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as part of my need to revisit the major mediaevents of recent history to re-evaluate those events and determine which were relativelylegitimate and which were fabricated to whatever degree, i’ve taken another look at the sharontate murders. in truth, i had never looked at the evidence beyond the main stream mediareporting of it incidentally over the years. so, for the most part this was my first experiencewith the actual evidence. everything i thought i knew leading up to this point was essentiallysensationalized news of the events. we all know how the news tends to focus oncertain elements and often times has an agenda that distorts their reporting of events. so,it won’t be a surprise to you that i found massive discrepancies or elements of the storythat went unreported. but, even considering

that i think you’ll be surprised at what ifound and the conclusions i’ve come to. i want to thank and give credit to the workof miles w. mathis. it was his lengthy analysis that contained the bulk of clues and outrightfacts that led me down the paths that i decided were worth pursuing and to my ultimate conclusions.i won’t state the title of his paper at this point, since it might spoil the surprise.but, i will take this opportunity to share his website, which is mileswmathis.com. milesis an accomplished artist, his artwork greatly overshadowing his writing abilities. however,as an investigator and researcher he is very accomplished. his theories and conclusions,however are very often hyper-controversial. so, a measure of discernment is required asyou make your way through his work.

as a side note, miles is also an apparentlycontroversial physicist and mathematician. this site devoted to science is simply milesmathis.com.his primary work in the area of science is entitled, “the greatest standing errors inphysics and mathematics,” which ought to give you an idea of the level at which he is workinghere. his ability to undercut common scientific notions definitely impressed me and encouragedme to look into his alternative theories on media events. his work in that area continuesuntil the present. just to cover the basics, i’ll begin witha brief background on sharon tate. she was born in 1943 and purportedly died on august9th, 1969 during a very different summer than the summer of love just 2 years earlier. 1969marked the death of the hippie, free love

movement due to a number of things, not theleast of which being the manson murders. sharon was more of a cult figure because she didn’treally achieve the move-star fame by 1969. she was famous for small television rolesin the ’60s and for her fashion modeling and cover-girl status. not that it’s all that significant in my analysis,but it is an interesting thing to note. sharon had only appeared in a few movies during hercareer, and each had an occult or horror theme. she debuted in eye of the devil. she was alsoin valley of the dolls and fearless vampire killers. she met roman polanski, who directedvampire killers in 1967 and married him in 1968. she was said to have been 8 and 1/2months pregnant when she was murdered.

you’re probably not aware that the laurelcanyon community in los angeles was a hotbed of notable figures in the ’60s, mostly inthe music and film industry and was the birthplace of famous bands like the mamas and the papas,the doors, the mothers of invention, the eagles, buffalo springfield, the byrds and many others.what connected these people wasn’t just their location in laurel canyon, but also theiralmost entirely being the children of military, military intelligence or intelligence agencyparents. when sharon is said to have met her end, it was in her laurel canyon home. shetoo was the daughter of an army officer and she shared the similar upbringing of movingfrom city to city as an army brat. but it turns out sharon’s father, paul tatewasn’t just an officer. he was a colonel in

intelligence. in 1959, the tates moved toverona italy, which by the way coincides with a major uptick in operation gladio activities.in 1962, paul tate was transferred back to the us, to fort macarthur in san pedro, veryclose the laurel canyon. however, it’s speculated that, while he may have officially been stationedin san pedro, he was actually working at the top secret lookout mountain which overlookedlaurel canyon. if you aren’t familiar with lookout mountain, it was the secret facilitywhere all the apollo moon footage and other nasa related film and photos was processed.it was also the only self-contained film studio at the time. it was said to be where governmenttraining and propaganda films were made. supposedly, more hours of this training and propagandafootage was produced there than what was produced

for the public by hollywood during its timein operation. continuing to build the background for thetate murders, we’ll look at something else i find unusual about sharon’s father, paul.but, first let�s look at a passage from the book acid dreams… it was a typical sixties scene: a group ofscruffy, long-haired students stood in a circle passing joints and hash pipes. the settingcould have been berkeley, ann arbor or any other hip campus. but these students wereactually fbi agents, and the school they attended was known as �hoover university.� locatedat quantico marine base in virginia, this elite academy specialized in training g-mento penetrate left-wing organizations. to cultivate

