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Christmas Decoration For Shopping Mall

barbie – the christmas photo with santa i can’t believe christmas is almost here again and we haven’t even started our shopping i know we always seem to leave it until the last minute! well, let’s make a start today! actually, we could get a photo of the twins with santa while we’re there! yay! santa!

santa! santa! santa! alright, alright! let’s get going before the shops get too busy santa! santa! santa! santa! santa! santa! sounds like we’re doing santa photos first can you please tell the girls to stop! i don’t know how you put up with it! poor chelsea! i keep forgetting that she’s such an angel…

look mummy! santa! we have photo mummy? yes, of course! let’s line up how exciting! their first photo with santa oh hi chelsea you’re getting a photo with santa? hi tamika

oh no! i’m too old for that my nieces are getting a photo what’s about you? oh i’m getting a photo and i’m going to asksanta for a special present for christmas yay santa! the twins are very excited aren’t they ken? they sure are!

i thought they might be a bit scared of santa! what is tamika doing? come on, we don’t have all day alright girls, you can go see santa now yayyyyy! ho, ho, ho and who do we have here? hi santa these are my nieces

annabelle and isabelle oh, what pretty names come here annabelle and isabelle uhhh, uhhh… mummy, i scared uhhh… i, i scared too there’s nothing to be scared of santa is a nice man

ho, ho, ho! santa is very merry too! come sit with santa and tell mewhat you’d like for christmas uhhh, uhhh mummy! daddy! come on girls, be good just a quick photo no! no! no santa

quick! take the photo! (click) great! well i think that’s the best photo we’re going to get yayyyyy santa! what? you want another photo with santa? no!

ok, let’s go then maybe we’ll have more luck next year chelsea? maybe i will have a photo with santa you want a photo or you want to tell santa what you’d like for christmas? well there is one little thing i’d like to ask for… hello little girl let’s have a photo with santa

ok santa my name is chelsea about my present… photo first chelsea i’ll be quick! say cheese! hmmmmm! cheese (click)

alright chelsea what would you like for christmas? i just want one thing this year santa well that’s good of you chelsea! most children ask for lots of presents oh, not me if it’s not too much trouble… i would like the entire american girl collection well i’ll let you think about it

call me if there’s any problems… come on chelsea we’ve got lots to do why does santa look like he’s going to cry? i have no idea let’s go annabelle and isabelle barbie, i…err… just need to go to the restroom alright, just hurry ken

…and they are… gone! hey! mummy, that man pushed in front of me! which man? there! …and i want a ben 10 jet ray… and a ben 10 command centre… and the ben 10 training room…

and… oh dear…

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