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there are many questions you are faced withevery day. we are all searching for answers that willmake a real difference in our lives. it’s hard to imagine that these answers might be right in frontof us. get ready to discover answers in the biblewith bayless conley. hello friend, so glad to have you with uson the broadcast today. we’re entering into the second part of amessage dealing with how to gain a brother without losing yourself.

you know, some times in life we end up offendingsomeone that we care for. we make a misstep, maybe we had misinformation. and sometimes it’s quite hard to regain the trust of someonethat we have offended or that we have trespassed against. we’re talking about how to gain a brother. jesus actually gives us instructions in that. and if you didn’t catch the first part ofthis, it’s alright.

today’s is pretty complete in and of itself. and as we go into the broadcast today, i’m going tobe sharing some verses and then my wife, janet is going to come up. and she is going to be doing a bit of teaching. we actually did a little tag team teachingon this, back and forth. and so if you’ve got a bible why don’tyou grab it. and let’s learn some insights at how to gain our brother without us being trippedup ourselves.

you know, unity is the place of power. and the enemy will do all he can to try andget us out of unity. so let’s forgive, let’s receive forgiveness,let’s walk in unity, and let’s gain a brother without losing our self. here’s bayless conley with part two of hiscontinuing message from last week. now janet is going to come up and finish theremainder of the chapter. but let me go ahead and read it and then she’llbe right up. verse 23:

therefore the kingdom of heaven is like acertain king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants. and when he had begun to settle accounts,one was brought to him who owed him ten thousand talents. but as he was not able to pay, his mastercommanded that he be sold, with his wife and children and all that he had, and that paymentbe made. the servant therefore fell down before him,saying, "master, have patience with me, and i will pay you all.’ then the master of that servant was movedwith compassion, released him, and forgave

him the debt. "but that servant went out and found one ofhis fellow servants who owed him a hundred denarii; and he laid hands on him and tookhim by the throat, saying, "pay me what you owe!’ so his fellow servant fell down at his feetand begged him, saying, "have patience with me, and i will pay you all.’ and he would not, but went and threw him intoprison till he should pay the debt. so when his fellow servants saw what had beendone, they were very grieved, and came and told their master all that had been done.

then his master, after he had called him,said to him, "you wicked servant! i forgave you all that debt because you beggedme. should you not also have had compassion onyour fellow servant, just as i had pity on you?’ and his master was angry, and delivered himto the torturers until he should pay all that was due to him. "so my heavenly father also will do to youif each of you, from his heart, does not forgive his brother his trespasses." sweetheart…

thanks, dear. that was great, really great. hi! good to see you all this morning. you’re looking great! ah! well, we’re going to talk about… go onand talk about forgiveness. happy valentine’s day.

going to talk about god’s love so that’squite apropos. well, you are probably wondering what thisis. it looks like a tower of babble, huh? but, really, when he just talked about andread that parable, jesus was talking to peter, and he said, “peter, thisis the way it is. this is how god looks at it. you have been forgiven of soooooo much thatyou have to forgive what anyone else would ever do against you.” we had so much debt… so, so much debt thatit was just so humungous and so much, and

it was all swallowed up in god’s love and forgiveness. and so that love has been poured in our hearts. we have to forgive. he said there is just no two ways about it. you have to forgive. that’s how it is in heaven. that’s how the kingdom of god works.

you’ve been forgiven so much so you needto forgive, as well. amen? i remember not too long, well, a few yearsago, pastor jack hayford was here, and it was on a month that our theme was “fathersof the faith”. and we’d asked them all to share that what they felt wasthe very most important message for the body of christ. and he shared on forgiveness. forgiveness is so important,

and god says we must forgive. and so we’re going to look a little bittoday three things that stand out in this parable about forgiveness, three things. first of all, the immensity of god’s forgivenessto us; and, secondly, the value that god places on every individual. and then third, the fact that forgiveness is a non-negotiable. forgiveness is a command. are you ready?

okay, first: the immensity of god’s forgiveness. and here in this little story that, a littleparable that jesus told that bayless just read. the king is likened unto god. and we are the one that had that humungous,humungous debt. and it says in there that, in verse 24, theservant owed 10,000 talents. and if you do the math on that, that’s like 230years of wages.