the proper counterculture image, they weretold not to wash or bathe for several days before infiltrating a group of radicals. refreshercourses were also held for fbi agents who had successfully immersed themselves in thedrug culture of their respective locales. why this factors into our story is that paultate was identified after the purported murder of his daughter, wearing a beard and dressedlike a hippie. this triggered what appears to be a scrambled effort to concoct a narrativeto explain this anomaly. first, it was reported that paul had recently retired, 2 weeks beforehis scheduled retirement. supposedly his scheduled retirement was during the very month of thetate murders. somehow the story was screwed up by someone who let out that the very reasonfor his early retirement was because of his

daughter’s murder. but, none of this makessense as paul was only 46 and nobody that close to becoming a brigadier general wouldretire so early in their career in all likelihood, paul had been dressingup like a hippie and had infiltrated the laurel canyon scene since long before sharon’s purportedmurder. later, we’ll learn more about paul and how he’s also connected to the murdersthrough his and other’s strange interest in hair design. now, in order to really grasp the entirety of themason family/tate murders you should consider the events playing out at that time. therewas a very strong anti-war and anti-establishment

movement that had grown to become impossibleto suppress by the media. there were protest marches happening everywhere and even activemilitary personnel going awol and participating in rallies and marches. as some of you mayalready be aware, the ruling class never lets things get entirely out of hand and oftentimes utilizes the media to influence the public to behave in ways more to their liking. as fate would have it, paul tate had beentransferred to the presidio in san francisco just prior to this surge in anti-war activismin 1968 leading into 1969. in fact, the presidio became a hub of this activity and anti-wardissidents based at the presidio started to make an impact, finding powerful people supportingtheir efforts. colonel paul james tate was

assistant chief of staff for intelligenceat the sixth region army air defense command at the presidio at the time. another coincidenceworth mentioning is that, at the same time that paul tate is working at the presidio,so too was colonel michael aquino, with the 7th psychological operations group. are youbeginning to get a sense of the players and the playing field that were in place at thetime? now, let’s take a detour and briefly lookat one of the supposed manson family murderers, susan atkins. susan was purported to be oneof the actual murderers; one of the few who got her hands dirty. even charles manson himselfdidn’t actually commit any of the supposed murders. it’s interesting to me just to noteher physical appearance. she appears quite

striking, and even beautiful in some photos.this is supposed to be one of the hordes of women drawn to manson like moths to a flame.this despite the fact that manson is 5′ 3″ tall and wasn’t known to be that dapper adresser. we’ll look at just one aspect of susan atkins’past that causes me to wonder. susan grew up near where i did in san jose californiaand even attended the same high school i did, leigh high school, albeit much earlier. oneof the tate murder victims was coffee heiress abigail folger, who has numerous similaritiesto sharon tate. abigail’s family had a farm in woodside california that they called, “thefamily farm,” a name which the property still bears today. the family farm and where susanand i went to high school is only 20 -30 minutes

away. there’s even a book about the murdersentitled, “the family.” this is certainly a strange coincidence. of course the most important evidence in anymurder case is the forensic, physical evidence including the murdered victims themselves.as i mentioned before, i had not actually researched these events before and don’t thinki had even seen a single crime scene photo of the murder scene before doing this analysis.you probably recall hearing grizzly descriptions of the scene, or if not that then at leastthe horrible detail that sharon’s belly had been sliced open and her unborn child torefrom within her. so, before i show you any of the crime scene photos i want you to knowthat they are as tame as any i’ve seen. i

think they would be considered laughable evento those with weak stomachs. no caution need be issued before showing them. get ready. and, here you go. this is probablythe worst of it. as you can already see, sharon’s baby wasn’t tore from her womb. so far, itappears as if the baby may have been entirely undisturbed, as least based on the subtlesmile on sharon’s face. other photos of the crime scene are difficult to find, especiallyany details photos of the other 3 victims. however, here’s a photo showing two victimson the front lawn. now, some of the more rare photos are of thehouse pre-murder scene. here’s an example of a photo of the living room. it’s very smalland low resolution, but you get a feel for

