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Home Basics 6-Piece Revolving Spice Rack

hi, it’s steve from partselect. today we’regoing to show how to change the drive coupler on your blender. doesn’t take too long,don’t need too many tools. good flat blade screwdriver; a few minutes; let me show youhow it’s done. to remove the coupler on this blender allwe need is to take our flat blade screwdriver, insert it underneath, and raise up on it.just keep turning the drive coupler, and raise each time. now before we install the new one, you wantto check the threads on that motor shaft, make sure they’re clean. so just take arag and we’ll wipe those out. now that we’ve removed all the old metalfilings, clean those out of there, take our

new coupler, and thread it on counter clockwise. and it just needs to go on hand tight, theaction of the blender causes it to tighten itself as it’s running. and our job is complete. told you that was an easy job. thanks forwatching, and good luck with your repair.

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