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(episode 44) mom… mom. mom? did everyone leave? why are you sleeping on the floor? i told you to use the bed! i thought the smell of food would rub off. what if hoonjae thinks

it’s how you smell? let’s go. get up, mom. nobody’s in the living room? come. oh, my knee. you shouldn’t have crouched down like that. i’m leaving. bye. jinae?

i mean… my dear sister-in-law! wait… chaeri is here, too? yes. i’m coming. jinae, i can’t peel the apples right. what is it?

mom! why did you come out without your coat? what? do you need me to do something else? what is it? it’s cold. go inside. come. i’ll drive you home. what for? i can catch a bus over there. just come! ouch… that hurts.

get in. hey, you’re going to drive me home wearing that? hey… what if they look for you? just hurry up and get in! oh, boy… why did you come in the first place? i never asked you to come.

oh, but when you first saw me, you jumped up and down with joy. if it weren’t for me, how could you have made all those dishes? you didn’t even know about soaking the short ribs. i made a mistake. i shouldn’t have let you hide in my room. i should’ve brought you downstairs for dinner.

no, you did well. we pulled that off successfully. the hiding strategy. oh, jinae. i won’t be able to help you make food like this many more times. this was a great chance for me. this is actually nice. thanks to that,

i’m going on a drive with you. this is my first time in your car. i never had a car before. right. but when i heard you were driving a company car, i wanted to get a ride, so i can watch how you drive. you’re great at driving,

great at your job, and you married a great guy. and you used to be a great student, too, as a kid. my darling daughter. my amazing girl. i’m sorry, mom. i’m sorry. what for? i’m actually happy.

being here with you makes me very happy. she must have been tired. hi, chaeri. what is it? jinae, where are you right now? what? well… i had to go somewhere. where? if you disappear like this,

what am i supposed to do? well… chaeri? i can hear her voice from here. that sharp voice. jinae, you went to my house? my house? where is your house? aren’t you living like a nomad right now?

did you tell her? that you’re with me? let me have that. hey! why aren’t you coming home? you left because you fought with hyeongsun? right? am i right? but still, how could you pack your things and go home to your father? without telling us anything?

how dare you pull something like that? but mom, is something wrong? why did jinae go there? something did happen. i got sick. how? why? why do you think? because you ran away and gave me stress.

you better come home right now! what are you waiting for? where’s your answer? you’re not coming home? i’m sorry, mother. i can’t come home just now. there is something i must think about. it won’t end, so don’t argue with chaeri.

hello? chaeri, is someone asking for me? no, it’s not that. there are so many dishes to wash. what do i do? what do you think? you have to wash them all. i’m above you in the hierarchy in this side of the family. i’m above you here.

you can’t make me work like this! just start washing them. i’ll hurry back and help you, okay? and if mother asks about me… tell her i had to drop by my parents’ house for emergency. tell her it’s nothing bad so she doesn’t have to worry. okay?

bye! jinae… hello? jinae! chaeri has to do i think so. i doubt aunt nansuk would help her. poor chaeri. i’m going to get off here, so go home.

no. i want to see dad now that i’m here. what? you’re being crafty. you want chaeri to do all the work? i’m trying to be a mean sister-in-law. there must be so many dishes and pots to wash. so? one more? okay, one more! okay!

that’s enough. hoonjae can’t drink that much. that’s not true. hoonjae’s my son, so that can’t be true. you babied hoonjae. his skin’s like porcelain and his hands look like he’s never worked a day in his life. he looks wimpy. did you just call me wimpy?

i was going easy on you, but i won’t anymore. i will show you what i’m capable of tonight. oh! you will? that’s great. okay, in that case, the one who goes down first has to grant the other person’s wish. how about it?

okay. sure. okay. let me pour you a drink. cheers. hoonjae… seriously… ms. hwang? yes? these…

ms. hwang, what should we do about the dishes? you can put them in the dishwasher. you must rinse them first, so it’ll take time. wait a minute, where’s jinae? she had to go to her parents’ house for something. she said it wasn’t anything bad. really? if something came up, she should’ve told me before going out.

