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Babyliss 20 Piece Home Haircutting Kit

wahl ha s created the new standard home hair cutting with the elite pro high performance hair cutting kit. theelite pro is built with our finest blades best guide combs and most powerful motor. the new self sharpening precision ground blades cut all types of hair forty percent faster than our standard blades and stay shaper longer for smoothsnag free haircuts. this kit also includes a full set up easy mistake free guide combs that can be stored in the handy nylon storage bag and come with stainless steel

attachment clips that securely fastened to the clipper.large id name plates for easy to see comb size identification and are made with premium grade material that is seventy percent stronger than our standard guide combs. the new durable long-lasting motor has 15 percent more power than wahl’s power drive motor and comes with a lifetime warranty.the elite pro also features an industrial-grade power cord

and comes with the handle storage case, barber shears with protective blade guard large styling comb, cord wrapped, barber cape and other accessories that help give you a premium haircut at home. pick up your elite pro high performance haircutting kit today. wahl the brand used byprofessional since 1919.

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