how the room was decorated. does this looklike the living room of a wealthy and famous director/actress couple? looking at a coupleother images of the home taken after the purported murder scene only gives me the feeling thatthey emptied the rooms, then brought in some furniture from the salvation army that nobodyworried about getting messy. just look at a couple photos of the home’s exterior andsee if it matches the furnishings. making matters even more unusual is the discoveryof this photo supposedly from 1969 showing polanski at the scene. first, note again thecheap, thinly framed posters on the wall behind polanski. but even more unusual is the factthat polanski appears to me to have aged 30 years for this photograph.

the tate murders happened just 6 days beforewoodstock. it’s also worth noting that the year was 1969, and if the powers that be wantedto put an end to the trends emerging during the ’60s and start the ’70s off with a cleanslate, 1969 would have been the year to do it. the fbi’s cointelpro was right at itspeak, but the lesser-known cia program, operation chaos was also in full swing in 1969. with helms running the cia, nixon in the whitehouseand hoover at the fbi, what are the chances that the “hippies” were allowed to remainin the spotlight and continue to receive all that good press? i told you we’d revisit the strange connectionbetween the players and hair design. but,

to do so requires us to fast forward to 1971.one of the manson family’s purported victims was a man by the name of jay sebring, realname “thomas john kummer.” his story is bizarre to say the least. he was a hair-stylist tothe stars; not only women but men as well. take a look at this business card and considerthis. jay sebring was a hair stylist, murdered along with sharon tate. in 1971, it was reportedthat paul tate had opened “tate gallery for men’s hair design” in rolling hills california.i’ll go out on a limb and say it’s fair to assume that the cia or other intelligenceagency used hair salons as cover for their operations. one can imagine some spook waitingimpatiently for his wife to get her hair done and noticing all the women confessing theirdeepest secrets with reckless abandon.

we’ve been told that, when the tate murderswere discovered it was unknown who had perpetrated the crime. at the time, the manson familywas living rent-free on a movie ranch outside of la owned by an elderly and legally blindgentleman by the name of george spahn. the spahn ranch was well known by local authoritiesto be a magnet for hippies, runaways and was host to wholesome activities like making pornfilms, drug dealing, chopping cars, stockpiling weapons, playing loud music and all-nightparties. yet they allowed this activity to continue. all the surrounding properties werebought up by the transcontinental development corporation at very generous rates. but, mr.spahn didn’t sell. in other words, mr. spahn was likely being compensated for allowinghis unique property to act as a staging ground

for operation chaos. the manson family beingkey players. returning to the time of the murders thatpurportedly took place at the home of tate and polanski, the investigation was ridiculousand obviously staged with the direct involvement of paul tate. i won’t go into all the details,but will point out that when it came time for the lapd to file their required reportwith the state bureau of crimes, it totally 3 lines. a liquor store robbery would havebeen more comprehensive. beyond the crime scene itself and the forensicdetails, signs of a hoax are ultra-apparent as they narrowed their hunt for the perpetratorsdown to the manson family. for instance, one week after the event the spahn ranch was raidedfor the first time. everything about the raid

smells funny beginning with the fact thatthe warrant they brought with them on the 16th of august was dated for the 13th. but,which operative was going to complain? the next red flag that would likely have raisedeyebrows in our present time of greater media savvy was the fact that the officers involvedin the raid were all dressed differently. not a single officer wore the appropriateuniform, wearing a mix of sherriff�s office uniform elements, marine corp. fatigues andcivilian clothes. this was way before the era of militarized police, and yet we seesome officers wearing combat boots. one officer wears a jacket emblazoned with the word “sheriff”on the back, which wasn’t part of any southern california sherriff�s office uniform ofthe time.

