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it’s basically the midas touch in a canthis is 33 ways spray paint can make your stuff look more expensiveby peggy wang 1. your fridge just got classier with thesegold spray painted magnetic alphabet letters. as you may have guessed from pictures,i loved these letters as a kid and i may love them even more as an adult. i know i’m going to have some fun with these!so what do you think of the gold letters? are you going to make some “bling” foryour fridge? 2. easiest winter decor ever: give dead branchesnew life with gold spray paint. all that glitters is gold.

3. save tons of money on a new faucet by justspray painting the one that you have. step 1:lightly sanded the surface of the faucet with grinder equipped with a wire wheel.next, gave it a quick coat of primer. step 2:then, used your favorite rust-oleum metallic spray paint in oil rubbed bronze and gaveit two coats, letting it fully dry in between.done: helllloooo!!! lookin’ better already, right??? 4. do the same to your door knobs.a can of rust-oleum oil-bronzed spray paint is about $7 in amazon.3 cans can cover 9 door knobs (include the

screws, knobs, locks and hinges)and it is available in nickel and stainless steel if you’ re not prefer this color. about the spray painted door knobs? it looksgreat and feels fine. it’s smooth and feels just like a bronzecolored knob would. 5. string lights don’t have to be relegatedto the holidays if you paint them gold. your mantel will now look straight out ofa chilled-out scandinavian home. 6. take those orange teracotta pots to thenext level. 7. cover up that gross patio furniture mildewby spray painting directly onto the fabric. yes, right.with “spray it new’s’ simply spray fabric

paint.seriously. it is spray paint made for fabric. like, reallymade for fabric. not some mixture to concoct with fabric medium,this stuff is actually absorbed into the fabric and leaves a dyed surface-no crunchies whatsoever. i anticipated needing two cans for the onelarge cushion and it took four. i could have used a fifth and will probablyend up ordering an extra can just to get the few little spots out that i can still tellaren’t even. its still cheaper than a new cushion btw!tip: i found the best way to use it was to spraycontinuously.

whenever i stopped and then when i startedback up i got some splatters which i then had to rub into the fabric to fix(which required stopping and starting again-eventually i learned to stop and start away from thecushion!) works for sun-faded cushions as well.the secret is krylon burgundy and krylon cherry red. 8. diy your own curtain rods by spray paintingelectrical conduit from the hardware store. bless the person that invented this lightweight, sturdy, and extremely inexpensive product! once the pipe was cut to length, propped itup in the garage and spray painted it,

as well as all the curtain rod hardware usingoil rubbed bronze. on a flat black so that your curtains wouldbe the focal point, not the rod itself. this curtain rods diy would cost you about$8. trust me, a non diy 10′ curtain rod couldcost you anywhere from $40 – $80, if not more!visit info area to discover more details. 9. or spray paint pvc pipe to create a seamless,custom curtain rod system. the whole rod setup for those 3 windows, includingthe pipes, brackets, spray paint, and finials, ended up costing about $20and $5 of that was for the spray paint! 10. baby’s breath doesn’t have to looklike the cheapest flower option.

you can spray paint directly onto the flowers! 11. turn dollar store pails into metal-looktubs. look more fancy right? 12. tape up that boring white fridge and paintit gold. 13. make those old vents and floor registerslook like new again. 1. take out all vent covers in your house.2. spray several light coats of krylon oil rubbed bronze spray paint from all angles.3. while they were drying, took the opportunity to vacuum out all the vents!4. don’t forget nasty vent cover in the kitchen !this is our old dining room vent cover before..and

after.our kitchen vent cover before.. and after.. andour living room vent cover before.. and after. so much better right!even our cat casper agrees 14. give your winter galoshes an update.just use stencils or tape and spray on. using rubberized spray paint (rustoleum flexidip or plasti-dip) or just go for an all-over color swap.using rust oelum painters touch ultra cover that will bonds to plastic.simply covered up the label with painters tape and start painting. 15. gold spray paint + straws + string = easiestparty bunting.

buntings aren’t dead yet. and you can trysomething a little less country, shabby chic-ish, with this gold straw bunting.it’s light and airy and almost feels like a piece of jewelry for your home.1. you’ll need lots of paper straws, ( full length straws and one half length for eachtriangle), some heavy threads or twine, and a large needle.2. start by threading the needle and thread through the small straw.3. pull a long length of the thread through the straw.4. put the thread the one of the full length straws.5. thread the needle and thread through the second full length straw.6. now thread the needle back through the

short straw. pull tight so that the strawsare tight against each other at the points. 7. start again, and continue step 2-68. using gold spray paint, paint the bunting in a well ventilated area.you will need to turn the bunting over and rotate the straws a couple times to coverall sides of the straws. 16. make mirror orbs for your yard by sprayingthem with looking glass paint — your garden will look bigger.mirror, mirror on the ball. one can of spray paint made three balls forus. three gazing balls from the store? $120.three unbreakable gazing balls from this diy projects? $20!this is a photo that inspired this project.

