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Diy Home Decor Project Wine Bottle Lantern

make a wine bottle oil lamp wine bottle candle chimney emergency lights from wine bottles hi it’s alaskagranny recently idiscovered these wine candles and what it is is like a bead with a wick and itfits right in the top of a wine bottle and then you can get a little chimneythat goes over it so if you have a little oil lamp so lookfor these for romantic nights and emergencies load shedding in case there’sno electricity pick up a couple of these wine bottle glass chimney candles turn wine bottles into oil lamps save a fewempty wine bottles and get some lamp oil

and then when you’re preparing these youneed to fill the wine bottle oil lamp with a funnel make sure you keep a funnel and youlabel it so you don’t get mixed up and use your funnel with food you’d neverwant to use something used with chemicals on your food so then you take an empty wine bottleyou fill it with oil you put on the wick and the bead andthen you add the little chimney how romantic is this wouldn’t you like tohave this for an emergency light if your power went out so look for thewine candles or wine lights and pick up some lamp oil if you don’t already havesome make sure you have some of the

lighters and clickers so that you canlight them and you’re ready for a romantic evening or an emergency learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel

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