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ta-da! dara tour part 2 is back! going into nature. wow! so pretty! dara, this is the best. amazing. (it feels like you own the island) so nice.

you must eat alimango in the philippines. it’s delicious. thank you for shelling the crab for us. minkyo, since you won last time, i’ll win this time! (dara tour vs. mk tour) (numerous great tips on trips) (kim minkyo, han jungsoo) (kang hyoni, park sandara)

travelling is a war. battle trip! our new year’s special starting last week, we have a big match of travelling masters from 2016. right. also, please welcome our fair judges… 100 people in the audience. – they’re with us today. / – welcome. last week, dara tour received 83 votes. i was very happy because the viewers really liked it.

coron is going to be extremely popular. i’m on the other team but i have to admit that it was great. sikyung doesn’t usually give compliments. – it’s because i’m confident today. / – right. after you travelled in pattaya, did you go back to thailand? – i don’t mean this trip. / – yes, i did. – i went there on vacation. / – really?

how many more times did you go? – twice more? / – during that time? he practically lives in thailand. he visits korea from time to time. you’re right. he’s a local in thailand. – he lives in thailand. / – here’s what happened. people at the restaurant that i often go don’t know what i do.

they simply thought i was a frequent customer from korea. when i went back this time, they translated thai to korean. they wrote, “your show, many korean people.” they said that. what they meant was that thanks to your show, more korean people visit now. – i felt very proud. / – they were being thankful.

but, they used to be my personal spots. now, they’re full of koreans. i was getting a massage one day, and a korean said, “are you really kim minkyo?” he wanted to take a photo with me. i was lying down like this. i said i’ll go out soon and take a photo. he said, “you can stay lying down.” are you confident that you’ll win?

please tell us about it. of course, we’re confident. the places we went in thailand during this trip will be very different from what you’ve seen so far. – they can’t be that different. / – yes, they are. when men travel in thailand, they probably wonder what they could do. we did incredible activities during our trip. the name of our trip is mk tour,

the adventure of 40-year-old men. – adventure of 40-year-old men? / – yes. the name comes from the fact that at age 40, you have no doubts in the world and won’t fail. we didn’t fail during the trip. – is that so? / – of course. i’m a little worried about jungsoo. – have you been to thailand? / – me?

– it was my first time. / – right. i invited jungsoo because i wanted to see how someone who isn’t familiar with thailand will react. – was it on purpose? / – yes. i needed someone ignorant. how was your trip to thailand this time? actually, i don’t clearly remember. you don’t remember? – how is that possible? / – you don’t remember?

he’ll remember when he watches it. – it’s because he’s in his 40s. / – we did so much. it’s probably because we were very busy. here are the places that mk tour travelled to. let’s take a look at the map of thailand. it’s bangkok. it’s where bangkok, the capital city, is located. – kanchanaburi. / – ratchaburi. we’re silly men.

(we have a bad feeling about this) – i travelled with a man like him. / – yes! at this rate, we might lose. the trip sounds wonderful, but… he keeps losing support from the audience. this isn’t a comedy show. how did you travel from bangkok? the traffic in bangkok can be heavy during rush hour.

there’s a transit system called bts. there’s also a subway called mrt. they are better modes of transportation… – while travelling in bangkok. / – during rush hour? how was the weather? – the weather was amazing. / – i think it was good. – you think so? / – this is what he means. most koreans travel in southeast asia from july to september.

actually, the peak season is from november to january. – it’s right now. / – yes. it’s also okay to travel in february and march. sandara is an expert on the philippines. however, we have minkyo who speaks thai without even living there. we call him the thai prince. teach us some words.

let me see. people say “thank you khap” and “thank you ka” these days. – it’s mixed with english. / – thank you khap. that sounds cute. it’s the same in the philippines. they use “thank you po” as well as honorifics. that’s pretty. – here’s an example. / – can you say “discount khap?”

you can say expensive with “khap” at the end. – i see. / – it sounds like bye. i was shopping in thailand, and it was too expensive. “too expensive. discount.” they said no. – not expensive. / – “no, no.” so i said okay and left and they said, “wait” in korean. i was so shocked. – they spoke korean very well. / – alright. it’s mk tour with minkyo who’s more

thai than the locals. – let’s go. / – thank you. (mk calls on november 2016) – let’s go. / – what’s this? (the production team were gathered at his request) hello. did he call the staff members? he looks like a tour guide in thailand. he seems so trustworthy.

(he planned a trip to pattaya on episode 9) gosh, that was cute. (leave your trip in thailand up to me) that was great. – it was so exciting. / – it looks like a music video. i’ve been to pattaya over 20 times. i’m like a local. (he looks like a local) (he speaks thai well)

you’re so good at speaking thai. (he has many local friends) everyone recognized him. he’s friends with everyone. people were crazy about the episode on pattaya. many who travelled to pattaya sent me a lot of messages. someone said that they see a sign in front of them.

they asked which direction to turn. – are you serious? / – he’s not gps. i felt very proud. i thought about places that are different from pattaya. the place that people visit the most is bangkok. usually in bangkok… people visit the temple and spend time on khaosan road. it’s always the same.

i thought it’d be a good idea to show different charms of bangkok. mk tour part 2. adventure of 40-year-old men. (the center of thai culture and the best tourist spot) no joke. so cute. (it’s a popular and therapeutic place) that’s mango.

it’s rice noodles. (seven-tiered waterfall of erawan national park) i’ve never seen that before. – is this in bangkok? / – what’s that? – is it in bangkok? / – it’s nearby. i’m a man of nature! he really look like one. (they try all the activities available in bangkok) people will go wild with activities.

