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Interior Decoration For Jewellery Shop

(music).as an interior designer, i really appreciate great style where ever i see it. so when wediscovered halcraft usa, a premium supplier for artists and crafters, i knew i wantedto find out more. hi, i’m kalyn rothaus in studio today with molly schaller, header designerfor halcraft usa. hi molly. hi.great to have you here. thank you for having me.absolutely. so tell me what makes halcraft usa so special?well, halcraft usa is a great company. they’re a third generation business.wow. and they travel all over the world to findthese wonderful treasures for us. they find

fresh water pearls, wooden beads, glass beads,semi-precious stones, and lots of other natural materials. and they work with over 200 differentfactories to process and make these beads. wow. amazing.basically, we have a design team made up of jewelry experts from all over the states,things that are the latest styles that are on trend, and also, you know, that go fromsimple to the more complex designs if you want a little bit of a challenge. and artistsanywhere can create professional looking creations and costume jewelry using the bead galleryline available at michael’s. we provide quality materials at a really great value. we loveto inspire creativity in our customers, and we have been bringing these exciting and innovativeproducts to the arts and crafts community

for the past 25 years.that’s amazing. yeah. so this bead gallery line is availableat michael’s stores, and it’s an exclusive. so you can get it just around the corner.i’m so impressed with the quality of these beads. they’re just beautiful, chic, personalized.yes, and these are real amethysts. we have other semi-precious stones also that you’llfind hanging up there in your bead gallery aisle.oh, that’s fantastic. i love the idea of being able to make my own jewelry pieces. all ofit looks like something i could find in a department store.it is. it’s beautiful.yeah.

and i know you’re going to make somethingtoday. so what are you going to make? well, today, i’m going to make some earrings,and i wanted to show you a quick project that you could make with anyone from tweens tohowever old you want. i just wanted to show you this really fun. this is an earring andit looks like it took forever to make, but because we make things a little simple foryou, it only takes a few minutes. so you start with just some of this pre-beaded chain.mm-hmm. and so i went ahead and i connected it toan ear wire, and now all i’m going to do is i chose just a bead that matches that.it’s beautiful. or you can choose one that — thank you — thatcontrasts it.

mm-hmm.and you make a quick loop at the top. bend it around. and then you’re just going to wrapit like this. and this is a technique you can use even to make your own charms because,you know, right there is a basically a charm. you’ve got a loop. you just trim the end andthen you’re going to connect the loop you just made to the bottom loop…you make it look very easy. of the charms.well, you know, i’ve had a lot of practice. i have to make sure i don’t hurt anybody here.snip that end off and then all i’m going to do is just open this last loop on the beadedchain. okay.and attach that bead. to find where it opens

first, though. turn it around until i findit. there it is. so i’m going to go ahead and open this up, attach my little drop, andbam i’ve got an earring. that’s it.i know, it’s so simple. how easy. that’s so easy!it’s so much fun, and then you can choose things that work for you and for your wardrobe.mm-hmm. wow. i feel like anybody could make these.definitely. anyone could. they’re so easy. wow. well, you know, whatabout people who are more crafty and have made earrings, have made stretch bracelets,and now they’re ready for the next level? well, we have something where you can shareyour creations called pretty palettes. and

one of our amazing designers, erin prais-hintz,she creates a palette monthly. so whether it’s inspired by the color of the changingleaves or the korean lantern festival, anything that is just these brilliant wonderful colors,and she creates this palette and then you go into the bead gallery at your michael’sstore. you pick beads that match the palette and create your own thing. and then you canshare with others. on our blog, we’ll post the different links to everybody’s projects.and then you can go see that. and once you’ve done that, you could even visit pinterestand see the mood boards that we’ve created using all of these different designs.that’s amazing. that’s so great. there’s endless inspiration, and endless projects you canmake, and they’re all, this is, beautiful!

well thank you!yeah. so thank you so much, molly, for showing me all of this.you’re welcome. and teaching me today about necklaces andbracelets that were super easy to make. and they’re chic, beautiful, personalized, andi can see myself giving them as gifts for birthdays, for whatever. for more jewelryinspiration and simple projects you can easily make yourself, visit these websites: instagram.com/halcraft,facebook.com/halcraft, pinterest.com/halcraft, and to view this story again or get more informationvisit our website, designingspaces.tv. (music).you can visit these websites to learn more about theparticipants on this edition of

designing spaces.(music).

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