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Interior Decorating Ideas For Living Room

stuck with a space that’s tough to configure?see what a difference a little ‘design’ can make. here’s a look at the challenges and thechanges in this typical l-shaped layout. first challenge? – function. arranging a longnarrow space can be difficult….this room needed a focus and got one with a diy entertainmentcenter. made up of shelving and stock cabinets, it spans an entire wall and is now the reasonfor the room. it provides storage and style, and even incorporates the tv. wrapping thelook onto an adjoining wall, by adding a small workspace, extends the functionality. matchingthe desk to the color and height of the cabinets makes it feel completely integrated. the lastchange in the living room? shifting the orientation

of the seating area to a diagonal. it moreclearly defines the space and makes the most of the room’s new focus.next challenge…a front door that opened right into the living area..awkward. the change…addinga room divider to create a natural entryway. this modular flexible project can be stackedhigher or lower, and a variety of drawers and cubbies provide practical storage as wellas display space. the design allows light to pass through – keeping things open andbright….and a handy bench with built-in shoe storage is the perfect complement. anotherpractical project – a message board with hooks to hang purses or coats – makes this entrywaya place with purpose. in the dining area….the main challenge wasthe lack of storage. the change here was easy….adding

this upcycled buffet provides not only themuch-needed storage, but by hanging art and plants around it – it becomes a real focalpoint for the room. all these changes support more functionality,defining separate areas to look and live less like one big room.so if you’re challenged by uninspired surroundings, make some changes for a space that works foryou.

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