take care of the dishes for me then. i’ll be in my room. ms. hwang… what the heck? she’s like an evil stepmother. nice! dad… one more! even when i was living at hyeongsun’s house,

i didn’t have to do dishes like this… oh! – jinae! / – dad! oh, jinae! my daughter! what brings you here? did your mother-in-law’s birthday dinner go well? yes, thanks to mom’s help. good.

but why did you come here in your apron? oh, my! oh, you forgot to take that off. she was in a hurry. oh? why were you in a hurry? it’s not like you had to sneak out. i said i was going to take the bus,

but her mother-in-law forced her to drive me home. are you sure it wasn’t hoonjae? oh, just believe what i say! okay, okay. jinae, come in. no, dad. i have to go. i dropped by to see you. yes, you should go.

chaeri must be going crazy right now. oh? why? what happened to chaeri? i’ll see you again, dad. oh, jinae… i wish you could stay… hyeongkyu. you said you would take care of them. didn’t you tell me not to be cheeky,

saying you will look after mom and dad because you’re the eldest son? do i look like i’m abandoning mother and father? it’s just going to be until san becomes a teenager. when mother and father grow older, i am going to move in with them, of course. we’ll see about that.

why did mom give you so much love? what good did her treasuring you while ignoring me do for her? hey, you go home. go home and do the dishes! mom, i can’t believe you. you raised him like a prince, but now you’re losing him to another family!

hey, lee jinae! how could you say such a thing? nobody is losing anyone! why are you doing this again? why are you bringing that up again? because i’m so upset! hey, jinae. that’s enough so go home. we’ve already decided.

he’s getting married, so don’t do this to him. i’m going home. did lashing out on him make you feel better? you’re still on hyeongkyu’s side, aren’t you? of course! must you ask? goodnight. i will walk you to the parking lot. it’s okay.

let me. it’s really late. lately, your mom’s been feeling good one minute and bad the next. oh… i wonder what’s wrong. is it because hyeongkyu’s getting married and hyeongsun and chaeri are having trouble?

is hyeongsun working hard? he went back to work after missing a few days, but he looks really down. i wonder what happened between him and chaeri. i met with chaeri, but she wouldn’t tell me anything. you know what? from the first time i met you, i never liked you.

what about me didn’t you like? you looked a bit petty. do you think i liked you the first time i met you? you were full of yourself, but you didn’t have anything to show for. a fool who was just full of hot air. you acted as if you were all that! a fool? full of hot air?

seriously what? spit it out. mr. jang! i hate you. hoonjae! i won! yes! oh, my. hoonjae, are you all right?

yeongseon! i beat him! what are you doing? you’re not children. oh, seriously. hoonjae? hoonjae? wake up, hoonjae. hoonjae. dad!

mr. jang? oh, my! what’s going on? what… what are we to do… aunt nansuk! can’t you balance him? i am doing that! yeongseon, hold him up! i’m trying.

yeongseon, are we going up to hoonjae’s room? how are we supposed to climb all those steps? cheorung, wake up! what do we do? hoonjae… we have to move hoonjae. hoonjae to upstairs? but he’ll be even heavier. am i still on hyeongkyu’s side? i went to her house and cooked all day on my feet,

and i hid in her room, as if we were playing hide and go seek, and sneaked out like a cat, and yet she asked if i’m on hyeongkyu’s side? what was the use of helping her? she only remembers how i mistreated her. children they don’t do you any good. did you have a lot to drink?

are you mad because i went out? i had to take care of something. oh, my… no one told her i was sleeping up here? what do i do? hoonjae, i’m sorry. jinae. did i scare you? mother, what are you doing here?

they didn’t tell you i was sleeping here? there was nobody downstairs. they went to bed already? mr. jang and hoonjae got really drunk, and we couldn’t bring them up here. i see. should i tell you a secret? actually, i…

am really happy. what am i happy about? the fact that my father is alive. i really… wanted to meet my father, so i’m happy. silly… i’m happy, too, silly. i am very happy.

are you sure everything’s fine at your parents’ place? i had to talk to my brother about his wedding plans. you should’ve told me before leaving. you were gone, so i was worried. did your mother get home safely? you knew she was here? i didn’t say anything,

because i didn’t want to embarrass her. but don’t do that again. even if you were worried about your in-laws, imagine how your mother must have felt. good job today. thank you. you’re welcome. goodnight, mother. i guess i won’t be getting any sleep tonight.

