Unique Throw Pillow Covers 18×18

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Very Cool Pillow Case Design

A very cool pillow cover The image look as good as their pictures shown on amazon. The image is pretty dark and cool and perfect for a gift if you know someone into the deathmetal scene or someone generally interested in skulls. I thought this would also make a good Halloween type pillow.

The fabric is flexible so their are multiple different sizes of throw pillow that can fit into the covers. The only gripe I might have with these is that they dont seem to be necessarily designed for comfort. The fabric used to make them feels like something similar to burlap, which is really quite rough and not at all soft. So this really is not a pillow case you would want to sleep or even rest your head on. They seem to be made solely for looks or as a decoration for perhaps a holiday and in that capacity they do their job well. And I can also really recommend them for those looking for something like that.

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Unique Throw Pillow Covers 18×18

Product Description

Our pillow covers are made of high quality cotton linen, and they are very soft. The unique attractive pattern printed on the front side, the back is the nature linen color without printing. Decorate your home with this attractive Linen cushion cover. Add a touch of graceful color to your bedroom or living room!

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