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(music) hi everyone! welcome back to my channel and thank you all so much for tuning into today. um.. so i was looking through my old folders on where i have a lot of my videos stored, and i realized that i actually had gone to this amazing antique fair. it’s called… i think the alameda antique fair, it’s in the san francisco bay area, and i had recorded a bunch of cute little clips of myself shopping at the antique fair and all the cool stuff you can see there. and i actually brought home a lot of items. i bought some frames for myself and some cute little gifts for my girl @relmxx

you guys might know her. and so i thought since i had the footage and i had the products with me i just filmed a mini haul of everything i got and i’m just gonna, like, share with you guys some of the clips of the antique fair. it’s super fun, and i think for those of you who love antiques, or just cute little ornate things, or frames. i think you guys will really enjoy this one. frames. frames more frames!

jackpot! the most beautiful frames. oh my gosh. they’re gorgeous! this one is gorgeous! oh my goodness. (gasp) oh my goodness! these! oh my goodness! kay! we’re still antique shopping. it’s been like two hours. we’re still going strong. and not dying yet. got some cute little stuff. cute little presents for christmas, and still looking for frames.

as always i’m perpetually in a state of looking for frames. and we took a little break got some sorbet? no. it’s a creamsicle shake. custard mm it’s so good! look at this frame. oh my gosh, this frame and the painting inside are so gorgeous

look at the etchings on this one. look at it close. look at all these beautiful old etchings. this is an antique fair, that has no visible end. i’ve been here for, three and a half hours and i feel like i haven’t even seen half of everything. crazy! it’s huge! so we finally left the antique fair.

it is so hot right now, my face is melting off and we are exhausted. we are the shells of who we once were. we’re empty soulless shells now. we got some great stuff! first up we have this cute little basket looking thing. i’m not actually sure exactly what it is and even the lady who sold it to me said that she didn’t know for sure. but we guessed that it might have been an ash tray. it’s from the 50’s. and it comes with this little glass saucer here. so it possibly was an ash tray.

but i think it would actually be really cute if it was repurposed to hold make up, or paints, or mediums, anything like that. and it’s got these beautiful ornate etchings on the side. and adorable little cupids. super cute! next we have this lovely cup and saucer set. it’d be perfect for afternoon tea, or breakfast tea, or honestly just a beautiful decoration for any room or kitchen. i love the flower decorations here and the gold trim. and the really ornate curly handle.

and what i also love is that it’s got a really, it’s not round on the bottom. it’s kind of like a nice… i can’t even describe the shape. but it’s like a very frilly shape. and what’s great is the saucer matches it as well. see it’s not a round shape. it just looks super delicate and it’s made of real porcelain. and yeah. i think it’s a beautiful girly set. and for anyone who loves antiques, especially that look victorian. this is… very cute set.

this one is one of my favorites! it is a very girly, very nostalgic. like it’s from childhood. little music box. the etchings are so fancy. it just reminds me almost of marie antoinette and versailles and that whole era. i mean every little, every last inch is filled with tiny little details. and it’s all… it’s just so interesting. like i could get lost in looking at the details. yeah and it’s super pink. it’s got beautiful little roses and what looks like pearl embellishments. and…

yeah i love also the top here. it’s got just a touch of gold. and it almost reminds me of a fancy carousel. and let’s peek at the inside here. ok so when we peek on the inside here we see this beautiful little pony again with more flowers. it’s got a really girly, frilly saddle, and golden mane. yeah it’s just the whole thing. i’m just imagining the craftsmanship that went into making this. so yeah let’s give the music a try! (“dance of the sugar plum fairy” plays)

here we have another ornate little box. so the one i showed before had pink roses, this one’s got purple irises. and i thought they would just look cute as a set. again, like all my other antiques it has a beautiful gold trim. and just a very victorian-esque style of decor and etchings. and the irises, i mean if you look on the side here they almost look lifelike and they’re proportions and how they jut out of the side so…

it almost feel like actual little irises are being preserved on this box. it is like a tiny jewelry box that you can use to hold rings, but you know what’s funny about this actually, it plays music as well. so if you press the bottom like this. it plays “yesterday” by the beatles so interesting! i didn’t realize this until i got home and i accidentally pressed it while i was holding it. but how cute is that. ironically beatles is one of my favorite bands. actually it’s probably my favorite band of all time! so.. when you open it up there is a little mirror here

and … oh my gosh the etchings are so pretty! especially when you look at it, when it’s opened. so you can put little rings, earings, candy! what ever you want in here. it’s a beautiful, cute little girly box. and last but not least we have these two frames. i got them from different vendors, but i thought they looked very similar. i put them together in this video. they both measure around 11×14. i think this one might be 12×16.

oh my gosh! i love the etchings here. they’re a little bit more simple and not quite as ornate as what i’m use to. they’re not quite victorian. but i love that it’s almost like this faded grey and it’s got like a hint of teal. and it has these gold. it’s more like a gold embelishment rather than being a purely gold frame. and it gives it that rustic, very nostalgic feel. and i also like that the frames are not super thick. because, i think on a smaller painting, having a frame way too thick might overpower the paintings. so these two work perfectly for types of oil paintings i wanna do. i love the color, but i also feel like they have a lot of potential if i wanna spray paint them

and you know maybe paint over the embellishment with my own colors. depending on what painting i decide to put inside of them, and what the color scheme of the painting is. so yeah. i love these! ok! that’s it for the video! i hope you guys liked it and in case you were wondering how you can find an antique fair or flea market near you. all i did was type into google, “antique fair near san francisco.” and so many different results came up. so, where ever you live, whether it be a small town or maybe you live near a major city, yeah, just type in antique fair near like the location and i’m sure lots of cool results will come up! so i hope you guys have a lovely day!

thank you all so much for watching and i’ll catch you in the next video! bye!

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