when will the morning come? seriously! what did i ever do to deserve this? i can’t believe it. i just can’t believe it. mother, is it true? is it? mother, am i really… am i really dying?

yes… when i leave this world and go to the other side, i would want to do this. i would desperately want to do this. but why… why do i have to die? why do i have to? of all people,

why does it have to be me? why… i don’t want to… i don’t… unbelievable! talk about like father, like son. they even sleep in the same position. interesting, right, yeongseon? what are you waiting for? start scrubbing.

this was your wish? this is so… start scrubbing. for a long time, i’ve always wanted a son, so i could come to a bathhouse with him. now that i found my son, i couldn’t wait anymore. start scrubbing! hurry.

i have strong hands. can you handle it? here goes nothing. if it hurts, tell me right away. that feels great! it wasn’t just you, father. i always envied the kids who went to the bathhouse with their dads. i finally am doing it now. that’s nice.

great! switch! i’m fine. i don’t need any scrubbing. i never do it. just turn around. but i don’t want to. do it. here i come! he must have had a tiny back when he was little.

i missed out on all those wonderful years. i’m sorry for not recognizing you. even if you don’t want to see hyeongsun, you should go see mom and dad. do you know how much mom misses you? but she’s going to scold me. did she go out to make a delivery? no, she didn’t.

mommy! oh, my little chaeri! you! you thought of me because it’s sunday? you only think of me on sundays? i thought of you on other days, too, but i’ve been so busy. i’m a totally successful intern. oh, boy.

what are you going to do now? are you coming home or not? i ran away so many times living with mr. lee dongchul. you did? your parents weren’t around, though. i went to different places. my friend’s house and my relatives’ houses. but it was me who ended up suffering.

when you run away, you’re the only one who suffers. men? they look like they’ll change? but it doesn’t last. come home, okay? hyeongsun’s been drinking every day. he’s going to be a complete mess soon. if i tell her we might break up for good, she’ll be really shocked, right?

chaeri! oh, chaeri! father! oh, you finally came back home? welcome back. i haven’t come home yet. you must be the only woman in korea to leave her husband after an argument but to drop by to see your parents-in-law.

sit down and eat. eat. drink some water, too. just do as i say. come, chaeri. father… hyeongsun hasn’t been doing well. if you’re still upset, you don’t have to come home now.

but please see hyeongsun before you leave, okay? even after an argument, a married couple must continue to see each other. be a good girl, okay? chaeri? okay? why didn’t he go to work? what’s he doing? what a fool. you and your inferiority complex… of course not.

chaeri wouldn’t come back. what is it now? let’s go get something to drink. i’ll pay with this. the discount has been applied. man… you’re going to give up on hyeongsun and leave, so we should make up? yes, that photo i took with hyeongsun…

that was a setup. i thought you might punch me. i’m not you. i knew that photo was a setup. hyeongsun isn’t the kind of person who’d do that. pretending to be understanding? and… we didn’t break up because of you.

you did provide a trigger, but… we ended up here because of another issue. don’t be delusional. actually, i envy you. i tried really hard to seduce hyeongsun, but he never budged. hyeongsun

must really love you. that’s why i’m jealous. lucky you. mother! did i come at a bad time? no, mother. i’m glad you came. please have a seat. san!

hello, grandmother. hi, san. you’re not still upset about the other day, are you? oh, my! sanok! i brought some of hyeongkyu’s things. they did the wedding photo shoot at the studio so we… it came out nicely, so i had it framed. it came out really nice.

hyeju, you look very pretty in it. sit down. it’s nothing much. but hyeongkyu left a few things behind, so i brought them. hyeongkyu has a burn scar on his leg. these are the ointments he’s been using, so make sure he uses them.

yes, i will do that. mr. chocolate bun isn’t a baby. did you have to bring that? he’s been using this for a long time, and he can’t use a different one. i used to make sure he takes his handkerchief since he was in high school, i won’t forget them either. oh, my,

do people still use handkerchiefs nowadays? of course. lots of people use handkerchiefs. it’s much better than using tissues. yes, of course. this apartment might feel crowded with hyeongkyu. it won’t be. my friend has the same size apartment and seven people live there.