(however…) lee jonghyuk said he can’t join because of prior commitments. i was happy to hear that. i didn’t need him anyway. i need a foolish member who always falls for tricks. i thought han jungsoo would be a good candidate. he’s big. he and i will get along.

– he’s happy as long as he has coke. / – why? – is that all he needs? / – he loves coke. when he has some coke, he’s in a good mood. – he’s very simple. / – yes. (lim hyoungjun, a 43-year-old who likes to complain) he’s the foolish member. (han jungsoo, a 44-year-old who loves coke) alright. (is it the same cap?)

it looks similar. isn’t this the first trip? (he’s wearing the same cap) (he seems to have only one cap) it must be his favorite cap that he wears when he travels abroad. is that minkyo? is that him? what’s with his outfit? look at him.

– gosh. / – he looks like a peddler. (he has big eyes and a big smile) (welcome back to mk tour, is this your second time?) (lim hyoungjun plus one) he didn’t write my name. he stands out so much. lim hyoungjun plus one? long time no see. he didn’t know who else was coming.

jungsoo doesn’t even have his name on there. welcome to mk tour part 2. do we have to do this? – is mine pink? / – yes. i’ll just follow minkyo. my goodness. just follow me, okay? can’t i put it on in thailand? – they stand out. / – this is fun.

they won’t get lost. (bangkok) (after 6 hours of flight, they arrive in bangkok) are we taking the bus like last time? most flights arrive in the evening. if you arrive then, there are times when the trains and subways aren’t running. then, as i taught you last time… if you take the public taxi service downstairs…

they’re in front of gate 7. there are taxis that are waiting. they’re called public taxis. do you bargain the price? no, it’s based on the meter, so you don’t have to bargain. it’s cost-efficient because we’re three people. i thought this was a better way. we got a number, which is 33.

– it’s 33. / – do you need the number? yes, you do. the number comes up there. go to the gate where the number appears. we’re finally in bangkok. (the itinerary starts tomorrow) (5 a.m. 30 minutes before start) – isn’t that waking up too early? / – is it 5 a.m.? – is it 5 in the morning? / – we woke up early. we wanted to go to a floating market.

– i’ve always wanted to go. / – i’m so jealous. wake up. (he’s too lazy to get up) (yawning) (he’s almost naked) jungsoo is so muscular. (fart) what did you say? are you hungry?

speak with your mouth, not with your butt. (what’s on their itinerary today?) (adventurous tour of the outskirts of bangkok) – i want to go there. / – me too. it’s surrounded by shops, right? – it was fun. / – i’ve been to thailand many times. but i’ve never been to one. we’re finally at damnoen saduak floating market. this is the floating market.

this market was formed as people started living in floating houses. it’s the best and biggest floating market in thailand. – it’s huge, isn’t it? / – it’s very big. i heard people who live there use the water to wash and cook. – people actually live there. / – this floating market… is open from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. most shops don’t open before 9 a.m.

to see more, it’s better to come around 9 a.m. you can meet everyone from all over the world. it’s interesting how people can move on the canal. isn’t it what i think it is? – baked bananas? / – fried bananas. fried banana. – shall we try it? / – let’s try one. 50 baht? fried banana is 50 baht.

one pack is 50 baht. – it’s 50 baht for one. / – that’s about a dollar, right? – gosh. / – this is amazing. thank you. (she hands it to him on a long stick) – is she using a long stick? / – yes. that’s amazing. that’s fun. i’ve only seen that in movies.

(crunchy) – it’s delicious. / – it’s good. is the banana fried after being coated with batter? it’s like fried sweet potato. (heading off to see the floating market) we’re vikings. ($4.90 for one person for an hour) how much is it? – it’s cheap. / – 150 baht.

around $4.90. there are a lot of things to eat too. you meet all kinds of people. they’re all friends. – hi. / – hi. there are many fascinating things. like those mobiles. they look good hanging at home. the costs are a bit high since it’s a tourist area.

since this is a tourist destination, there’s a premium on prices here. – are there discounts? / – yes. – you have to bargain. / – bargain? don’t just pay them. always say… – “it’s too expensive.” / – “expensive.” – you have to haggle. / – look at that. what is that? something’s pulling them.

it’s like they’re being pulled. (surprised) (a hook pulls the boat) – that’s funny. / – they’re being caught? it’s a pirate! we got caught. it’s a pirate. valet parking? – valet parking? / – valet parking?

(please take a look) i want to eat rice noodles. they’re starting with rice noodles. – how much is it? / – 50 baht. – all of the food is 50 baht, $1.6. / – most of it is. (blanching it in broth) (there are 13 ingredients added to the noodles) – that looks delicious. / – it looks good. – adding pepper. / – eating on the boat like that.

– right. eat and look around. / – made on the spot. he made it simply on the spot. – but it’s really good. / – it’s really good, right? it surprised me. eating rice noodles on a shaky boat. it’s pretty cool eating like this. that looks fun. – yes. / – it looks good. – how much? / – i want to go.

– around $1.60. / – lots of coriander. you want a lot of coriander? a lot of coriander. that means “a lot.” – coriander. / – okay. korean people should know that pakchi means coriander. it has a strong aroma. say okay to pakchi if you like it.

but those who don’t can say, “no pakchi.” (i’m okay with pakchi) how does it taste? – what? / – it’s really delicious. it means it’s delicious. the soup is rich. i don’t really like coriander, but it was good. (slurping) (it’s so good)

after eating rice noodles this good for $1.60, you can’t eat it in korea because it’s a waste. we would’ve regretted not eating this. it’s good. you should skip breakfast before going there. it’s shrimp. (they spot grilled shrimp and squid) it looks tasty. which one? the shrimp or squid?

