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Interior Design Ideas For Small Jewellery Shops

no matter if you are looking for shoe organizingideas or for new ideas on how to store all your spices in your pantry, you will findthem all here! before we begin, please check the descriptionarea first, there are listed all the original projects that exist in this video. 50+ useful organizing tips for a squeaky cleanhouse! by bianca. 1. pretty poolside pallets. not only do they serve as outstanding decorativedevices that can save you a lot of money on ikea furniture, but they can also be usedfor the great outdoors!

2. laundry room pegboard makeover. an idea that will help you add space and styleto your laundry room. 3. playing cards storage solution. you will never have to worry about findingyour playing cards scattered all over the place! 4. envelope organizer.

very simple and straightforward envelope organizeridea that will help you keep your envelopes in perfect order, at all time. 5. keep your junk in the trunk!a lovely tutorial that will show you just how easy it is to upgrade your old trunk andto turn it into your new cosmetics storage solution. 6. baby boxes! all you need is three boxes and some color-codedtags to help you distinguish between the “professional

and the personal files”. 7. lovely storage ideas for your baby girl’sitems. girls always have more items than boys, andhelping your little princess keeping them all organized can be a lot more difficultthan you thought. 8. crafty organizing ideaare you tired of realizing you just stepped over a staple? you will no longer have to worry about that.

9. hang your props the right way. it is pretty simple, but it is good enoughto keep your clothes straight and ready to wear! 10. organized bloom closet. check out this broom closet organization ideaand who knows, it might as well become your new crafts project! 11.

organize under the sink.we can easily exploit it and use it to store chemicals, bathroom cleaners, detergent andall that. 12. recycled craft diy desk organizer. here is a lovely and super practical recycledcraft diy desk organizing idea that will appeal to you! 13. let the storage bins work in your best interest!you might be tempted to think that there is not much you could achieve with some storagebins, but the truth is that they can benefit

you on many different levels. 14. make a treat wall hanger for your dog! here is a tutorial that will show you howeasy it is to make a treat wall hanger for your four-legged friend, and a cute shabbychic dog leash to go with that. 15. laundry room shelving idea.this simple laundry room shelving idea will give you an insight into just how easy itis to redefine your laundry room. 16.

laundry room organization idea.trying to find your detergent or the scented balm? you can now use all that lost time for somethingmore productive. 17. simple clothing rack. you can now store all your clothes quicklyand without the hassles, and still making them look lovely and properly organized! 18. build some kitchen sink storage trays.this step by step tutorial that will show

you how easy it is to build your own kitchensink storage trays, without worrying about overspending! 19. inexpensive scarves holder. here is a simple and very inexpensive scarvesholder idea that you can easily turn into reality, in the privacy of your own home. 20. dangling earring organizer. have you see how difficult it is to find thepair of your earrings these days? that will

never be the case again with this lovely danglingearring organizer! 21. make a cell phone holder!here is a lovely idea that will show you just how easy it is to make your own cell phoneholder, by using an old lotion bottle! 22. organize your bathroom in 2 minutes! you can now clean up your entire bathroomand organize all your cleaning products, body oils, lotions, perfumes and scrubs in no lessthan 120 seconds. 23.

phone charging station. check it out and you will see how easy itis to repurpose an old mason jar and to turn it into a handy phone charger! 24. add a pinboard for recipes in your kitchendrawer! if you are the type of mommy who loves tocook and who likes to do it the old fashioned way , then this simple tutorial is specificallycreated for you. 25. four containers to hold your toiletries andcosmetics!

here is a lovely idea that will teach youhow you can easily use four old vintage containers to shield your personal belongings from dustand debris! 26. organize your refrigerator. how many times did it happen for you to noticethat your food went bad? fortunately, that will never happen againif you pay attention to this lovely refrigerator organizing idea that will certainly benefityou in the long run! 27. diy pocket organizer.

this is a super creative and inspired ideathat can help you store all your personal items – you can use it both for your kitchenand for your bathroom! 28. stay inspired and organized! stay motivated, stay organized – and goodthings will come to you! 29. magnetic command center for your accessories. you will never have to worry about losinganything, ever again – just stick them to the command center and they will stay there.

30. make your own makeup brush organizer! here is a simple way to store your makeupbrushes and to make sure they will be as good as new, for years to come. 31. turn your ladder into a creative shoe storageidea! clean it, add a fresh layer of paint and useit as your brand new shoe storage idea – your friends will definitely want to steal thisidea from you later on! 32.

the world’s best yarn storage idea! here is how you can easily make the best ofit and turn it into a crafty storage space for the seasonal items or for the items thatyou no longer use as often as before. 33. color block chalkboard mason jars.check out this outstanding idea and you will be thrilled to see just how easy it is toturn your mason jars into storage spaces for your child’s crayons. 34. diy frame earring holder.

they do not have anything extra than the handmadeearring holders that you can create at home, so why not try to make your own from scratch? 35. cord organization with washi tape. washi tape is a multi-purpose tape that isdurable, long-lasting, sticky and very easy to apply. 36. keep your necklaces properly organized!this tutorial on how to keep your necklaces clean and properly organized will definitelycome in handy.

37. color-code your keys in five minutes. here is how you can easily color code yourkeys in five minutes! 38. organize your hair ties! here is a lovely and simple tutorial thatwill teach you how to make the best of your hair ties, on a budget. 39. get yourself a new corkboard!

creating a cork board is great for decorativepurposes, especially if you want to stay chic yet classy and retro at the same time. 40. make a ring box in five minutes!you should certainly check out this great ring box tutorial that you can easily makein no less than five minutes, with basic items that you can find around the house! 41. diy wooden bungee organizer. all you need is a lacquered wooden piece andseveral pieces of bungee rope to make the

best of your storage space. 42. 18 easy organizing tips and hints. you can easily use to store just about everything,from your headphones and your cell phone chargers to your accessories and even your clothingitems. 43. diy vision board. it can also double as a keepsake or as a memorabiliawhere you can easily pinpoint pictures or other objects of great emotional importanceto you.

44. egg carton storage idea. who thought that you can use a basic egg cartonin so many different ways? 45. lost sock organizer. here is a super simple and efficient sockstorage idea that you can use, and you will never have to worry about losing a sock everagain. 46. sewn stash baskets.

you will never have to worry about havingyour fingers accidentally poked with the needles, ever again! 47. neon non-slip hangers. you can easily add a touch of freshness tothem by “coating” them with a neon non-slip thread that will prevent your clothes fromfalling off. 48. hang your jeans on shower hooks! here is how you can use your shower hooksto easily and effortlessly store your jeans.

49. transparent shoe box storage idea.here is a great and super inventive transparent shoe box storage idea that can benefit yougreatly, over the years! 50. underwear and pantyhose storage. this is yet another lovely tutorial on howto store all your pantyhose and your underwear in a safe and hygienic way. before you leave, please leave a like, comment,and share if you like this video. and if you want to see improvement in thischannel, please subscribe if you never done

this before. thanks for watching.

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