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How To Sell Home Decor Products Online

[ intro musics] welcome surface pattern designers and visualartists. do you want to learn how to make passive income selling your art without your own website,agent, or even dealing with complicated licensing contracts? i’m chris of macdonald creative studios andi am a self employed artist. in this step by step class i will you how to set up an account on zazzle.comand post your surface pattern designs for sale on products.

zazzle is a print on demand platform thathas products that are perfect for surface pattern designer, like fabric duvets, wrapping paper, throw blankets, andplenty of other products for you to choose from. unlike spoonflower, one of the top fabric print on demand websites, you do nothave to order a test swatch before selling your design. in this class, i will walk you through step by step, on how to correctlysetup your zazzle account and store.

i will go over everything from royalty settingsto how to organize your images, products, and stores. i’ve been using zazzle since 2008, and itis one of my favorite passive income platforms to use. i’ve been on a lot of print on demand websitesbut zazzle has the most indepth, but useful, account settings and setup that i’ve seenout there. the offer the widest range of products thatyou can choose to sell your surface pattern designs and art on, and the best customizationoptions that i’ve seen for both you and the customer.

best of all, this is primarly a passive sourceof income. of course marketing and advertising your productscan help a lot but it is not a requirement. they have a marketplace and enough web trafficyou can let them do the boring marketing stuff while you do your art. for the class project you will open up yourown zazzle store and post your first product for sale. then you will upload a screenshot of yourartwork on your favorite zazzle product.

well, let’s get started.

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