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Interior Design Ideas Jewellery Showroom

taizo: this is really important, especially for the guys out there. if you’re looking for a perfect gift, it’s about jewelry. robert ral — palma, owner and jewelry extraordinaire is here. i worked with you. more importantly, before i met

you, i heard your name around town because of the wonderful work you do. for people don’t know, what sets you and especially your designs apart from everybody else? most important thing, we’re not a retail store. because we’re a design studio,

we only wholesale. all of our pieces are at the wholesale level. our prices are half of what the retail stores are going to be. taizo: not only half, but you’re a design studio. when someone comes in, you have such an amazing selection.

if someone has something they want, you can create that’s everybodiesque perfect for them. i went to one of the best jewelry designs in the world. we’re not just a jewelry store. we sit down with you one on one. i’ll basically figure out the

nice design according to your personality and we’ll make it in the workshop. we control the quality of the piece. our quality is very high even though we’re at the wholesale prices. taizo: it’s a win-win for

everybody. you have so much experience. i’m looking around, what is something that i should keep in mind? what should i expect to spend for a beautiful gift of jewelry. guys out there, we don’t know. what are some things i should

keep in mind. we can work with any budget. we custom make pieces starting at $200. we have smaller things here. it can be from $200 up to $200,000. we have a really big range of merchandises.

you work around not only individual people but if a couple comes in, and it’s the holiday season, they get engaged. you’ve done that. what’s it like right now in the holidays? keeping your love together?

it’s a wonderful time to get engages and proposed. a lot of people wondering, should i do it? should i not? the romance of the holiday season. if there’s anybody out there thinking of proposing, call me

today. you still have time. you really still have time. we have hundreds of engagement rings. we can put it together for you. one week left. so call today. taizo: if i come in, what are

some things that a guy never been jewelry shopping for the first time, how do i know i’m getting a good deal. i know you’re great but i come in for the first time. know? that’s the whole thing. there’s so many places to shop,

online. but with us, the most important thing is because we’re wholesale, so we’re willing to prove it. i can meet or beat anybody’s price. taizo: he has. we’re willing to prove it.

what i’m willing to offer, anybody out there, if you’re looking for a piece of jewelry this holiday season, a diamond, a watch, a ring, bring us your quote. since i’m a gemology, i graduated from the gia. i can look at the appraisal and

certificate. we’ll look at your quote. if i can’t beat that, i’ll be honest and say, you’ve got a great deal. we’ll meet or beat that plies ji ji — price. taizo: this is no joke. you got to come see robert.

it’s a personal experience. wholesale prices. if you’re looking for that piece you want, he’s the guy. thank you so much for coming. i love what you do, man. not only jewelry but watches as

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