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Christmas Decoration Ideas For Shop Windows

two distinct christmas decorating style tips that have becomereally popular in recent years are french provincial and shabby sheike. our frenchvintage christmas combines some of our favorite elements of both styles. as this theme unfoldsyou’ll see hints of antique metal combined with glass pearls and of course theelegance of crystal we’ve used a really soft color palette here so we’ve gotour golds and silvers, a mint green and highlights of pink which matches our champagneperfectly and you can change pink to another colour if youwant you just gotta keep it toned down and wide as using your personal one ofthe lovely things about this total is that whilst it doesn’t use traditionalchristmas colors it still has a really

warm festive feel to it this is our yuletide candle holderyuletide candle holder i can say that and we got some garland and put two lotsa garland through that candle holder and then added some mercurial balls around itand a little bit of seed lighting just to bring in that beautiful softlighting throughout it these are the twelve days of christmas bonbons eachone is different very dainty dont take up too much roomyeah they’re a nice size, sometimes bon bons can really overtake a table but these ones fit thiskind of sitting very well because there’s already a lot going on in thetable we have the crystal we have

allowed cutlery and crockery and abeautiful centerpieces it’s nice to have something that’s just the right size so doesn’t overwhelm it china and some of grandma’s cutlerycrystal glasses things that we don’t use every day and i just perfect figure thatshot enjoy it but we’ve got a couple of personal i thought i had made itpossible and there was also detained tomato crystal monogram have stuck witha color theme of pastels to all these golds with highlighted that we havebeautiful personalized baubles, all glass they look absolutely fantastic i lovethese mercurial balls they just gorgeous they are your favorite aren’t they, they look great with the irridescent bauble too

reflections and the glasses justfantastic and that contract having the clear glass and then the pattern of themercurial with the color and the floral elements in the tree really job theysuggest clip on a trike i love what we’ve done here with the craft tools aswell we’ve got till filament been wrapped around really easy to take offthe top with both inside and he would a diamonte sparkle and we made them in 5 minutes, they just look fantastic and you will have them for years you can match them to your theme every year range of decorations together as long asyou keep the colours in the same palette i have to say one of my most favoritethings about the french vintage theme is

the beautiful little vignette we’ve madeover on the console table and one particular piece is the lovely glassvase that we feel just simply because salt in the bottom of it and then we’ve gotour miniature christmas streets set and we’ve wrapped the battery pack into plastic soit wouldn’t get damaged we’ve buried that into the salt and that created the snow in the baseof the village and then position the land and the little of buildings aroundit just looks fantastic so don’t be shy about getting out the things that youalready have a rather high and looking at how you can adapt them to this theme these mental pace is stunning

it’s actually quite simple it’s not thatmany elements we haven’t used that many things but we started off with thegarland with a beautiful glitter tip talking to the middle i enjoy and thatwe just used applying stocking holder and popped a lot on top one of our oneof our antique tea lights and they hold our personalized stockings beautifully and ialso bring the mantle and tie it together we’ve used these balls on the tree aswellso again we’re tying the table the mantle the tree together. not everyone’s goingto have a fireplace with a mantel so you can put that behind you have a buffetconsole table that can be a centerpiece create yourmantal affect

don’t forget about our free download printwith our series of videos that we’ve done for you we’ve actually created six downloadableprints go online, find the dowload that you’re most interested in andprint it we hope you’ve enjoyed watching and we’ve been able to inspire your christmas decorating be sure to watch the othervideo in our series and don’t forget to subscribe like share and comment belowas we’d love to stay in touch.

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