17. create large, lovely planters by spraypainting cheap plastic garbage cans. step 1: use bricks as a platform during thespray painting process to make sure you could thoroughly spray the bottom edge of the can.step 2: once paint has dried, stack your brick(s)at the bottom/center of the large garbage can.next flip the smaller garbage can upside down and place over the brick(s) at the bottomof the large garbage can. make sure the smaller can is pushed all theway down. step 3:(optional) fill the large garbage can with potting soilto the appropriate height for planting.

that’s it! you’re done! our local home depot wanted $80 for a simpletall rectangular outdoor pot like this. with this diy planters, i could pocket $65for other purposes ! now, that’s something to write home about!:) 18. make your patio furniture less boringby spraying it any color you want. black wrought iron is just so zzzzz.it went from drab tan.. to lime and turquoise in the space of a coupleof hours. to finnally, a beautiful deep, dark coffeecolor. to refurbish wrought iron you only have toclean the surface — either with a damp cloth

or by spraying it down with water and lettingit dry. then, use a good quality spray paint and paintaway. i used four cans of paint for all these pieces– 4 chairs and a table. in a couple of hours you’ll have a brand-new-lookingset! 19. turn dollar store locker baskets intorestoration hardware-esque industrial baskets with a coat of gray spray paint.just grabbed some gray spray paint and … well … gave them a good spraying.once dry, mixed together some white and black acrylic paint and dry brushed some gray paintover the gray spray paint. which seems odd, but it added another layerof texture … and dull-ness …

it all quick and sloppy. like it representedyears and years of crusty build-up … and not just 15 minutes of me and a brushand some paint one afternoon last week … 20. cheap rubber mats can look downright joyfuland welcoming with a bright coat of spray paint. 21. best idea ever: spray paint measuringtape and use it instead as a growth chart for the kids.this brilliant concept brought to you by variations on normal. first, spray the whole thing white.second, consider that new measuring tape a portable diary or a sketch board for a 30day project.

22. rustoleum makes your outlets look lessplastic-y. they sell these outlet covers for like, $12a piece at restoration hardware. you can now get the look for free. 23. make any cheap-looking brass fixtureslook like oil rubbed bronze. your dated ceiling fan can now get the makeoverit so deserves. directions: 1. cleaned off all the dust and grime2. as a first coat, layer it using gray spray paint primer.twist the fixture to get all the sides, spraying all the nooks and crannies.3. after 10 minutes and the primer dried,

spray painted the actual paint.chose oil rubbed bronze. 4. walk around for 10-15 minutes holding itso it could dry and not smear, then put it right back up.enjoy the new look. 24. make your vases and lamps look like mercuryglass by spritzing with water, and then doing a coat of krylon looking glass spray paint.or this awesome gold dipped ceramics by anjelika temple first off, bought a bunch of inexpensive vases,mugs, and a utensil holder over on amazon. second, use painter’s tape to cover thesection of your vase that you want to remain white.for larger pieces, use saran wrap or a plastic

bag to cover up the bulk of the part thatyou want to keep white. now… spray! spray 2 coats and let dry forabout 20 minutes. and finnally the fun part.peel off that tape and woohoo! clean lines, gilded vases, and the whole shebang.add a few berry-like buds, leaves, and you’ve got a gorgeous little scene. 25. the ultimate ikea hack: turning the vittsjoshelf gold. 26. makeover your dresser and cabinet hardware.hack! stick those knobs into the bottom of a styrofoam egg carton before spraying.now you can get all 360Ⱐof each knob in one go.

27. make your wicker basket a little lesstraditional with metal spray paint. 1) spray paint with whichever bottom paintyou would like. i used a nice krylon white, which was both primer and paint.i always appreciate that. 2) tape areas that you want to keep white,and then spray paint with top color. andfinished! 28. do the same with one of those cheap ikeatrash bins. the only problem with fancying up our trashcanis that now i don’t want to throw any trash in it. 29. spray paint directly onto leather.mind blown.

there are so many old and sad vinyl chairsin thrift stores all around the world, just waiting for a can of spray paint to come tothe rescue. 1. deep clean from decades of germs and gunkusing a hardcore degreaser called krud kutter. 2. put the legs in a garbage bag and tapearound the base of the seat. 3. spray painted the old vinyl office chairwith rustoleum vinyl spray paint that has primer built in.4. create the space. 5. spray the non taped area with blackand done. 30. transform an entire dresser.i promise your hand will be way less tired than brush-painting.

31. make wind stakes to pretty up the garden.they’re just ping pong balls strung onto wire stakes and sprayed with looking glasspaint. 32. spray paint a plant hanger, turn it onits side, and use it as a curtain hook. get the tutorial at yellowbrickhome.com. and finnaly,33. fake a mirrored top. looking glass spray paint is now officiallythe best thing that’s ever happened to you. 1. get krylon “looking glass.2. spray the underneath side of the glass so that the paint doesn’t scratch when youset your trinkets on top of it. that’s pretty much it.

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