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Carousel Wooden Dolls House Accessory Set

hey everybody its blue duckie. and welcome back to another doll review. in this video i have the pullip yuri dollto unbox and review for you guys. here is a look at both the side and the backof the box. okay so um, yuri comes with this card. here is a look at it with her picture lookingreally pretty. the back of it. many accessories one including this smalllittle purse. um, there is wire in the opening so you canopen and close it.

its a really dainty little purse. and then she also has her doll stand. first of all i want to check out the eye mechanismand show you her eyes back and forth. and what she looks like with her lashes down. and then open again. she has beautiful brown eyes. you can check out her face up. she has beautiful long lashes. sort of a yellowy eye make up around her eyelids.

uh, soft pink lips and then a light blondishcolor eyebrows. on yuri’s head there is this beautiful elaboratelace and flower and bow. um, headpiece. you can see there is also some red and blackbeads there and ribbon. and her beautiful dark black hair. is in this really cute style. its like a side bun. with some braiding in there too. going down into her outfit.

she has this fur collar. which is its own separate piece. and completely removable from the rest ofthe kimono. which is this really cool and striking red,black and white kimono. this red bow is a separate piece. and the gold piece is also separate. and there is also another layer underneaththat. which is this really cool print color. like not print but.

it has like um, different squares of differentcolor embroidered into it. and she also comes with these two gloves whichum, the gloves are a bit of a throw away to me. because um, they. they look like mittens. the ends for the hands are not made very well. and despite trying to make them fit and lookgood on her hands. they don’t really match very well. or go on her hands very well.

here is a look at the back. with this really big bow. and the different pieces of the kimono. and then finally she comes with a pair ofblack socks on. and these really cute sandals. which they are quite difficult to put on. and like get sandals on. so it looks good with the socks. which they made the socks the ones with um,the split in the middle that you usually wear

with these kind of sandals. so overall i am really happy with the pullipyuri. i think you can do a couple different lookswith her. just by removing a few accessories to getreally cute but different um, looks. if you like take off the fur part. and like the over kimono. you get more of like a yukata look for her. but overall she is super, super cute. my rating from one to ten.

ten being the best. i would give her a nine out of ten. i don’t like her gloves. i wish she had something else instead of thosegloves. which don’t fit or look good on her. but other than that. she has an adorable face up. and her fashion is cute. so thank you guys again for watching thispullip doll review.

and i’ll see you next time. bye.

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