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hi, this is maxine shriber from simply decoratewe are doing a bedroom today and this was client of ours that lives in new york cityand is moving into another apartment and she wants us now to do the bedroom. she told uswhat she wanted which was classic modern, a little bold & edgy, homey & comfy. she gaveus her selection of color which was shades of black going into dark grey, beautiful royalblue, and a creamy white. she also told us what she needed which was a headboard, sheneeded nightstands, pillows, and other little items such as, dark dresser that she alreadyhas which was 56×21 and she also was going to keep this area rug which was black andwhite and it was a 5×8. she also gave us a little bit other items that she wanted tokeep which was some black and white photos

and a beautiful standing floor mirror. soanyway she did all her sizes together she gave us her dimensions she gave us the heightof the room, she gave us the height of the doors, and then she told us that is attached area few pictures of her new bedroom. there was here dresser and her chandelier she was keepingand unfortunately she couldn’t do much of the room because it was all filled with movingboxes. so we got together and started looking at all the things she had and all the thingsthat we thought would make it look even better. so we got great pillows, wonderful accessories,great end tables, we enhanced on her area rug, and as you can see the whole thing isbeginning to work together and we did have our budget of $3,000 – $5,000 so we have alot of room to do things with. so you can

see from out collage the type of end tablewe wanted to give her, the accessories, fabulous fabulous little chair, i think her headboardis dynamite and then we added a very classic fun mirror for the wall. all these thingsput together starts looking like a fabulous space. simply decorate also does somethingwonderful, besides our shopping list we give you 3d’s. the reason why we give you the 3d’sis so that you know where everything goes. you have a sense of the space and where toput everything. so what simply decorate does is we give you a shopping list, now we decidedto put a new carpet for her adding a lot of other pieces. all she has to do is look ather shopping list get the prices punch in shop now and she could buy it all. this ismaxine shriber from simply decorate wishing

you a great day but if you have a bedroomand you don’t know what to do with it come to simplydedorate.com and we’ll do it foryou.

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