– shrimp? / – shrimp. get both. (the shrimp costs 280 baht) (sharp glance) i’ll give it to you for 250 baht. make it 230 baht. (wow) he’s pretty good. look at that. you can bargain.

you have to bargain at a market. that was just a $1 discount. around $1.20. (looking very delicious) – that’s a lot. / – yes. seafood should be eaten on the water. – the shrimp is so big. / – incredible. is that shrimp? – the boat just floats along… / – yes. – while you eat like that? / – that’s right. just like a buffet.

(mmm) thailand is the shrimp paradise. people who love shrimp will enjoy thailand. it’s cheap and plentiful. and also big. – i’m going insane. / – i really want to go. he’s eating while looking for more stuff to eat. – “is there anything else?” / – right. – skewers. / – skewers. (pork skewers cost around $2.60)

it’s really good. all of the food is under 100 baht. i need a bowl of rice. it’s a little salty. – it’s kind of like korean bread. / – that was tasty. – it’s made with coconut. / – that’s delicious. – it’s chewy. / – it’s delicious. (careful, it’s hot) (blowing on it and taking a bite) it’s like fried glass noodles.

(spring rolls cost about $1.90) – that’s delicious. / – that, that. – it’s good? / – please try the coconut ice cream. – i’ve never had that. / – that’s so… it looks so good. it’s ice cream with coconut. (you can actually chew the coconut) – minkyo, be honest. / – what? you’re thai, right?

you’d gain around 2kg just on that boat. – we ate so much. / – right. we didn’t eat breakfast because we went so early. so we ate a lot on the boat. this is a true thai floating residence. – they live like that. / – this place… the floating markets were built around existing residences. people live here. they live here.

it’s not just a market. there are homes too. look at that. what is that? each house has one. is it for kimchi? we’ll know if we eat it. there’s a baby. the grandmother is watching the baby. travelling along here last time… – i saw a huge lizard. / – over there?

yeah. – can lizards swim? / – is there an alligator? – what is that? / – a lizard. a turtle? – it’s a lizard. / – it’s big. this is nice. right? this is carefree living. it’s enjoyable and refreshing. i love this.

where are we going now? the best waterfall in thailand at the erawan national park. – a waterfall? / – yes. (there’s a waterfall in thailand?) there’s a waterfall? i’ve never heard of anyone visiting a waterfall in thailand. an emerald green waterfall leading to a stream.

it was like a paradise on earth. look at the water color. (why is this place so beautiful?) there are probably fairies there. most people go to the ocean in thailand. i wanted to show a different place. that looks so fun. – it’s natural. / – we could win. – we could win. / – that’s right.

(2.5 hours to the waterfall) (panting) what’s with these stairs? the steps are… it’s crazy. there are too many. (groaning) minkyo, are you okay? the stairs might be too steep for you. they’re too steep for me.

i have to jump. this is like rock climbing. (this man actually looks excited) the fool. – he has great stamina. / – he’s extraordinary. he seems really strong. everyone’s wearing swimsuits. (smiling) hi.

nice to meet you. have a good time. there are a lot of foreign tourists. look at that. this is just the beginning of the waterfall. there are seven tiers. the third tier is up there. this is the fourth. it’s pretty. – fifth tier. / – third tier… – 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. / – yeah.

there are probably fairies at the seventh tier. you should go up to the seventh and see each one… – on the way down. / – go all the way up first? yes, in one shot. you should see each waterfall on the way down. each one is different. it’s enjoyable. you can see all the different trees. that’s right. (if you walk along the trails…)

– this is the second tier. / – the second tier? (it’s the 12th national park in thailand) even though it’s a stream, the water color is… it’s like the ocean. if you have enough time, there is a 7-tiered waterfall… the emerald color gets more intense and clear, the higher up you go. – the waterfall? / – yes.

so i recommended going all the way to the top. (a natural water park you can visit with just $10) people from all over the world gather here. it’s incredible. – it looks almost artificial. / – it’s beautiful. look, it’s fish! – minkyo, catch the fish for me. / – there are fish. catch the fish. fish…

catch me some fish. – are you a good swimmer? / – swimming? i was in the carp class in elementary school. then i moved up to the dolphin class. – you’re a good swimmer. / – yes, i am. i’m a good swimmer too. it’s weird not being able to swim. (the three dolphin musketeers are finally here) it’s cold.

– we’re good swimmers. / – it’s cold! (this should be easy?) come on. what’s with your diving form? (hurry in) (screaming) (fools) (i’ll show you what real swimming is) hey, it’s deep!

goodness. (his eyes are full of fear) – he almost died. / – help me. – my feet don’t touch. / – you can stand here. your feet reach here. (hyoungjun, come up here) they really seem like mountain men. (what is the next waterfall they’ll enjoy?) (a slide made by nature)

it’s the fourth tier. the water gets clearer the higher you go. it’s a luxurious slide. (mid-level slide) (high-level slide) – nice. / – that looks like so much fun. (where are they?) (they’re scared of the slides) – why is there a swing? / – you try it.

this is too hard. it’s the mk tour special prize. flamingo! (and a unicorn!) can i ride it? (agony) – it hurts? / – it really hurts. that would really hurt. (i will help you, not)

(thanks) nothing’s more fun than playing in the water. are you okay, hyoungjun? i feel bad for him. hyoungjun is weak when it comes to water. – he’s weak overall. / – really? who said i’m weak? he could just use the rope there. (it’s time to show who’s the real man)

– that looks fun. / – yes. it’s great there. (manly hyoungjun tries the slide first) coward. here i go! (he successfully enters the sky-blue water) it looks easy, but it’s scary when you’re up there. – right. / – he even held his nose. (i’m pretty cool)

(becoming one with the nature) scream! (he’s having fun with his eyes wide open) his eyes can get even bigger. that looks really fun. – adventure! / – flamingo! – that looks really fun. / – it looks scary. (smack?) my flamingo!

