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Home Essentials 4-Piece Coffee-Mug Set

aww, what childhood memories could be better than sledding down a snow-covered hill ona microjig. maker of the grr-ripper. work safer. work smarter. crosscuts, or cuts that go across the grainon a board can be difficult to make on a tablesaw. most table saws have a miter gauge something like this one that you can put the board on and hold it.

a lot of times that’s not very accurate and it’s really hard to set up repeated cuts. a better, more accurate solution is a crosscutsled. rather than having a single runner to runthrough a miter slot, it’s got two runners. and that really helps keep your board square and keeps it from racking side to side. i made this one a few years ago because i needed something quick.

it’s not very pretty, but it is accurate. the fence is perfectly square to my blade. i don’t need the depth to be to wide goingthis way because most cross cuts are on narrower boards. but i would like it to be a little bit wider so that i can clamp long boards on to it and add some stop blocks. this is going to be the size of my new one. i’m using 3/4" plywood, that’s 19mm.

i’ve cut out these narrow strips for the fences. i’m going to glue and screw them together. i need to drill some holes in this steel angleiron that i’m going to use to reinforce the fence. the idea here is that this metal strip can help keep this long fence straight. the way i’m going to set this up is by using this steel level. even with the two thicknesses of plywood

i can see that it’s not perfectly straight. now i can clamp this to the board. for the runners, i’m using 1/4" or 6mm plywood. and really it’s just trial and error cuttingthem and testing them in the slots to see if you get a good fit. and i actually got really lucky on my firsttry there. you want it to slide easily without any play back and forth.

to attach them to the bottom of the sled i need to raise them up and i just like to stack some coins in theslots. you could also use washers or nuts. i’ll drop these runners on top of those coins and put some glue on them. i can use my fence to help me square up this base piece. it’s not really critical that this is square.

i’ll reinforce those runners with some screws. i can make a cut partway through the base and install the rear fence. then with the blade raised up i can set this fence back here and align it square to the blade. this one doesn’t have to be perfectly square it’s really just to support the sled. and i’ll reinforce that fence with some screws.

it is critical that this front fence be squareto the blade so to help me do that i am going to firstdrill in a pivot screw. having that pivot point should make squaringthis up a little easier i’m going to use one of these kind of framingsquares to square the fence up with the blade. usually i glue these fences on this time i’m just going to use screws incase i ever need to adjust it.

i can back this up so i can clamp it down without moving the fence. i can test it and make sure that it’s stillsquare. i glued together this block of wood to act as a safety feature. i’ll show you more of it in just a minute. one of the most common uses for a crosscut sled is to make a bunch of repeatedcuts that are all perfectly square.

so i just take a scrap of wood and clamp itdown now i can quickly cut all these boards atthe same length. here you can see how the blade gets buriedin that black behind the fence. and that block serves as a reminder for meto push from the sides of the block and not themiddle. i like to apply a paste wax to the sides ofthe runners and the bottom of the sled to keep it sliding smoothly.

and that paste wax is good for the cast iron top of my table saw. thnk you so much for joining me this weekon woodworking for mere mortals hey, if you really really like shop projectsand jigs and really, who doesn’t, i’ve got a whole playlist of videos over here you might want to browse through. i’d also like to remind all of you me-mosto check out

my patreon page and if you can support theshow for a couple dollars a month i sure appreciate your help. plus at the higher pledge levels i’ve gott-shirts and even a one-on-one skype of phone conversation with me. what should we talk about? wea can talk about other woodworkers. but all of you can help support the show forfree

just by linking and sharing this video and telling others about don’t forget, keep posting pictures of yourprojects over at formeremortals.net it’s really fun to see what everyone is building. thanks everybody.i’ll see you next friday.

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