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what is up guys just got this parcelfrom china with a brand-new iphone 7 plus for only a hundred dollars ahundred and two dollars to be exact i really wanted to check out the jetblack but unfortunately they don’t meet deadlines but anyways i got the goldcolor let’s open it up and check it out alright so here’s the box contribute tothe actual iphone 7 box which has the apple logo in the front this one is just plain white turning todecide it has apple logo saying iphone looks like the seven was an afterthoughtpressure was printed later on but anyways and turning to the bottom yougot all the specs information it says

128gb but it’s actually a g4 with 500mbfor ram running on mtk6582 quad core 1.3 ghz goes processor looking at the bottom itsays designed by apple in california gives us the serial number and some partnumber but i’m pretty sure there’s nothing more than numbers but anywayslet’s open up the box and see what we got inside alright so the first thing we see is theiphone itself wrapped in some plastic and it also includes a glass screenprotector and a priest or screen protector on the devices so let’s takethat off and here we have a hundred-dollar iphone 7 plus holding thephone and had it actually seems pretty

good it doesn’t really seem to achievehas a solid medium body the printing at the apple logo looks pretty legit andcomparing it to the actual iphone have done a pretty good job now let’s focuson the dual camera system not sure if it actually has two working cameras but i’mgonna guess one of them is just a dummy camera the redesign and bands lookpretty good and gives it a clean finish turning to the bottom of the device noheadphone jack pretty sure it does not have stereo sound but $400 you can’treally complain so far i’m pretty impressed with the quality and the prizehas been offered and another thing i noticed this theyeven try to replicate the home button

from the iphone 7 so it kind of wrinklesbut if i try to press it doesn’t really have a click to it not sure the one butactually worse but will check that out anyways let’s put the phone to the sideand see what else we got in the box it’s weird how the phone has a dual camerasystem but the color is from the previous iphone 6 model and he wasinside the box we are introduced with some people work no apple stickerslightning cable wall doctor and we actually have no headphone jack insteadthere’s this bluetooth ear parts and underneath this wire to probably chosethe world as your part anyways let’s put that to the side and power on the iphoneso it’s running on ios tense game press

home to open and we got control panelnotification center and everything else seems to work so yeah it has everythingthat a natural iphone would now this is by far the one of the best ios games upever seen even the clock icon was in real time andeven the fonts look pretty good comparing the phone to an actual iphoneactually looks really good anyways let’s go into settings and checkout the general tab and here it has all the information about the device nowmost of it is probably spoof but anyways i’m also very curious to try out thefingerprint sensor which i’m pretty sure does not work but it’s worth giving it atry

so it does act like it’s reading yourfingerprint but at the end it basically does nothing you still need to use thepasscode to unlock your form alright so i just connected the phone towi-fi let’s go ahead open safari and try playing some music and as you guys could hear the speakerquality is decent it’s not the best out there but it’s not about either alright so let’s close out of that nowsomething that surprised me was seeing three touch on this device now it’sobviously not actual 3d touch but he can replicate it by holding on the icon withthe longer press which doesn’t really do

a lot but it’s good to see the triedcopying every little feature alright let’s open up the cameraapplication and check it out alright so it does take a bit to open upa spec wise it has an 8-megapixel back camera and a 5-megapixel front-facingcamera the camera quality is actually pretty decent so let’s take it outsideand he has some shots taken from this device alright guys so this is the camera andmicrophone test of the iphone 7 clothes alright so i also tried installing thesim card made a few different cause with this device and it went pretty good wasable to catch a strong signal even when

i was in the basement and the speakerand microphone quality were pretty decent and doing some basic web browsingthis phone works pretty good without any lag and i didn’t try selling any gameson there but it obviously isn’t made for heavy gaming it has all the apple stockapps such as maps which redirects you to google maps the wallet average basicallydoes nothing and other have such as whether that takes all this data fromyahoo weathers and all the other out there were further redirect you to athird-party apps so yeah guys 402 dollars just devices well assatisfactory is so fully functional phone is factory unlocked runs on allgsm networks and handles light web

surfing and taking receiving calls justfine and it has 8gb internal storage which can be upgraded with the sd cardyou can open up the device and put in sd card of your choice and increase yourstory just like that the camera quality is pretty decent for a light users youcan use it without any lag it has two thousand million battery million bodyfor a hundred dollars is pretty good just look at the for yourself you won’tbe able to tell it’s a clone but if you’re familiar with apple and ios goinginside the device you’ll be able to tell it’s not the meal so the main purpose ofthis video is to help you guys out and be a very there are closed out there andif you don’t know a lot about iphones

there’s a chance you might be scam sotry buying from a verified source or on the other hand if you don’t use yourphone for anything more than making and receiving calls this could be a prettydecent hundred dollar investment for you i don’t know let me know what you guysthink about this in the comments below if you like this video give it a thumbsup and subscribe for more videos and as always thanks for watching

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