our biggest .he whole raid was theater-craftwas the incredible fact that a film crew accompanied the officers conducting the raid. if you’restill thinking that, despite the film crew being there to dramatize the event the intentwas still to enforce the law, this point may dissuade you. despite finding stolen guns,stolen credit cards, numerous drugs and under-age girls, nobody was arrested. does that soundlike the appropriate return on investment of a raid this involved? it should become clear that the events playingout were scripted, and dates for certain milestones preselected when you consider that mansonwas apprehended at the ranch again, just 6 says later for drug possession, fornicationand public nudity but all the charges were

dropped and manson was allowed to go free.the final date of the manson family’s capture was october 12th, which happens to be alistaircrowley’s birthday. as the cia is often found to use satanism and occult practices as coverfor their operations, this would have been a very convenient date. as we’re peeling back the layers of what isnow obviously a largely contrived event, what are we to think happened to the supposed victims,like sharon tate? clues to help us with that can be found by first looking again at thecrime scene photos of tate. we’ve already seen the photo of her slightly-smiling corpse,where sometimes the red channel is increased to create the impression of more blood thanthere actually was. another photo of the scene

shows her in the same pose, said to have beentaken between 10 and 12 hours after the murders. still, her arm is shiny in the photo indicatingit is still wet, which is an impossibility if the photo was taken when they claim itwas. but now lets look at a couple photos of tatewhile being examined at the coroner’s office. this photo is rife with inconsistencies, butwe’ll look at just a couple that illustrate a point. first, the facial wounds are notconsistent with the earlier photos. second, the marker in the photos could have easilybeen placed alongside the subject, but is instead tucked under her chin, laying acrossher breast. might this placement have been intended to obfuscate the poorly patched headimage onto the body? the neck is clearly too

thin and the stark angle produced by mergingit with the body is quite obvious. next, we see another photo from the coroner’sexamination where we get a better look at all the circular wounds. wounds caused bya knife would not have produced wounds of this shape. more interestingly is the shapeof the stomach and waist. sharon was over 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time of the photo.earlier photos of her while still alive show her stomach to have grown quite huge. thebody in this photo isn’t 8 1/2 months pregnant, and might not be pregnant at all. so, it makessense that neither the death reports nor the autopsy report make any reference to a childor a pregnancy. outrageous, for sure. but, remember that this was before the ubiquitiousnessof the internet and a time of greater trust

in authority. lastly, in regards to the crime photos oftate we have the problem of the name “r. wilson” written on the marker seen in the coroner’sphotos. this isn’t the name of the victim, the coroner or the coroner’s assistant. seeingthat the wounds are more consistent with being caused by a shotgun and the body is clearlynot 8 1/2 months pregnant, might the body be that of mrs. r. wilson, who was murderedin la a few years earlier? if we could become invisible and transport ourselves to the lacoroner’s office, i wonder what photos we’d find in the file for the rufus wilson murders? to pull off staging the murders of 4 individualswould almost certainly require the participation

or at least the complicity of the local coroner’soffice. whoever signed off on tate’s autopsy report was definitely a crook. does the namethomas noguchi ring a bell with you? it might. he was the chief coroner at the time of thetate murders and also did the autopsies of john belushi, marilyn monroe, natalie woodand robert kennedy to name a few. noguchi was definitely a tool of the powers that be. from the events that took place back in 1969,it appears he was an essential element to the operation. on march 18th, 1969 the laboard of supervisors voted unanimously to fire noguchi. that doesn’t happen every day.so, this must have left the perpetrators in a bit of a pickle. but, there are benefitsto being the ultimate authority in america.

so, strings were pulled and noguchi was reinstatedby the civil service commission on july 31st, 1969, only a week before the tate murders. and, if you were thinking the firing of noguchiin the first place might have been an overreaction and the coroner’s office was otherwise doingan exemplary job, this seems not to be the case. the assistant coroner, donald angusstuart was arrested in 1972 for forging his medical degree, practicing without a license,and perjury. but, none of this matters when the media sets out to whitewash history. while researching the tate murders and themanson family, i discovered a bizarre theory relating to what happened to sharon tate.as we’ve already covered, it’s possible that

tate and the other supposed victims were neveractually killed. if so, what happened to them? where are they now? did they assume otheridentities? another question i’m now forced to ask is, did sharon tate ever return topublic life under an assumed identity. sharon is said to have had 2 sisters, debraand patti. but, i was unable to find any reference to patti before 1970. the images and filmavailable of sharon’s funeral make the issue no clearer. patti is supposed to be 6 yearsyounger than debra. yet, the only photo i found of 2 girls together at the funeral aresimply not 6 years apart in age. there’s also the basic improbability that sharon’s motherhad sharon, then debra 9 years later, and finally patti 6 years after that. patti allegedlydied from breast cancer in 2000 and was cremated.