which friend? i know all your friends. which one is it? you don’t know all my friends. mother? mother… (beef gift set) why did you come out? i will take you home. it’s okay. hyeongkyu’s inside,

so go back inside. it’s okay. go home. i’ll see you again. taxi! how can you just sit there? you should’ve taken her home. she insisted she didn’t want me to. when my mother is being stubborn, you have to let her do what she wants.

arguing with her makes things worse. but still… i have a feeling she was very hurt by this. hyeongkyu, i’d like you to be more considerate toward your mother. do it for me. why did i do that… why did you go to yuja’s apartment

and then, get angry like that? because you’re a mean woman. honey, what are you mumbling about? nothing… honey, you went to yuja’s apartment? yuja already tattled on me to you? hyeongkyu’s going to come home and complain. why did you do that? you’ve been getting upset so much lately.

i’m about to lose the son i have raised like a prince for over 30 years. how can i not be upset? oh, boy. there you go again. i’m upset he’s moving out, too. if you’re upset, show it. you make me look like a villain by laughing and smiling to everyone, pretending to be the kindest man on earth.

honey, seriously… what’s wrong with you? why are you so grumpy? is it menopause? it’s because i’m dying! that’s why! how could you say such a thing! i’m the only one suffering here. you led a carefree life as the fourth generation only son,

so how could you understand? i can’t believe you… take that photo down! i’m sick of it! here’s your wallet. i didn’t spend any of the money. i’m leaving tomorrow. i’m going to my mom. i’m sorry about everything, hyeongsun.

you said i was the first guy you ever had a crush on, right? you were also the first person who was nice to me. you will meet someone you like more than me and who is nicer to you than me. because you deserve to. will that day really come? i better go.

i can’t see you off tomorrow. goodbye. hyeongsun, can you give me a hug? when you meet the man who loves you, ask him to give you lots of hugs. aengdu, good luck. take care.

mother. did you come home safely earlier? since i’m here, i must have. why did you bring the handkerchiefs? did yuja complain? because i brought them to her? i can’t talk to you anymore. if you don’t need handkerchiefs anymore, use them as rags.

just throw them out. what’s the use of raising a child? you betrayed me. we’re… getting married. is there something you want to tell me, mother? hyeongkyu… can you… not get married?

can you not marry hyeju? can you not move into hyeju’s apartment? can you not move out from here? when you move to their apartment, how am i supposed to live… i love you so much… when i love you so much… oh, my baby…

hyeju, you look so pretty. your wedding gown is gorgeous. really? it looks good on me? you’re glowing. where did you get your makeup done? – hyeju! / – jinae! you’re here! – i’ll see you later. / – see you later. you look beautiful.

we said we were too busy, and we never got a chance to get together. right… take good care of my brother. and my mom and dad, too. i’ll do my best. you’re here early. whoa, mom, you look beautiful. oh, i don’t…

hi, hoonjae, where are you? you’re beautiful, hyeju. mother, i’m sorry about hyeongkyu moving in with my family. no, i should apologize. i shouldn’t have acted so upset. it’s not like i’m getting married, but i got really sensitive and took my anger out on you.

that’s okay, mother. i understand. i know i’m not good enough, but i will be a good daughter-in-law to you. thank you for coming. – congratulations. / – thank you. congratulations. you look handsome! – mr. lee, congratulations. / – thank you.

hey. you quit your restaurant job? you’re quitting everything? even our marriage? you’re very quick about things like that. you should go back to your old life, too. – hoonjae. / – have you been well, hyeongsun? yes, hoonjae.

i hear you two have been fighting. you have more experience in married life, so you should set a good example for jinae and me, so what do you think you’re doing? i’m sorry, hoonjae. how should we set a good example? first of all, go back home, little sister. i love you. i love you very much.

will you move a bit more to the right to catch the bouquet? let’s do this. one, two, three! how interesting. how could that bouquet drop right in front of you? well, i guess

i’m getting married again at my old age. right, come to think of it. what do you mean by "come to think of it"? i was just kidding. no, when end up alone, don’t just stay a smelly widower and get married again. before you get any older. why would i end up alone?

