideas: choosing kitchen styles] hi, i’m nadia geller, interior designer for homestyler. [nadia geller, interior designer] today, i’m going to help you find the style of kitchen that’s right for you. start with the architecture of your home for cues. what style is it? i always recommend that you have hints of your homes exterior on the inside. [link together interior and exterior elements] if your home is a cape cod, but you aren’t necessarily into that style for your decor, you can give it a nod by adding a subtle texture.

for example, adding beadboard to an island with a more modern countertop. this will help you whole home feel more put together. [take stock of your furniture and accessories] take a good look at the items throughout your home, too. do you tend to choose more traditional furniture and accessories? [use styles that fit with the rest of your home] your kitchen should blend with the rest of your house. [www.homestyler.com] an online design program can help you visualize your ideas. this one is homestyler. it’s free and it lets you preview your kitchen in a variety of styles.

[♪ upbeat music ♪] with 3d, you can see what each style will look like with the rest of your home. then you can try every conceivable combination of styles, look at them, compare, even get feedback from your friends and family online. you may just find some great new ideas. be sure to save all of your designs online. you never know when you’ll want to go back to something you thought of one day. you can even print them out for your design notebook.

another tip i’d suggest is to think of a kitchen where you were really, really happy. search your memory for details of that place. was it a traditional ’50s kitchen? did it have ornate details like crown molding on all of the cabinetry? write down these details and then review magazines and put sticky notes in the pages that give you a similar sense and feel. take note of the tiniest things around you.

maybe it’s a particular color of china or wallpaper. or maybe it’s some flowers that stand out for you. these are all good clues to help you decide what you want. [finding the right style for you, base decisions on styles that blend with your home] [get ideas from your happiest memories] [take note of color and design details everywhere, www.homestyler.com] have fun creating your perfect kitchen. i’m nadia geller. to start designing your dream kitchen today, go to homestyler.com]

[to start designing today, go to www.homestyler.com]

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