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welcome back. it is a new year. if you are looking to update the in today’s design segment we are we are here at the newest location of home world ashley. i am here with the furnishing consultant, kandi presley. this place is beautiful.

it is a superstore. it feels that way. it is for stores under one roof. –4 stores under one roof. we accommodate busy consumers they come into one place. all of that shopping under one roof. furnishing trends for the new

year. what can you tell us? i can tell you we will stay with some basics. brown will still be the neutral palette. i have an example. you you have the soft artwork with

blue. we have the accent rug in blue. i feel living on a beautiful island that 365 days a year we enjoy the outdoors and sunshine. i feel that when we are outdoors, we are enjoying the turquoise and blue. the sunsets — we have the blue

come home, i want to bring those colors back in with me. i want to enjoy them in the home. the new neutral color we are seeing more of today is the gray. grey undertones. it will have an undertone of

it could have brown. that will still be here, but we it is the playlist. this actually does a lot of mixing of elements. we have wood, metal, stone. we are mixing those elements. we also have gray and wood pieces.

they will either have a blue if i want it to be more choose to go. one retrospective. that is the name of the grouping. it is an illustration of a we have comfort and style.

that is always a good thing in the home. what is unique about what we are doing here is that i can go if i want to go cottage — i can for example bring in lamps. bring in that lovely blue and turquoise color. now it is more of a cottage look

than contemporary. if i want to go more vintage, or if i wanted to go more antique, i could bring in one of my antique pieces, whether they are from grandmother or anyone — a everything i have seen i can see in my home.

it means i have done my job. my goal, as a sales consultant here at home world is to have finish. what is great is — it it is also about value upstairs we have a grouping with ashley. it has that reclaimed look.

it is a value price group. we don’t have to break the bank as far as to create the look in of the looks on a budget, or thank you so much. thank you. it was such a treat to go out wernick — wondering where treaty was — trini

was. it is just down the street from the high school. the betting section, they have saw how she was mixing materials, mixing colors. i feel like it one time that was vintage or — now, it is ok to mix and match.

you can see how polished it all looks. i love how they have those when i was there they liked i am not color-coordinated, but if you

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