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Some Tips on Home Design Trend in 2018

home design trend in 2018You probably want to know the concept of home design trend in 2018. Anyway, it can be your best idea to apply a new concept that looks different from the early years. It is time for you to replace some old furniture items at home with the latest model. Now, you can find some inspiration for the best home concept in this year. But, if you really want to get some ideas, then you can read some of these following tips for the best recent home design.

The Best Home Design Trend in 2018

  1. Geometrical Pattern

This concept has been so popular for years, but it still becomes the most favorite concept for home décor in this year. Now, you can get a new home design pattern with Scandinavia concept which looks more modern. The geometrical concept is applied in black and white accent. You can use some artworks such as black and white paintings, clothes material such as black and white bed sheets, pillow covers, and much more.

  1. Double Accents Kitchen

In general, kitchen design is flexible and adjustable. You may choose your own concept but double accents kitchen concept can be your best choice. The double accents kitchen looks perfect for your new kitchen but you need to choose some neutral colors such as white and gray.

  1. Classic Family Room

A classic family room is also a good idea to improve your intimacy with your family members. This concept of home interior design does not use any electronic devices such as TV, speakers, radio, and other, but it is only completed with some furniture products like a sofa, wooden table, wall cabinet, and simple chairs. 

  1. Using Hairy Furniture

Home design trend in 2018 idea will be really wonderful if you complete your home with some hairy furniture products. It follows the Nordic decoration which inspires your to use hairy items for the room accent. It is also very simple and easy. For instance, you can put some hairy clothes on your chairs at home. This is really suitable for those who are about to welcome the winter. 

  1. Gold Accent Concept

Gold accent also becomes the most favorite concept for a luxury home despite it was actually used many years ago. Now, the trend comes back to the society where some designers prefer gold concept to make their homes look glamour in a simple way. You can apply this concept in your mirror frames, lamps, and others. It will be perfect if you also choose white wall accent to match the gold color. 

  1. Short Furniture Product

The last concept for your home may also use a short furniture item that was very popular in the 70s. Now, this trend is taken back for the latest concept for any modern houses in a different way. Some designers prefer to use short furniture products such as short sofa, short tables, short bed, and much more. This concept will give a relaxed impression to the owners but it still shows elegance to its home interior design.

Well, those are several tips on home design trend in 2018 that you can apply. However, there are so many other good concepts you may choose. Perhaps, you prefer your own DIY concept that may inspire others to do the same.

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