now how many of you could pay that debt? obviously, none of us because we would notlive 230 years to pay off that debt. and that’s just a comparison to show ourdebt was so big there was no way we could ever pay it off. but god loved us so much, and his love swallowed up that whole debt. and he, you know, i mean, this guy in thestory pleaded, you know, “please let me off.”

and the guy had compassion and let him off. and that’s what god did for us. this big debt was swallowed up in god’sbig love. in comparison, it says in verse 28, that thisguy went out right after he’s been forgiven of this debt, you can go free, and he goesand he finds somebody who owed him like ten dollars. but it says a hundred denarii. and a hundred denarii is like a hundred daysof wages.

now the other was 230 years. this a 100 days of wages. and he would not let him go. you know, i think if we can’t forgive, wedon’t really understand the greatness of what god has done for us and the great lovethat he has for us. either we don’t understand it or we’ve forgottenabout it. and i remember one time we were singing thissong… it’s back a few years, but it was

that song where it says, “i’ll never know what it cost tosee my sin upon the cross.” and we’re singing that, “i’ll neverknow what it cost to see my sin on the cross,” and i’m like, “god, i don’t get it. what is that cost? how come i can’t really know it? i mean, you died on the cross and you rosefrom the dead and you paid my sin. show me.

i want to know what it cost.” and just for a split moment i had this picture:there was the cross, and there was all my ugliness, all my yuck! everything! every part of me was on that cross and allwas left was beauty and freedom and purity, and i thought, “oh, my goodness! that’s awesome!” and then it’s like, that’s not just for salvation.

it’s like every single day of the year allmy yuck on the cross and purity and freedom every single day for the rest of my life all through eternity, that’swhat he did for us. isn’t he wonderful? thank you, god! you’re amazing! and your love is beyond description for us. you care so much you took care of that forus.

and we can forget that quite quickly sometimesjust like this guy. as soon as… it says in the message bibleof matthew 18:28, it says, “the servant was no sooner out of the room when he came upon oneof his fellow servants who owed him that money, that debt. he seized him by the throat and demanded,‘pay up, now!’” we can forget. i mean, sometimes we can just go out the doorand someone says something ugly or whatever

and we forget. wait a minute: “god loves me so much, and he’s forgiven all my stuff. i can forgive that.” and everyone said, “amen. i’ve been forgiven, so i can forgive.” and i just think, “god, remind me. my hurt…” even though our hurt can be so bad… it canbe really big.

in comparison to what god has done for us,it is little. in god’s eyes, it’s little in comparisonto what he took care of for us. like a drop of water in a big ocean of forgiveness. psalm 103, verse 11 and 12. listen to this: “for as the heavens arehigh above the earth, so great is his mercy toward those who fear him. so great is his mercy!

as far as the east is from the west, so farhas he removed our transgressions from us.” as far as the sunset to the sunrise, he’sremoved our transgressions from us. and then if you look down at verse 17 in psalm103… and this is from the message i’m going to read it. it says… this is so wonderful: “god’s love is ever and always eternallypresent to all who fear him, making everything right for them and their children.” his love is eternally present to

all who fear him, making everything rightfor them and their children. it’s almost unbelievable. it is beyond description, beyond expression. isn’t god’s love wonderful? the hugeness, the hugeness of his love incomparison to what he’s asked of us! that love that’s been shed abroad in ourhearts to give it out to others. so, number one, the immensity of god’s love.

number two, the value that god places on everyindividual. in verse 33 there he says… the master comesback to him, the one who wouldn’t forgive, and hesays, “shouldn’t you also have had compassion on your fellow servant,” verse 33. “justas i had pity on you?” shouldn’t you have had compassion? and there he declares his value for both ofthem. he valued that guy, that he of course, releasedhis debt. but he said, “shouldn’t you also have had value onhim?”

