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5 Best Ideas of Loft Bed for Kid That You can Apply

loft bed for kidsYour kid must be really excited when you give a new bedroom with a beautiful loft bed idea. Loft bed for kid becomes one of the most popular bed concepts nowadays. A loft bed has a different design from conventional bed because it is completed with a ladder while you can put some furniture products under the bed. If you want to apply a loft bed concept to your kid’s bedroom, then you may need some tips that you can read below.

Loft Bed for Kid Concepts 

  1. Camp Loft Bed Concept

The first concept for your kids’ bedroom with a loft bed is a camp loft bed idea that looks attractive and adorable. In addition, it is also very cheap to build such a camp loft bed in your kid’s room. Anyway, you actually can use original wooden loft bed with a compact design for your kid. It is like a tree house in a bedroom. Meanwhile, you may let your kid do their stuff under the bed by providing a rug and some accessories. 

  1. Loft Bed Idea with a Bookshelf

Perhaps, your kids really love reading books in their bedroom. So, it must be a good idea if you give them a loft bed that is designed with a bookshelf under the bed. You can build some bookshelves between the bed legs. You also must not forget to add a desk under the bed with a chair so that your kids can learn and read in their bedroom comfortably. However, you are recommended to choose white accent for the loft bed theme with a blue accent for the bedroom wall. 

  1. Playhouse Loft Bed Idea

Maybe, this loft bed may look very interesting because it has a different concept if we compare it to the common loft bed. This loft bed still uses a ladder and upper bed, but you may change the design under the bed with a minibus design. So, your kids will be able to play in inside the playhouse as they wish. It looks unique, especially when you also try to imitate the similar accent to the original minibus color. In addition, you also do not forget to include the wheels either. 

  1. Loft Bed Idea with a Cottage

It must be really interesting to provide a loft bed for your kids that has a small cottage under the bed. This cottage will look like a small house with a window and a doorway. This cottage-like loft bed is really good for your daughter while you can paint the loft bed with white and pink accents. The small cottage can be a place for your kid to play and learn. You are recommended to add a lamp inside the small cottage so it will not look dark. 

  1. Colorful Loft Bed Idea

If you want to give a colorful concept to your kid’s loft bed, then you can combine the bedroom theme with some accents. You may choose white accent for your kid’s bedroom wall and apply some accents to the loft bed such as blue, orange, red, and green. Meanwhile, you may add some colorful furniture items under the bed to make it perfect such blue nautical chair, light brown desk, and then add some accessories on the wall. 

Anyway, those are some ideas of loft bed for kids that you can try. However, you may still choose other ideas with a different theme. Perhaps, you can ask your kids about the theme of the loft bed they like or you may suggest them and give them some options.

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