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Home & Decor Singapore Magazine 2014 Full Collection

prepare to be dazzled, ladies. this house justcame on the market. (gasping) danielle, the energy in here. i can feel it. this is our home. and outdoor spaces are always in demand. this place is a great investment. mm-hmm.

no, it isn’t. crap, competition. hi. (women gasping) oh, hello, are you looking? for a placeto live, yes, but– come to think of it,i probably shouldn’t buy. and neither should you. fact is, a lot of peoplewho shop for homes

would actually bebetter of renting. what are you talking about? i just got a promotion, and jen’s sound healing practice just got a customer. yes, his name is wolfram. right, buying a house is what you do. it’s the american dream. ah, yes, for almost a century, americans have been taught that homeownership is the ultimate middle class ideal. oh, harold, ourvery own little castle.

isn’t it grand? yes, freedom, stability, and no one will knowi’m a queer. oh! but the fact is for millions of us, this is a dream that’s not worth chasing. please, buying a homegives you freedom. no, it doesn’t. when you rent, you can move whenever you want.

but after you buy, you’re sorta stuck. (phone ringing) ooh, a job that pays more money? in hawaii? (chain rattling) sorry, i’m just really tied down right now. it’s even been shown that higher rates of homeownership lead to higher unemployment for exactly this reason. you’re forgetting that owninga home makes financial sense.

i am sick of payingrent to some landlord. yeah, instead you’ll be paying a mortgage to some bank. how is that any different? well, let’s see, i send you a bill once a month. i kick you out if you don’t pay and, ah, i don’t fix anything. that’s the difference. you’re gonna need this when your heater explodes. and i’m gonna use your can

considering i own itfor the next 30 years. (chuckling) often, buying doesn’t give youany more stability than renting. you’re just paying a different jerk. and for the first few years,you’re not even building equity. you’re just paying off interest.

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