was patti invented so that sharon could returnto public life in america and assume that identity? many people admit that sharon and debra looknothing alike, yet patti and sharon look at times the spiting image of each other. pattiis said to have married the famous basketball player, don ford in 1978. yet, i could findno photos of the 2 together. although there is a gravestone marker forpatti showing the year of her death as 2000, there’s no social security index record ofher death. that’s not entirely impossible. but, ancenstry.com, checkmate and other siteshave no records of patti’s birth or death. that is, unless we consider the record incheckmate’s database. the problem there is

that, if we do we have to also acknowledgethat she is still alive and living in california. the sharon/patti connection wasn’t all thatcompelling to me at first. even after seeing how anomalous and phantom-like patti was whenresearching her, there still wasn’t enough for me to get behind the theory that sharonhad been alive and posing as patti. but, then i came across the television talk-show interviewsof patti, and my position changed significantly. i still can’t say for sure if patti is sharon.but, there was one thing that truly points in that direction. first, we have to look at a couple imagesof sharon to see one of her unique features. she has a clear notch in her left ear. it’strue that siblings will often look very similar

and have very similar shaped ears. but, whatcould be deemed deformities like notches in only 1 ear isn’t something they will share. in 1994, patti appears on national televisionfor an interview on the 25th anniversary of the tate murders. she has long hair at thetime of the interview and her head turned just slightly so that her left ear detailsaren’t easily discerned. but, at one point when she coughs she lowers her head and turnsenough so that we can see her ear. the notch is there. as incredible as it sounds, sharonmay have maintained enough of her youthful beauty to present herself as 15 years youngerthan she actually was. like myself, you might still be wonderingwhere sharon went during the years immediately

following the event where she was said tohave been killed. it turns out that, in the weeks immediately preceding the event sharonand roman traveled to various locations including jamaica, brazil as well as other locations.it’s quite possible that sharon and roman were scouting locations where sharon couldtake up residence for a short or long period. there is evidence that sharon was alive afterher purported death. in late 1969, someone reported seeing her and roman in rome. inthe june 1970 issue of the bulletin, a friend of both sharon and roman was reported to haveseen sharon with roman in brazil. keep in mind that this was a friend of sharon’s whonot only reported seeing her but also seeing her with roman. that’s a very specific claim.the fact that it was reported in a tabloid

doesn’t diminish the value of the claim, inmy opinion. i’ve found that some things reported in the national inquirer were very accurateand likely only printable in such a publication. other, traditional outlets would simply findit impossible to get away with such bold reporting. although i’ve chosen not to delve too deeplyinto the mason family murder trial, i do think it’s important to mention a couple key points.first, as you may already know manson never committed any murders that we know of. heis simply said to have “ordered” the murders at the tate/polanski residence. the hype overthe tate murders was rampant in the los angeles county area. yet, when the defense asked fora change of venue they were denied. manson also requested that he be appointed as hisown defense council to defend himself. that,

too was denied. even when the headlines read”nixon says, manson is guilty,” it wasn’t considered worthy of a mistrial. manson’sdefense council called a total of zero witnesses during the trial. lastly, the manson familytrial was the longest and most expensive in american history. some things to think about. the final element that i will consider inmy investigation into the tate murders is charles manson. again, taking from the excellentresearch of miles w. mathis i found some excellent points made that should cause anyone to questionthe whole phenomenon that is charles manson. the question that miles and i both have is,is charles manson in prison or not? there are plenty of reasons to doubt that he is.