god values every individual. the guy who was so caught up in that ten dollarsor that whatever he thought was owed him, something somebody didn’t do,that he forgot the value of that person. he forgot god’s perspective. he forgot all that god had done for him. one time i remember that i was kind of upsetwith him, and i think he was upset with me, and i don’t really remember what it was,or whatever, and so i’m just like, “okay, what do i do?” anyway, i read in my bible, and i’m readingpsalm 139, and i’m like, “thank you, god,

i am fearfully and wonderfully made. i’m still okay. i’m okay with you, god. even though he might not be happy with menow, i’m good. and your thoughts to me are more than thesand of the sea. and even before i was ever born all thesedays you had them laid out for me. you’ve got a purpose for me, and you’reworking your plan in me.” and i was just thanking god and thinking aboutthat, and he goes, “you know, same thing

for bayless. he’s fearfully and wonderfully made. all of the thoughts… you know, the thoughtsof god to him are more than the sand of the sea. and even before he was ever born all thesedays are planned out for him. god, you had a plan for him, too!” god values the individual. every one of us, he has a plan and a purposefor.

and so we need to value each other as much as god values each other. especially on this valentine’s day, let’slove one another. okay, thirdly, the fact we see in this parable,the fact that forgiveness is a non-negotiable. god says it’s a command. and i just remember reading that one day and just reading over this parable andthinking, “oh, my goodness! this is… there’s no ifs, ands, or buts. it just said if you don’t forgive… ifi don’t

forgive, i’m going to be thrown in prison. i’m going to be in trouble. it’s going to be worse for me if i don’tforgive.” colossians 3:13… pastor bayless shared this verse last week. it says, “bearing with one another and forgivingone another. if anyone has a complaint against another,even as christ forgave you, so you also must do.”

it’s a ‘must’ thing. and then in that verse, just at the end, verse33 to 35, it says, “if you…” well, let’s just read the whole thing. matthew 18: 33-35, and then he goes on to say, “my heavenlyfather will also do that to each of you if you don’t, from your heart, forgive yourbrother.” it’s just very obvious that it is a non-negotiable, right? right?

yes! and i just think, you know, “god, you knowbest.” our daddy knows best. he knows how we’re wired, and you think, “well, no matter what anybody does?” and he wouldn’t tell us to do it if we couldn’t. he made us; he knows what we’re capableof with his help and with his love in our heart; he knows howour spirit, and our soul, and our body and our whole being works; and he knows that ifwe don’t forgive and we

hold that unforgiveness, it just clogs usup. but if we’ll forgive and let it go, it justopens us up, like pastor bayless said, too, what god has for us. i remember corrie ten boom, uhm, she was asurvivor of the nazi concentration camps. and her father, her mother, her sister, betsy,and she were all in this camp together. and she saw every one of them die these slow,horrible deaths. they were just treated so cruelly, beatenbrutally, just slow, horrible deaths, and it was awful!

and when she would think about, you know,forgiving those guards and things like that, she said, “i just had this awful hatredin my heart.” she said, “i remembered where god said inromans 5 that his love has been poured out in my heart by the holy spirit, and i thoughtto god, and i said, ‘god…’” this is what she said: “your love is strongerin my heart than this hatred. and i choose love.” she said when she did that, the hatred left.

his love in our heart is stronger so we canforgive. we’re just talking about forgiveness beinga must. it’s a command. and she said at the end of world war ii, she opened up this home in holland forother victims of the nazi brutality. and this is what she said, which is very interesting. she said, “those that came there who were able to forgive theircaptors were able, also, to return to the outside world and rebuild their lives.

but those who nursed their bitterness remained invalids.” she said, “this is… it was as simple andhorrible as that. those that could forgive, they moved on andlived good lives. those that could not remained as invalids, as simpleand horrible as that.” god wants us to forgive because he knows whatit does to us when we don’t. forgiveness is really a gift to ourselves.

and one last thing i just want to share thati think is just so beautiful, that it’s just so good to make sure we grab a hold ofthat, and it’s from romans 12. and i’ll read it from the message bible. romans 12:19. it says, “don’t insist on getting even. that’s not for you.” this is god talking: “don’t insist on getting even.