– oh, no. / – it’s dead. he killed it. the adventure of 40-year-old men! that’s like a work of art. – where are we going next? / – try it. we’re going to do an activity only found in thailand. it’s going to be tough on our bodies again. what could it be? we’re going to kanchanaburi where the movie,

“the bridge on the river kwai” was filmed. – kanchanaburi. / – we’re here, everyone. (in a wide field…) (there’s a racing track?) what is it this time? this is the only place in thailand that you can find this activity. we’re here to ride dtvs. – what’s that? / – dtv?

what is it? – like a motorcycle? / – dtv? – it’s like a tank. / – isn’t it unique? it has chains like a tank. it’s faster than i thought. (engrossed) (it has caterpillar tracks designed for off-roading) you ride on mountains with that? – you can ride it like a board? / – yes.

the staff members who came with us were women. the women all tried it too. women can also have fun with it. (we are here to master the dtv) it’s like an electric snowboard. but it has handles. – are you certified? / – in snowboarding? i’m not. but i started riding really early.

in 1993. we’re going to go to a lobster rice noodle restaurant. the person who comes in last pays for it. – lobster rice noodles? / – yes. okay. i started snowboarding in 1993. turn right like this. turn left like this. it seems really different. it’s like snowboarding on a mountain, right?

(minkyo is athletic, got used to it right away) (jungsoo started snowboarding in 1993) (got used to it right away as well) (there’s always an exception) what do i do? (hyoungjun heads off in a weird position) (his rear-end is sticking out) it’s fast. it’s faster than you think.

(you can ride it if you’re over 18 without a license) (experiencing dtvs for their first time…) (they’re exhausted) you really have to use your legs while riding. standing like this. i have dinner plans. i can’t eat with you guys. someone lend me their right leg. my leg doesn’t belong to me after that ride.

you sure talk to yourself a lot. let’s go. (a full lap around the race track) i started late. – it’s not just the start. / – who’s in the lead? – i couldn’t catch up. / – that was cool. (jungsoo has stopped) (see you later) (hyoungjun overtakes jungsoo)

(i have to catch up to minkyo) he’s catching up. (i want to win!) he’s almost there. (yelling) (hyoungjun’s dtv got stuck on rocks) (this must be the end) (everyone cruelly passes him by) (it was my fault for being greedy)

(sputtering) (it’s a battle between 1st and 2nd place) (minkyo won’t give up the lead) (original snowboarder jungsoo) jungsoo has to catch up. (who will win the dtv race?) (minkyo is in 1st place, jungsoo comes in 2nd) i could’ve caught up. that’s too bad.

(one person we’re reminded of…) oh, no… is he still stuck? (rattling) what’s that? (minkyo is behind him) he took so long that i kept going and i caught up. what’s this? (hyoungjun…)

(move aside please) (as everyone expected, hyoungjun finishes last) (buy us dinner, hyoungjun) well… i got a call in the middle of it. he’s being ridiculous. you had to pick up. i have to go. i’m supposed to be there by 6. – i have dinner plans. / – trying to get out of paying.

you didn’t have to make two laps. let’s go eat lobster noodles for energy. we went to my favorite places again. (do you remember the restaurants he introduced?) the rice noodle dishes there are really good. the owner of the restaurant said that a lot of korean people are coming after i introduced the restaurant. they gave me freebies.

there is a unique rice noodle restaurant in bangkok. there is a restaurant that sells lobster rice noodles. it’s amazing. do they make the broth with lobster? – the broth is for tom yum goong. / – oh, my god. the lobster is on top. tom yum goong broth with rice noodles and lobster? – hyoungjun, thank you for dinner. / – where is it? where is the restaurant? i will be right back.

you can start eating before me. – is this the place? / – let’s get in. – hello. / – hello. it is a local restaurant. lots of thai celebrities come here. koreans don’t know about this place. and it’s air-conditioned. it’s different. the restaurant will become popular too. i guess so.

this place is famous among thai celebrities. – i can tell this place is popular. / – pleasant, right? it looks nice. let’s decide what to eat. this restaurant is famous for rice noodles with lobster. it’s expensive though. it has a whole lobster in it. and it’s for three people. – it’s for three? / – yeah. it is about $30 for 3 people.

what is this? it’s a kind of omelet rice with a special sauce. you’re allergic to crustaceans so order the rice. now that we’re here… we will have this, this… and this. it looks good. right, it looks good. – this one. / – i like that one. – you tend to eat a lot in thailand. / – i know.

with all the sweating. we ordered a lot of food. i’m hungry. this is the last dinner for today. enjoy it. – it’s on hyoungjun. / – is that why? can i use a debit card here? – it’s still cheap. / – it won’t cost a lot. – the food gets digested easily. / – that’s right. the table is too small for that. – what’s that? / – it’s rice noodles with lobster.

