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Diy Home Decor With Recycled Materials

hello everybody and welcome to our channel shaun and kyra, in this video we are going to recycle a plastic bottle into a moose planter. this is the material we need: an empty bleach plastic bottle, a ping pong ball, a fruit cup, 2 small washers and screws, 2 google eyes, a black balloon, a cutting board, 2 or 3 big plastic lids; pea gravel, hot glue, screwdriver, scissors, washable marker, and 2 small plants of your choice. first, cut an opening on the top of the plastic bottle, then fix it on the cutting board with the screws and washers. cut the ping pong ball and the fruit cup intwo,

and glue together on the moose head with the google eyes. cut 2 ears and the dewlap in the plastic lids and glue on the moose head. cut the balloon to cover the moose nose. to finish, add some pee gravel inside the moose head and insert your two plants. thank for watching and will see you next time. bye! see ya

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