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Interior Design Ideas Kitchen Family Room

hej! we know more and more people are living in small spaces and spending more time at home. so we challenged ourselves to make a living room as small as possible for a parent with 3 kids. the key is to plan for flow, which allows the room to transform based on a family’s changing needs and activities. like personal time, meal time, together time and that rare parent-only time. we started by making a wall with personalised storage spots, so the floor is kept clear and the mess level is low. colours and objects on display show off the family’s character and passions. here, we made flexible seating using a bed and mattresses. we added smart storage on wheels and a cardboard wall for playful privacy. a hammock takes privacy to new heights. it’s part of creating space to be alone, even with the whole family in the room. but it’s out of the way when you don’t need it, just like these chairs. we planned them for meal times because we know the living room often doubles as the dining room.

these lightweight benches have storage boxes underneath and are easy to move. when it’s time to eat, the benches are already there as seating. the gateleg tables fold out to create a little or a lot of space for homework, hobbies or parties. with the tables folded in, there’s room for these modular sofa sections that can be changed up and moved around. and they can hide stuff, too. that’s a lot of seating, storage, flexibility and personality in one living room, but we squeezed it down to 17 square metres. we had to build it, of course. come on in. we’ll show you how it transforms. even close families have different interests, so here’s how the room creates opportunities for everyone to do what they want in the same space. but family time is just as important as personal time, which is why everyone can gather together in the room for meaningful meals. after a while, being at the table can be a bore for some. that’s when it’s time to cosy up for family fun. and when the kids are asleep, there’s plenty of room to relax, unwind and do anything or nothing.

see? a small living room can have lots of room for family life! the key is to think about flow that suits your family, so the room transforms based on your needs and wants. ready to find the possibilities in your small space? use flexible seating, smart storage and movable pieces to create a comfy living room with flow that easily changes so everyone can do their own thing and be together. happy planning!

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