let’s begin first with some information aboutthe california penal system. in all california prisons before 1998 all beards had to be trimmedto 1/2 inch or less. since 1998, beards have been prohibited. are you starting to catchmy drift? here’s a photo of manson clearly showing the year is 2011. do you notice thathe has a beard? if you do, would you consider it to be over 1/2 inch in length? next, let’s compare a photo of manson in 1971to one in 2009. would you agree that he has had an ear tuck operation? how common is itfor prisoners to be allowed to have cosmetic surgery? who would have paid for such a surgery?strike 2 against the possibility that manson has been in prison all of these years.

then there’s the issue of all of the ridiculousinterviews of mason through the years. you’ve probably seen at least 1. but, how many havethere been in total? dozens at least. maybe 100 interviews have been conducted with manson.he is a very compelling person. personally, i very much enjoy listening to manson. i tendto agree with much of what he says. but, how much of it is the spontaneous ramblings ofa lunatic? let’s examine for just a few minutes his speech entitled, sneakyville. i will tellyou first that, the voice you hear isn’t that of manson. i don’t know whose it is and haveno idea why they would overdub the sequence. but, none the less they did… not manson’s voicemanson wasn’t psychotic

note the rapidly changing facial expressions if the murders did take place as reportedand the true perpetrators brought to trial it would make sense and go a long way to reduceall our suspicion to appoint a prosecutor that was skilled and highly professional.even a low-key prosecutor just doing his job would lead to greater confidence in the wholeprocess. but, it was bugliosi that got the job. at the time, he had recognition as atop-notch prosecutor. but his profile was nothing like it is today, and they lackedbugliosi’s extensive historical record that exists today to reflect upon. i’m not going to place the blame directlyon bugliosi for all of the lies that he certainly

perpetuated. lies told to cover up crimesor manipulate the population. i can only speculate as to how much bugliosi knows and whetherhe knows what the grand purpose was. my gut tells me that he keeps an intentionally narrowfocus to avoid soaking too much of the ugliness and corruption found down every corridor ofthe institutions he moves in. i think he prefers to avoid knowing the truth and therefore havingto lie. instead, he lies to him self through his expertise at denial built up over theyears. but, garbage in, garbage out. one aspect i’ve avoided thus far is, motive.why did charles manson instruct his obedient followers to kill anyone in the first place?vincent bugliosi has for years been on a desperate crusade to answer that question for you. althoughhe is only one man and doing the job of a

prosecutor, he speaks for the entire rulingclass. the answer is, helter skelter. if your best friend of many years graduallyworked their way toward an ideology or set a goal that was in keeping with their knownpersonality, you’d likely believe it when they explained it to you. if they suddenlyformed a view or set a goal that was way out of character, you might be shocked and notso quick to believe them. what bugliosi has been saying for years isthat, he was appointed to determine the motive in the case. that’s one of the tasks assignedto the prosecutor. he has found that charles manson is racist, narcissistic and moderatelydelusional. in that condition, he began to project an expectation of racial conflictthat would soon flare up in america. that

grew into a desire to kick-start the comingrace war. manson then chose false-flag murder as the tactic to achieve that. he would orderthe killing spree, but leave evidence that would frame black americans for the crime.from there, he would leave it in the hands of white americans to become enraged enoughto go to war against black americans. although the motive is somewhat complex andnot the kind most killers tend to get impassioned about, it did motivate the killings althoughindirectly, through manson’s loyal family members. they committed both the murders atthe tate residence and those on the following night and left the critical clues smearedin blood before leaving both sites. they would write, “death to pigs,” “pigs” and healterskelter.”