when i have my beautiful sanok here with me? who knows what’s in the future for us? it’s actually great. when i’m gone, you can bring the young and pretty eunok here. you can read poetry together, right? why are you picking a fight again? you’ve been scaring me lately.

you get upset and angry all the time. man! dad? yes, hyeongsun. are you going somewhere? wait… what are you saying? you kids are breaking up? are you serious? my!

i thought… you would get back together after a few arguments. chaeri was here the other day. you didn’t see her? i brought her here, so she would see you. and i’m going to sokcho and stay there for a while.

with the friend i went to see that other time. why would you go there? i’m going to work there and sort things out. but hyeongsun, how could you make decisions on everything without talking to us first? when you were dating, it was just the two of you, so it was okay,

but chaeri has become our family, so how could you sever the ties just like that? i’m sorry, dad. are you saying chaeri agreed to do this? wait, so when she had already made her decision, she came to my shop the other day and ate my mixed rice? wow, i know kids these days are self-centered

and don’t know how to be decent, but still! how could she deceive us like this? so? you’re leaving now? i want to leave as soon as possible. how long are you going to be there? i want to be there for a while. about a year… a year…

a year? go. go away. sure. be it a year or ten years, just go! you jerk! no matter what happens to me during that time, go! you jerk! just go! honey… hey! hyeongsun!

hyeongsun! one year… you’re going to be gone for a year? you think i’ll still be here after a year? do you? welcome. welcome, ms. hwang. hello. this is for you. how pretty.

get married? with things as they are, what’s the use of dragging it out? both hoonjae and chaeri seem to understand. i feel the same way as my mother. there’s nothing we need to prepare like the young couples do. i want to live with you as soon as possible.

mr. jang… while we’re at it, you can move in as soon as next week. just bring your things. excuse me? grandmother, ms. hwang will live here? of course she will. this is your father’s house. but…

that’s… actually, i wanted to talk about that. if it’s okay with ms. hwang, i’d like everyone to live here. hoonjae and jinae, too. that would be like a dream come true for me! finally! this house felt so empty and cold,

but it’ll finally be full of life and warmth. no! i can’t… i can never do that. i’m never doing that. – huh? / – but… hi, mom. we just arrived. you did, hyeju?

was it a long trip? mom, where’s san? mom, is it nice there? san, i’m sorry we didn’t bring you with us. oh, you’re going to cry again. kim san, what have you been doing? mr. chocolate bun! hey, not mr. chocolate bun again.

didn’t i tell you to call me "dad"? okay, chocolate bun dad. hi, hyeongkyu. did you get there safely? yes, father. it was a hectic day, wasn’t it? no… where’s hyeju? i’ll put her on. just a second. my father.

father. did you have dinner? we had a nice dinner, father. father, where’s mother? what? your mom? is it the kids? hello, mother. we arrived here safely. hi, hyeju. good.

you must be tired. get a good rest, eat lots of delicious food and have fun with hyeongkyu. okay, mother. don’t say that. you should stop thanking me. have a nice dream. no, no. it’s okay. you don’t have you put hyeongkyu on. yes. goodnight.

i was worried you might lash out on her again. i’ve been doing that a lot lately, right? you’ve been really scary. you were scared of me, mr. lee dongchul? i don’t understand why i have been doing that. but i do. thank you for being understanding.

oh, but i’m worried about hyeongsun. what are you thinking? i can’t believe it actually happened. thank you for reaching out to san and me. ms. seon hyeju. from now on, let’s not ever say things like thank you and i’m sorry.

why not. because you tend to say those too often. but doesn’t saying those often help build a better society? don’t do that. there’s no need for you to do that. just… just stay by my side. that’s all i need. if you do that,

i will do everything for you. everything? yes, everything. everything. everyone has gone away. hyeongkyu and hyeju are coming back from their honeymoon today, and it looks like she picked the perfect timing to leave home.

she’s determined to make everyone worry. how can you say such a thing? hey, don’t act like you’re the only one who cares about mother. you didn’t get a fever? at night, when i sleep… she’s with a patient right now. i’m ms. im sanok’s family.

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