that part is not for you. excuse me. he said, “i’ll do the judging. i’ll take care of it.” i think it’s so beautiful that god says… in another translation, he says,“vengeance is mine. i will repay.” god, in his awesome goodness and his wonderfullove said, “you forgive. that’s

your part. i’ll take care of the repaying.” so if we forgive, we can just… you know, forgiveness is not just like, “oh,no big deal,” kind of thing. forgiveness is releasing that person, releasingthat person to god. not into thin air, you are releasing thatperson into god’s hands. you are releasing the frustration; you are releasing the bitterness;you are releasing the angst. whatever it is, you are releasing into god’shands.

and he said, “i will repay.” so it’s so wonderful that we can releasethose people and let them go, and god said he will take care of that part because haveyou ever tried to figure out, “what is really… what do they really deserve? they did this; and, you know, i’m goingto do this.” it’s crazy what goes on in your head tryingto figure it out and all the gyrations and everything. it takes a lot of energy and drama to getit all try to figure it out. but god said, “that’s my part.

leave that part with me.” isn’t that wonderful and freeing that wedon’t have to do that? it’s god’s part. “vengeance is mine,” he said. “i will take care of it.” and just think if the servant would have rememberedthat. he wouldn’t have gotten thrown into prison,and neither will we.

so, the immense, incredible, amazing loveof god that’s been poured out on all of our sins and poured into our heart, numberone. number two, the value god places on each person. number three, forgiveness is our part. amen. and i’ll just close with this, the lastthing. you said last week as he talked about unity. the most important thing in life is to loveone another.

you know, forgiveness, more than anythingelse, it has to do with your heart becoming free and clean. it doesn’t mean that that person is nevergoing to experience consequences for what they didor that that might be the just and right thing to happen. but even as jesus taught, sometimes god’sown people find themselves in the hand of the tormentor becausethey haven’t chosen to forgive. it’s almost like breathing. you can’t breathe in your next breath unlessyou

expel your last one. you can’t breathe in god’s goodness andhis blessing and his forgiveness if you don’t breathe out forgiveness. it’s just the way we’re made. and we want to take a moment right now andjust forgive. it doesn’t mean that you weren’t genuinelyhurt; it’s not to somehow diminish the pain that was caused to your soul.

and it may have been the very person thatshould have protected you is the one that violated you. it may be a terrible thing that happened to you; but for your own good breathe out forgiveness. get yourself under the place of god’s blessing,forgiveness, and goodness. it’s not a matter of earning it. it’s just you can’t breathe in if you’renot willing to breath out. just bow your heads for a moment.

heavenly father, we come before you and rightnow perhaps as much as at any other time we recognize how helpless we are without you. we thank you that your love has been poured into our hearts by theholy spirit. we thank you that the holy spirit has beengiven to us as a comforter, as a helper; and, lord, we choose, the best way we know how, to releasethose that have sinned against us. we forgive. we release the bitterness from our heartsand we put things in

your hands. god, we forgive even as you have forgivenus this unpayable debt, something that we had no way of reconciling on our own. you did it for us. we bring into view the immensity of your forgivenessand your unmerited goodness toward us. and with that in view we choose to forgivethese lesser debts of those that have sinned against us. we let it go, in jesus’ name.

well friend, i am so grateful that you stayedthrough the entirety of the message and that you caught that prayer at the end. and i hope that you prayed with the congregation as we forgave those thathave trespassed against us, as we’ve released those that have hurt us. it is so true that when you forgive someone you set a prisoner free. only to discover that the prisoner was you. forgiveness is the way to go.

you know i think about the apostle paul whenhe went to jerusalem. and james, the head of the church there, instructedhim to take a couple of brothers and go to the temple and to offer a vow and to pay forthese guys, for their sacrifices. and so paul was going to do that but he getstaken. he is arrested and eventually taken to caesarea. it’s a two day journey there.

he’s in chains and no one stood for hisdefense. he talked about it in 2 timothy. he said at my first offense no one stood withme. no one came and spoke on his behalf. no offering was received and he was therefor two years in chains. and the governor actually met with him periodicallyhoping that money would be given so that he could post bailand be released. but everyone in the jerusalem church stayedaway from him.

and paul made this statement, “may it not be charged against them.” forsaken in his hour of need. you know it hurt him deeply but he releasedthose that had sinned against him. in that case it was the sin of omission. and i just want to encourage you, walk thatroad of forgiveness you will never ever regret it. we’ll see you next time.

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