charles manson has always denied any suchplot and claims never to have connected the phrase helter skelter with any race war scenario.permitting manson to testify in his trial, he said the following with regard to helterskelter. the jury was sent out of the courtroom so as not to hear what manson had to say…. “it means confusion, literally. it doesn’tmean any war with anyone. it doesn’t mean that some people are going to kill other people… helter skelter is confusion. confusion is coming down around you fast. if you can’tsee the confusion coming down around you fast, you can call it what you wish.” “is it a conspiracy that the music is tellingthe youth to rise up against the establishment

because the establishment is rapidly destroyingthings? is that a conspiracy? the music speaks to you every day, but youare too deaf, dumb, and blind to even listen to the music … it is not my conspiracy. it is not my music.i hear what it relates. it says ‘rise,’ it says ‘kill.’ why blame it on me? i didn’t write the music.” “as far as lining up someone for some kindof helter skelter trip, you know, that’s the district attorney’s motive. that’s the onlything he could find for a motive to throw up on top of all that confusion he had. therewas no such thing in my mind as helter skelter.”

remember years back when george w bush andal gore were doing the recount of votes and the whole “hanging chad” fiasco? do you recallhow everything was resolved, declaring bush the winner? there were clear decisions made,vote counts recorded, various rulings and the final ruling on the issue made by thesupreme court, all of which were measurable factors. but there were other factors where the impacton the proceedings were impossible to measure. the assigned observers from both parties didlittle to help and how much harm they may have done is unknown. in my opinion, the power players involvedin the battle between parties to have their

turn in the pilot’s seat don’t appreciatethe process and would avoid the whole election process if they could. i’m not talking aboutjust campaign managers and the clintons. i think the supreme court justices would avoidthe election process if they could get away with it as well. if it weren’t for the 3 person commissionthey put together down in florida to oversee the recounts and all the time generously donatedby local residents of the area, we would have seen nothing but underhanded tactics, oneafter the other. you can bet that the power players keep their finger on the pulse togauge public opinion on certain issues. the florida recount situation was a perfect exampleof a situation requiring tracking of the public

pulse. i remember getting a sense from the overallactivities and from the statements being given toward the end there that all arguments wereexhausted and all deals had become stalemates. all that remained was the will of the public.the majority wanted the election to be systematically worked out and reason to guide the way. however,the pulse said enough americans would tolerate simply giving up and throwing the electionat either candidate. so, that’s what they did and they got away with it. the florida recount was a shock to the system,in my opinion. sure, they figured out a solution but i think it required thinking on theirfeet and quick action. too much fairness and

cooperation had been seen in those first fewdays after the election that they were required to take action. it wasn’t about ensuring theircandidate won the election. it was about the will of the people and the need to limit theirpower and awareness. i think it’s quite obvious that entire crowdsof citizens that had formed to protest the recount were all puppets on the payroll. seeingthose crowds on the evening news each night had an enormous impact on our opinion of theruling parties, our voting system and the recount process. if i were to study it inminute details for years, it’s unlikely i would come away understanding exactly howtheir phony protests operation changed things, changed history.

i think that assessment is even more trueof the staged manson family operation. i feel certain that the tate murders were largelya deception and part of a larger operation intended to change the public’s views on anti-establishmentarianism,the anti-war movement, the counter-culture and of themselves. it’s very likely, althoughnot certain that the purported victims were never killed.. it also appears that most or all of the mansonfamily members who were convicted didn’t actually serve out those lengthy prison sentences.just like a company might conduct a twice-a-year organized inventory, i assume the playersin this operation must participate in a sideshow for the media. in the case of manson himself,there are numerous interviews and occasional

parole hearings to attend. because they areso frequent and it’s so important what manson says, he is likely tied up completely in theproject. for others, however it would not surprise me if they were involved in otheroperations or doing other jobs. what do people do all day who work in psychologicaloperations or certain intelligence departments. why they trump up phony scenarios like thesharon tate murder, it appears. case in point, the helter skelter scenario. buglioci wrotea 650 page book on it, and take a look at the wikipedia page on the topic. it’s quitedetailed. charles manson claims he didn’t come up with it. but, if manson is part ofthe team and playing along why is he contradicting the script?

maybe it isn’t really a requirement of theoperation. maybe bugliosi cooked it up and his higher-ups didn’t object. vincent bugliosiis said to have died just days ago while i was working on this project. i don’t celebrateanyone’s death. i’m saving that for henry kissinger. but, i will say i’m glad therewon’t be any more footage of buglioci pointlessly arguing this or that with only disinformationfueling the debate.

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