– look. it’s big. / – it’s amazing. (this is the rice noodles with lobster) it looks delicious. – it looks amazing. / – what’s in it? what is this? is it salmon? – it’s salmon. / – salmon. – this is salmon. / – and what is this? – it’s calamari. / – calamari? i thought it was an egg.

it has pork and glass noodles in it. – like stuffed calamari? / – yes. it’s an egg. – it’s an egg. / – right. and this is a lobster. it’s so… it is a big lobster. – it is longer than my face. / – it looks good. just eat it.

(how does it smell?) it smells like tom yum goong. it is tom yum goong. – i love tom yum goong. / – really? try it. – it has some fish in it. / – it’s salmon. – is it good? / – it has the best ingredients. it can’t be bad. this is great.

it tastes like kimchi stew. – really? / – it’s like bean paste stew. – this is amazing. / – it’s delicious. it is sour. – it is supposed to be sour. / – i see. it may taste a bit weird at first. but eventually you’ll get addicted. – let’s eat. / – we must. you can choose what noodles you want in it.

i chose thin noodles for our dish. they have thinner and thicker ones than that and egg noodles. also noodles made from mung beans. – egg noodles? / – yes. the soup is… very thick because they use coconut milk. it can be spicy or it could be clearer and white. we had the thick soup.

if you like tom yum goong, you will love this soup. how do we eat this lobster? – we need scissors. / – you need to split it. it’s coming out. wow, wow, wow. it’s full of lobster meat. – look at that. / – gosh. i want to scrape all that out. the lobster meat is so fresh.

the lobster head is good. – it is really good. / – i’m hungry. what’s in the crab shell? what is in the crab shell? it is stuffed with pork. it’s so good. i usually don’t like tom yum goong… sandara, you want to eat it, right? – this one is just too good. / – i know.

it’s here. – it’s the omelet rice. / – it looks so good. it looks pretty. this is a specially-made sauce. they make the sauce with… – shrimp heads. / – shrimp heads? – it’s a special sauce. / – it must be good. how does it taste, jungsoo? – do you like it? / – yes, it suits my taste.

this is good. nice and salty. it is omelet rice with a special sauce. the soup is really good. this is the best thai food we’ve tried here so far. is it that good? i want to go to thailand. i’m sorry, sandara. – it’s over. / – we will win. we’ve won.

we don’t even need to watch the second half. – not bad… / – it has everything. – you saw the floating market. / – floating market? it was so cool, don’t you think? you’d think what they sell in the floating market is not clean because they make it on a boat. but that’s not true. everything is very clean. you should prepare some small change when you go. – for tips? / – as you watched me bargain…

you can’t ask for a 20 cent discount then hand them a $100 bill. – yeah… / – that’s true. okay, i’ll buy it for $1.20, then hand them $100. i was very impressed by the waterfall. is there a waterfall near the town? the pristine nature is well-preserved in the national park. it was even introduced on “national geographic.”

you are not allowed to take any food there. you can only take a bottle of water. it costs 20 baht. that’s like 70 cents. you pay 70 cents, get the water bottle then return the bottle at the end for your money. to show you brought your bottle back. so there’s no rubbish? – it is a good system. / – it is useful. are there a lot of stores near

the erawan national park’s entrance? what is erawan? – the waterfall. / – oh, right. it’s true. how can you not remember after having so much fun there? i don’t even remember what happened yesterday. i forget everything. there are lots of restaurants near the park entrance.

you can have a meal at a reasonable price there. it costs about $1.5 per person even though it’s a tourist site. next, the rice noodles with lobster. i’m sure it will go viral on the internet. hyoni keeps nodding while i say that. – they are so into it. / – yes, we are. – it’s irrefutable. / – it has a lobster in it.

let me ask you for the last time. how was it? jungsoo, which one was your favorite? do you even know where we are now? – he asked where we are. / – this is kbs. what was your favorite? – my favorite? / – yes. everything was good. but i liked the rice noodles i ate on the boat the most.

that’s maybe because of the scenery. i love thai food. and i can’t even forget the noodles i ate on the street which cost only about $1.50. – that’s right. / – it was very impressive. jungsoo, what should we focus on in the second half? hwijae, don’t do that to him. just leave him alone.

– you think i don’t know that. / – right. i know everything. so tell me! let’s watch it together. let’s watch the second half of mk tour part 2. he’s the best. (the third day is bangkok city tour) it’s laser tag. you do laser tag while driving a go-kart.

– that’s hwijae’s favorite. / – you get to drive a go-kart. we will play a game and the person who loses will pay for the seafood buffet. – there are levels to our food? / – yeah. let’s not do this with food. jungsoo will try his best for the games anyway. the last person can’t drink beverages including coke. really? jungsoo is addicted to coke.

i can’t live without coke. – what is next? / – this is the downtown. chapter 1 of the adventure of 40-year-old men… survival laser games. (chapter 1 is survival laser games) it is the survival laser game that is loved… – by many locals. / – it looks fun. is it just laser games or do we get laser skin therapy too?

just shooting? therapy? – shoot it in my face. / – okay. let’s get some laser therapy here. i won’t become like that after a few years, will i? he wants it shot in his face. – are we shooting one another? / – yes. i can think of you as insurance. anyway…

if you wear sunglasses in the dark, you’ll fall over. you’ll fall over. look at our names. there is ryan father. – will there be scores here? / – k.m.k. okay. what do you need? did you bring a gun from home? i can’t see very well. these people even need reading glasses.

