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hi guys!today im going to show you how to make a galaxy jar! you can use this jars as decor in your room or you can make some to give to your friends because they are very inexpensive to make, this diy costs me nothing because i already had everything in my home! to make the galaxy jars you will need: a mason jar acrylic paints cotton silver glitter and holo stars you also going to need some containers to mix the paints, a wood stick and of course water.

start by adding some paint to your water, if you want to make a pastel nebula or galaxy, don’t add too much… now mix the water and the paint and if you think your color isn’t bright as you need just add more paint. now this is the super easy process: take your cotton and fill de bottom part of the jar… this depends on how many colors you want your galaxy to be, divide the jar in your mind so you know how many space you will need for each color. add the glitters and stars on top of the cotton and move it around if you need to… now choose 1 shade of the water you already painted and pour it slowly, do this little by little , and if you think you added too much water just add more cotton!

and now just repeat the same with the rest of the colors. to make it more realistic don’t add to much water, this will give the effect of a nebula and it really looks super cool! here im using silver glitter because i think it looks better on a galaxy but you can also try with gold glitter or any color you want. before you close your jar… use a wood stick to move the glitters a little bit or you can also press down the cotton to mix the colors to create the perfect galaxy! put back the lid and thats it!! if you want you can add a cool quote to your galaxy jar to make it more personal. here im using a chalkboard tape but you can use whatever you want.

and that’s it for today’s video guys! let me know in the comments if you like this idea please subscribe if you aren’t already and see you next time! bye!

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