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Christmas Decoration For Jewellery Shop

hi! i’m robin with trees-mom.com. we’re makinga video for expert village today. we’re crocheting wire to make a christmas bracelet. this iswhat we’ve gotten so far. we have our center decoration, which is a snowman. we have oursnowflake for our button closure and our button loop. we have set out our buttons for howwe’re going to put then on our bracelet. we’ve decided to do the symmetrical design todaywhere we have a small button, a big button, and a small button. it’s going to be on eachside of the snowman. we just bring the wire up through the bracelet, take the button,load it onto the wire, and again, we’re going to make sure that the button loop is goingclear through to the back. we take the wire and go back through the bracelet. then we’rejust going to sew it onto the back just like

we were sewing a button onto a shirt, makingsure that we catch some of the wires from the bracelet up in our loop. sometimes wemay need to get the pliers to pull it up through if it gets stuck a little bit. probably 2times around sewing that on will secure it.

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