is it worth beating them? i’m really good. – they can’t beat me. / – his energy level is high. i will dodge every bullet since i’m nimble. – i’ve played this a lot before. / – ryan father. – it’s like a video game. / – he is nimble. i don’t even need a strategy with them. i can easily win over them. – killer h. / – his agility level is just one.

he looks like an agent from the u.s. – u.s agent. / – i really want to play this game. – he looks very cool. / – he does. – take your sunglasses off. / – i think jungsoo will win. i’ll make you rejuvenate with this laser. – it’s on. / – get rid of the freckles here. hold on, please. over here? i’ll give you laser skin therapy. i’m used to this kind of game.

i once fought with marines too. in fact… he’s all show. game over. the game hasn’t even started yet. who do you think will come last? han jungsoo. jungsoo kept shooting him from the side. i really want to start the game.

i want to shoot with real guns. i will absolutely beat jungsoo today. it’s hyoungjun. he’s terrible with physical stuff. – then who is the best? / – of course, it’s me. big eye. the loser pays for meat and seafood buffet, right? – it’s more fun if you make a bet. / – it looks so fun. go.

don’t follow me. (they shoot lasers while wearing vests with sensors) – they play like children. / – right. it’s been a while since we’ve been that excited. (at least he looks like a real soldier) is there a limit to your bullets? no. but you can see later how many bullets you used. (he’s struggling) (why is he doing this?)

– what? / – he got shot. where did i get shot? he didn’t shoot himself, did he? from behind? minkyo is very quick. – he’s starting to cheat. / – hyoungjun… cheater. so that he won’t get shot. how is he so accurate?

i will kill everybody! you’re all dead. (lunacy) he hits me even with my vest off. they’re so excited. i missed him. gosh. where are you going? isn’t that what you like, hwijae? – it’s my field. / – right.

what’s the score? – look how much he’s sweating. / – he’s sweating. – i got 300 points. / – it’s quite hard to play. bid eye did very well. i beat him by 20 points. – really? / – did he come last again? you’re last. what does “accuracy” mean? – it’s in english. / – maybe it means simultaneous.

simultaneous shots? it’s just 4%. he wasted a lot of bullets. – it’s 4 out of 100 shots. / – right. (no wonder his accuracy was very low) (he’s shocked) i think we need to reshoot this footage. i didn’t even know the rules. one more time! let’s play once more.

how dare you? you don’t even know how to shoot. please, one more time. since they’re close friends, it looks more fun. it’s 4, 2 and 0 points. since we’re hungry. tom yum goong pizza. let’s eat that. tom yum goong pizza, did you say? – every thai dish is delicious. / – right.

– hyoungjun already tried them. / – we ate lots. i’ve never tasted more delicious tom yum goong yet. the tom yum goong was awesome last time. so, we’ll try tom yum pizza this time. – pizza? / – tom yum pizza. is it possible to make pizza with that? we should try it. weird combinations of food can be disastrous. i can’t imagine the taste of it.

– tom yum goong pizza? / – this is… like the garosugil of thailand. – it’s european style. look. / – the trees are beautiful. this street is called thong lo. it’s where there are many places for delicious desserts and a lot of pretty cafes. – there are many nice cafes. / – yes, there are. this is the place that sells tom yum goong pizza. is it?

we shouldn’t eat too much for lunch because we’ll have a buffet for dinner. i should eat a lot for lunch then. let’s eat some sweets here. – i will… / – my blood sugar is low now. – i’ll drink beverages. / – the cakes look delicious. i’ll give you a quiz. – are you sure it’s funny? / – sure, it is. what is the greasiest country in the world?

you should press the buzzer first. – do i have to? / – you have to. – brazil? / – wrong answer. – i don’t know. / – you don’t? carbonara. take off your sunglasses. here it is. this came out first. is it cheese?

– it’s marshmallow. / – it’s hot. it’s ice cream. – it’s ice cream on a hot skillet. / – looks good. – it’s really good. / – unique. – underneath. / – what’s that? syrup? – it’s like flour pancakes. / – chocolate syrup. the skillet is heated. wow, it’s boiling underneath with ice cream on top? (it’s about $6.50)

(that looks really good) (straight to their mouths) (what does jungsoo think?) – this is delicious. / – it’s so tasty. it’s like the dough for crepes… – it’s roti. / – i see. it gets mixed in the mouth. one side is cold and the other is hot. i don’t usually eat sweets. i hate sweet foods.

i eat only one type of ice cream. – there is only one flavor i eat. / – talk to us. i’m talking to the staff because you guys don’t listen to me. – he doesn’t listen to me. / – then talk to this one. – to this? / – yes. mic test. he doesn’t listen to what i say. talk to this.

(it’s finally here) let’s try this. this is the main dish. it is tom yum goong pizza. i wonder what it tastes like. – isn’t it salty? / – i can smell both tom yum goong… and pizza. it’s interesting. let’s try it. how is it?

it tastes like kimchi pancakes. kimchi pancakes? – really? / – try it. there’s kimchi in it? no. it just tastes like it when they’re mixed. you know the sour, well-fermented kimchi? it’s like pancakes made with that and real crispy. listen to the sound. for me, rather than kimchi pancakes…

– oh, no. not another joke. / – here we go… – please don’t. / – “janghwa hongryeon jeon.” (everyone got the chills) why did he bring that up? call seoul and tell them to send a replacement. it really tastes like kimchi. it’s as if the tom yum goong powder has been sprinkled. i can smell it but it’s not too strong. it is better than i expected.

and the dough is very crispy. you’re eating well. – it’s good. / – it must be really crunchy. i usually don’t eat sweet stuff but it’s good. since we filled our stomachs… let’s go and… and start chapter 2. go-karting. you hold a certificate for riding go-karts.

– a certificate? / – a circuit license. i can drive on circuits. what’s a go-kart? (if you want to enjoy speed…) (mk tour chapter 2 go-karting!) wait. – it looks like a race track, right? / – it looks fun. (1st place minkyo, 2nd jungsoo, 3rd hyoungjun) (whoever has the most points at the end wins)

give me a chance to comeback. let’s score it… 1st place, 5 points. 2nd, 2 points. 3rd, zero. – zero for 3rd? / – 1st, 5 points. 2nd, 100 points. – 3rd gets zero. / – what a fool. are there any other celebrities outside? how did he last in this industry? okay, let’s do 4, 2 and 0 points. alright, 4, 2 and 0 points.

– okay. / – let’s go. you’d better wear that one. a medium? – a medium? / – you must order a medium well-done. (he’s addicted to making lame jokes) he’s wasting battery. just take it out of his mic. we are… s… – m. / – m.

l. sml. small, medium, large. (he knows how to be funny) (another guy that knows it) great. i’ll make a suggestion. you guys are no match for me. so i’ll start from the back. – be quiet and get in the car. / – just sit.

nobody listens to him. geez… finishing 2nd is good enough for me. that way, i can easily be the final winner. finally, we’re playing the right game for me. even if i relax, i’ll finish 1st. i can’t back off any further. i must win. racer lim hyoungjun. let’s go. (who will be the final winner of this adventure?)

he can’t lower it in one go. – they’re all fools. / – looks so lame. – that was so fun. / – that really looks fun. it’s like a video game. i started slow again. – my goodness. / – i hit that cone. geez, jungsoo… (ah…) you’d better win here.

(being impatient, his car spins around) (jungsoo’s so funny) (yay) (minkyo’s camera) (minkyo passes them) (minkyo is in the lead) – minkyo is really good. / – big eye is the best. look how relaxed he is. is jungsoo in last place?

(carrying out his own race) you said you have a license! it’s like they’re playing a game. (hyoungjun is trying to catch up to minkyo) (hmm, at this rate…) (i’ll pass your cart!) (he accelerates) there’s a track for kids. you don’t need a license for this.

he’s going to overtake. (very slow) – what kind of license do you hold? / – a license… it felt a bit different in that car. (it’s like he’s on an outing) get him! he’s caught up. he could overtake. (who will get the 4 points?)

who is it? who is it? catch up. right now! – hyoungjun finished 1st. / – hyoungjun won. i won! i can’t believe this. it would’ve been worse if you gave them a head start. this makes no sense. minkyo, you’re really good at everything.

it was a tough race. – he’s the only one sweating. / – this is unfair. alright, let’s go. doesn’t make sense. – let’s go. / – alright. – can’t he drink coke now? / – no, he can’t. – he can’t even have drinks. / – oh, no. (it’s the last night in bangkok) gosh, this program makes me want to go on a trip.

we’re here. since i’m the winner… 399 baht. around $13… meat, seafood, beverages and liquor are all unlimited. we need to eat in 2 hours. – unlimited? / – yes, it’s all-you-can-eat. 2nd place can order the $10 course. everything but alcohol.

– $10. / – that’s good. since i can’t drink anyway. that’s perfect. you get the $8 course. you can’t even drink water. no soft drinks. – that’s perfect. / – he doesn’t drink when he’s eating. i don’t drink water. – there’s an option for alcohol? / – yes, there is. for people who like to drink, you’d make up $13 in no time.

scallops are expensive and it’s unlimited. this place is totally worth visiting. it’s really nice here. is it iced tea? i’ll take one. (he’ll get a glass of iced tea since it’s free) and one. – no. / – no, no, no. it’s nothing special but i really want it. let’s eat meat first.

– beef? / – wow, wow. – wow, wow. / – why squid? (unlimited butter) – what’s that? / – wow. – it’s butter. / – butter’s unlimited too. – that’s incredible. / – this is pork. this is so nice. (it’s a feast) i feel really nice being here.

– your eyes moved a little bit. / – in fact… i’m going to bangkok in a few days. that place is good. tell me the tom yum goong noodle place. (this is it) (amazing feast enjoyed on their last day) oh, it’s good. i’m really happy. i’ll grill the beef now.

you must go there. (they can’t stop eating) (gulping down his beer) if i just had a glass of coke… it’s tough to eat without beer or coke. he keeps asking for coke. (do you want to drink me?) (hyoungjun drinks coke right away) do you want a sip?

– let me have a sip. / – no. in exchange, i’ll be punished. your punishment is not drinking coke. you’re so annoying. so annoying. – seriously. / – since we feel bad for jungsoo… let’s just let him drink coke a little. hey, wow! (he actually drinks it)

i don’t get that refreshed feeling. that cool… – refreshment. / – he’s brutal. i didn’t think having no soft drinks was a punishment but this is no joke. that looks so delicious. this is just like bulgogi rice bowl. it’s really good. – it looks just like that. / – it’s delicious. – it’s like beef. / – yeah? – it’s hot. / – this is it.

– shall we have a toast? / – sure. me too. with bread? i’m feeling so hungry right now. (the last stop on the mk tour) did you go to the rooftop? (you can see the beautiful night view of bangkok) we came to one of the famous 3 rooftops in thailand. (it’s very tall)

it’s unbelievable. this is really tall. this isn’t an inexpensive place. since it’s our last night, i wanted us to go to a place with a great vibe to wrap up the last bit of our trip. it’s nice. what is that building with a triangular-shaped roof? – look at the scenery. / – it’s just a shape of a roof. people here like temple-like structures.

– let me show you something cool. / – what is it? if you press the button, the menu lights up. hang on, hang on. (what? why?) it’s 4, 5, 2, 4, 5, 2. – can you read this? / – yes, it’s 4, 5, 2. you still have good eyesight. i really can’t see it well. grandpa.

– if you can’t read these, go home. / – that’s right. – why do you go out? / – read the menu this way. take a look this way. – i think… / – this is a bit better. as i was planning this trip, i realized how hard it is to travel with your friends when you’re older. i’m sure many men who watch this show feel the same way. it’s really not easy.

– it isn’t easy. / – that’s right. we came here to spend time and have fun together. it may be nothing special but we played games and made bets… getting all competitive over that… i think i loved that we could enjoy that. let’s toast for the end of our trip. great job. – that’s right. / – mk.

for the adventure of 40-year-old men! – cheers! / – cheers! we’ll definitely beat sandara, right? we should. that’s it. we did it. – we can do it. / – we can. as the production team said, it’s real close today. the only flaw… – here and there… / – what was the flaw?

jungsoo’s dull jokes that bored everyone. – really? / – it wasn’t just a couple times. he did it every single time. – he was cute. / – yes, yes. – tom yum goong pizza… / – san e loves pizza. that’s right. i love pizza. it won’t be necessary to try it if it tastes like kimchi pancakes. we described as such so it’d be

easy for you to imagine the flavor. will it taste like something i’ve never had before? – exactly. / – it tastes like fermented kimchi. pancakes made with that… – there’s cheese over it. / – there’s cheese over it. – the crunchy dough. / – sandara’s licking her lips. – are you okay? / – it’s because i skipped breakfast. you can’t help getting hungry after watching food. how was go-kart?

don’t you need a driver’s license for it? – no, you don’t. / – you can find one in jamsil. – there’s a same one? / – there is. – nice. / – there’s a same one in jamsil. you know korean old men. “you can do it in korea.” – “it’s in jamsil.” / – “it’s in busan.” “it’s in jeju-do too.” “the one in busan is better.”

are there different kinds of cars there? you talked about different engines, 120cc and such. – for children too. / – 120cc is for children. if you want more speed, there’s the 200cc. i usually drink 500cc coke. – what do we do about him? / – stop it. people who are this bad usually don’t get it even if you tell them repeatedly. – even if you tell him to stop. / – that’s right.

anyway, i acknowledge the last meat buffet. – even beer is unlimited for $13. / – there’s rice… you have a 2-hour limit. – 2 hours is long enough. / – 2 hours? it is long enough. for 2 hours, everything’s unlimited. both teams finished with a sky view. did you steal our info? yours wasn’t too bad either.

it’s one of 3 rooftops you must visit. you don’t necessarily need to order a meal. just a cocktail is okay. it’s a bit expensive to order a meal. – it’s expensive. / – just like us… have a meal beforehand and just enjoy the view. the soft drinks cost about the same as in korea. – about $10. / – yes, about $10. how much did they spend?

– this will be a critical factor. / – i think it’s a lot. – of course, yes. / – we spent quite a bit of money. good. mk tour part 2. 3 days in bangkok costs how much? i hope they didn’t spend too much. – excluding airfare… per person. / – how much? – $232. / – so cheap! – for us… / – that was cheap. – people are applauding. / – they’re clapping.

lastly, say a few words. bangkok is one of the most common places to visit. when people ask what you’re up to, you say, “i’m stuck at home.” – okay then. / – please ignore that. i’m sorry, just ignore him. – in dramas… / – respected judges. pretend you didn’t hear his last comment. what are you talking about?

you can’t take back what you’ve said. mk tour part 2, adventure for 40-year-old men… will you pack your bags? please vote! i can’t believe that last comment. (mk tour part 2, a new itinerary in thailand) (how will the judges vote?) what is the final result? mk tour. the votes…

please reveal them! a trip designed by men. – you don’t want a high second digit. / – best trip… don’t make the second digit high. how many votes did they get? – 1. / – 9! – 89? 79? / – no. – 79! / – no, no, no! – 7, 7, 7. / – no!

– no! / – 99! – 99! / – 7 or 8! (mk tour earned 89 votes) – we won. / – you’re the best indeed. indeed, you’re so good. 89… didn’t you say that you don’t care about winning? yes, yes, yes. wake up now.

good game. – in fact… / – gosh, my throat hurts. minkyo fought alone this time. this guy was a spy. – with his help, they’d get over 90 votes. / – 92. – i’m honored. / – today was a new year’s special. it’s a bit hard to say which team lost. – it was a really tight game. / – just 6 votes. please look forward to the next destination.

the world is a school. life is a trip. battle trip! (next time) how is it? it’s the land of snow! – lee teuk. / – and shindong. – heading together… / – on battle trip. happy new year! go, go, here we go. so pretty, right?

this is too pretty. narae and doyeon’s bar is open. (they drink local beers) (the cold makes the hokkaido food taste better) (a hot spring in china?) (they drink after enjoying the hot spring) (even the sound of shandong’s food is delicious) (they’re so excited) you’ll fall in love with hokkaido.

– let’s go. / – go! (you’ll be sorry to miss this drinking battle) (battle trip) (“love is a sudden” by mixx)

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